Does Alois Trancy have bipolar? (+5 Signs & Symptoms)

In this article, we will be discussing if Alois Trancy has bipolar. We will also be checking out the different signs and symptoms of Alois Trancy’s bipolar. Finally, we will be listing the main reasons why Alois Trancy may have bipolar.

Does Alois Trancy have bipolar?

Yes, Alois Trancy has bipolar. Alois Trancy can be seen to be often changing his moods which can be destructive to himself and even others around him. He can also be seen to be very impulsive in nature and is shown to be constantly taking part in dangerous behaviors.

However, many mental health experts who have studied the story of ‘Black Butler II’ have explained that Alois Trancy does not fit all the criteria for a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, and instead may be suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.

This may also be true since Alois Trancy exhibits many symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. For instance,

  • Alois Trancy majorly fears being abandoned by others, especially those who are close to him. This is even if there is no actual proof of others trying to leave him.
  • He also tends to have very rocky relationships with others. While sometimes he can be seen to be very attached to someone, he may almost immediately turn the tables around and shun those who are close to him.
  • Alois Trancy is known for his high impulsivity levels. This is common between Bipolar Disorder as well as Borderline Personality Disorder. He can be seen taking part in many dangerous activities and putting his life and that of others in danger often.

For example, Alois can be seen to be taking part in excessive spending, dangerous driving and even binge eating. This high impulsivity level is one of the main reasons why many mental health experts side with the Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis of Alois Trancy.

  • Alois Trancy also exhibits extreme instability of emotions. In fact, his behavior and reactions to certain stimuli can never be predicted properly. He also is seen to be very anxious at times.
  • He also shows suicidal behavior throughout the series. For example, he threatens to jump off the cliff to his death.

While it is true that Alois Trancy matches many criteria and symptoms of Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, still many experts on the show, ‘Black Butler II’ discuss that the character may be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This is mainly since Alois Trancy experiences a lot of trauma, especially in the fact that he was assaulted and used as a sex slave. Before that, the character loses his brother in a traumatic way which further adds to the trauma.

All this leads to a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Alois Trancy which leads him to act the way he does. He then exhibits a lot of sexuality and aggressiveness in his behavior as a way of coping with his trauma and pain from the past.

Signs and symptoms of Alois Trancy’s bipolar

Alois Trancy’s bipolar disorder among his various other mental health issues are depicted clearly in Black Butler II. In this section of the post, we will be showing you the different signs and symptoms of Alois Trancy’s Bipolar Disorder.

He frequently changes his mood

Alois Trancy can be seen changing his mood often. He can be seen to be irritable at times and then almost immediately becomes happy or angry. He also goes into bouts of depression which is pretty common with Bipolar Disorder.

His appetite changes often

In Bipolar Disorder, the person experiences many appetite changes depending on if they are in a manic phase or a depressive phase. Alois Trancy clearly depicts this as can be seen binge eating at times, and not touching his food at other times.

He often feels hopeless and empty

Alois Trancy also feels pretty hopeless and empty from time and time and clearly portrays this. He also finds no meaning with the absence of those close to him. These feelings of emptiness lead Alois Trancy to go into phases of depression at regular intervals

He finds it difficult to control his anger

Another symptom of Alois Trancy’s mental health issues, especially his Bipolar Disorder, is his difficulty in controlling anger along with other emotions. Alois basically has no filter to his emotions and this can not only be destructive to him but even to others around him.

While in the depressive phase someone with Bipolar Disorder may not show outrage so openly, in their manic phases they may overtly express their anger and frustration, many times causing harm to themselves and others.

He has suicidal thoughts and ideations

Alois Trancy is definitely not afraid of death or dying. However, this is not exactly an act of bravery or strength. This is more of his suicidal ideations and tendencies since these come about only at times of duress or stress.

Alois Trancy depicts many self-injurious actions and behaviors. For example, he kept scratching his chest until he bled very badly. Another example is when he threatened to jump off the cliff to kill himself.

Causes of Alois Trancy’s bipolar

Alois Trancy may be a dramatic and frustrated character on Black Butler II, but is certainly one of the most favorite characters on board. His mental health issues, particularly his Bipolar Disorder, can be blamed on numerous reasons, such as,

  • His terrible childhood: Alois Trancy did not have a great childhood. In fact, his actual name is Jim Macken as revealed in the backstory. He was an orphan who was a pickpocket along with his younger brother, Luka.

Being an orphan caused Alois Trancy to go through a lot of trauma already. However, he made the best of his situation. The real trauma occurred when everyone in his village mysteriously died, including his brother Luka.

  • His experience with Earl Trancy: After the death of the villagers and his little brother, Alois Trancy found himself at the hands of Earl Trancy who was a wealthy man who took him in with kind and gentle words.

However, the experience was not a fairy-tale since Alois basically became Earl Trancy’s sex slave. This was another major trauma for young Alois. After a while, the pain and shame were completely gone and Alois can be seen getting close to Earl so that he can become heir.

  • His brother’s death: Despite now owning the Trancy Estate and having more than enough money and resources, Alois Trancy is still not happy. This is mainly since he is not over his brother’s death and wants to find the actual killer or murderer.

This becomes his sole motive and his only aim. He also tries to make an agreement with Claude Faustus to try to endanger Sebastian, who he originally thought was behind the murders of his villagers and his brother.

Even when there is no actual proof that Sebastian was indeed behind the death of Luka, Alois Trancy shows a lot of paranoia and is almost obsessed with hurting and getting back at him. He almost seems to be relishing killing Sebastian and discusses gory and unpleasant details.

In the end, it can be seen that the main motive and aim of Alois Trancy was to actually be reunited with Luke whether in life or death. This clearly shows that he has been completely unable to get over his brother’s death.


In this article, we have discussed if Alois Trancy has bipolar. We have also checked out the different signs and symptoms of Alois Trancy’s bipolar. Finally, we have listed the main reasons why Alois Trancy may have bipolar.

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