Does Akito have BPD? (+3 Causal factors)

This detailed blogpost will be answering if Akito has BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder. We will also discuss the different signs and symptoms of mental health issues which Akito portrays in the manga series, Fruits Basket, along with a few causal factors.

Does Akito have BPD?

No, Akito does not have BPD. In the Fruits Basket series, Akito is known to be a very mysterious figure who is prone to anger and violence. But, she does not portray the many characteristic signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.

However, after more details about the character and her backstory were revealed in the series, many fans and arm-chair mental health experts claimed that Akito definitely suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder.

At the same time, many other fans disagreed with this since certain actions of Akito, such as her immense hatred and mistreatment of Yuki do not go hand in hand with Borderline Personality Disorder.

It is not clearly mentioned as to what illness Akito actually suffers from in the Fruits Basket series. But, it is definite that it has been created by traumas in Akito’s childhood and her adulthood when her connection with the zodiac signs was broken.

Therefore, it is mostly understood that Akito suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Specifically, it is Complex-PTSD that Akito suffers from. Along with this, she even portrays some gender identity issues and even psychotic symptoms.

Signs of Akito’s mental health issues

Fruits Basket as a series was originally highly praised for its portrayal of many mental illnesses and conditions, particularly caused by trauma. A few of the signs of mental health issues that Akito from Fruits Basket portrays in the series have been discussed in detail below.

She is prone to anger outbursts

Akito may seem very calm and silent on the outside, often shrouded in mystery. However, it is definitely no doubt that this character is very prone to anger. As the god of the Zodiac, Akito has taken out her anger on many Zodiac members for her father’s death.

Anger is often seen in Borderline Personality Disorder and even many other mental health disorders, such as bipolar disorder, depression and even alcoholism and substance abuse. Akito is no doubt suffering from some underlying disorder which leads to her anger outbursts.

She is afraid of abandonment

Akito may seem very confident on the outside, but inside she is very fearful of abandonment. As god of the Zodiac, she feels that her strength and identity comes from the connection she shares with the other Zodiac members.

Therefore, she is always afraid of the members abandoning and leaving her. This is fear of abandonment is often seen in Borderline Personality Disorder, which leads fans and viewers of the series to assume that Akito actually has BPD.

She was abusive towards Yuki

One of the most painful stories covered in the Fruits Basket series is Akito’s treatment of Yuki. Akito locks Yuki up in a room for days, all the while screaming psychological abuses at him, saying things like, “No one will ever accept you.”

This abuse towards Yuki was basically mirroring the same psychological abuse that she went through at the hands of her mother. This situation actually goes on to portray the mentalities of someone who has undergone a lot of abuse during their impressionable years.

Her gender is not clear

Many viewers of the Fruits Basket who don’t know Akito’s full story are often confused about Akito’s gender, since the character actually seems very androgynous and does not show any inclination towards either gender stereotype.

She essentially dresses up like a male with loose-fitting clothes and restraints to hide her womanly curves underneath. She also keeps her hair cut very short and has a monotonous expression.

When Akito was still a baby, her mother insisted that she be raised as a male so that the household looks like it has a male heir. As a result of this treatment, Akito is never allowed to embrace her true feminine side.

This continues even to her adulthood, where any indication that she is actually a woman is shut down by her actions and behaviors. It clearly shows that the character is suffering from gender identity issues.

Her moods continuously shift

Akito is certainly a very moody character. Her feelings and moods shift from one instant to another and these changes are triggered easily. As a result, those around Akito constantly walk on egg-shells to avoid triggering her violent moods.

She shows high self-importance

Akito strongly believes that she is the one true god of the Zodiac and constantly drills this idea to everyone she meets. This may seem like a delusion of grandeur, but in learning her history it can be understood that it is just another sign of her high fear of abandonment.

She tends to be misogynistic

Despite Akito being a woman herself, she tends to be very misogynistic towards other women she comes across. She constantly chides and insults them for no fault of their own. Her misogyny, however, does not stem from patriarchal ideas, but from her hatred of mother.

She is prone to violence

Akito is definitely highly prone to violence throughout the series, particularly towards other members of the Zodiac. This can be seen in her abuse of Yuki and even when she threw Ren out of a window.

She lacks from poor self-esteem

Akito is clearly the god of the Zodiac. While this may be pretty great for other characters, Akito does not have anything else but this. Her poor self-esteem and identity apart from being the Zodiac god can be seen in her insecurity and fear of abandonment.

Causes of Akito’s mental health issues

Akito is a product of chronic and complex traumas. While some viewers of the Fruits Basket series may hate Akito at first, in learning more of her history, they may actually sympathize and empathize with her.

Some of the causal factors which could have actually contributed to the many mental health issues and emotional struggles that Akito suffers from have been shared in the following points.

  • Her mother’s abuse of her: While Akito was so loved by her father, Akira Sohma, she was psychologically abused by her mother, Ren Sohma. This abuse not only hurt Akito, but even caused her to abuse others.
  • Her father’s death: Akito’s main source of solace and consolation when she was a child was her father. However, her father dies unexpectedly, leaving Akito alone. She was also blamed by Ren for Akito’s death.

Losing a parent at a very young age can be very traumatic for a person and can even lead to mental illnesses and issues. Akito is no different and she carries this trauma with her throughout her life.

  • Her identity as the God of the Zodiac: Akito definitely knows that she is the god of the Chinese Zodiac. This has led to her deep connection with the other members of the zodiac and is the main source of her identity and self-worth.

However, this is her ‘only’ source of self-worth and self-esteem. Therefore, when her identity is threatened, Akito loses her cool and becomes completely psychotic since she does not know what she is beyond this ‘god’ personality.


This detailed blogpost has answered if Akito has BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder. We have also discussed the different signs and symptoms of mental health issues which Akito portrays in the manga series, Fruits Basket, along with a few causal factors.

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