Does Akechi have BPD? (+11 Signs & symptoms)

In this interesting post, we will be explaining if Akechi has BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder. We will also be discussing the different signs and symptoms of BPD that Akechi shows in the Persona series, while explaining some of the causal factors.

Does Akechi have BPD?

Yes, Akechi has BPD. Goro Akechi from the Persona series is not exactly confirmed to have Borderline Personality Disorder by the creators of the series, but definitely shows the main signs and symptoms of this mental health disorder.

In the Persona series, Akechi is nicknamed “The Second Coming of the Detective Prince” after he becomes the main rival against Joker, who is the leader of the Phantom Thieves. His character arc is very interesting, and he goes from a harmless character to a manipulative-villain.

On the outside, in general, Akechi can be seen to be very well-mannered and is generally well-liked by everyone. He is known as a very intelligent detective who is known to be just and fair.

However, it later comes to light that all of this is just a show for the public and that Akechi actually has very dark traits inside him. He becomes a vengeful villain who wants to exact revenge on his father, while not caring for the death and destruction of others.

Signs of Akechi’s BPD

In the Persona series, Goro Akechi shows many signs of Borderline Personality Disorder. While the diagnosis has not been confirmed by the writers of the series, the following signs and behaviors of Akechi give weight to this theory of BPD.

He has a distorted sense of identity

Throughout his appearances in the Persona series, it can be seen that Akechi definitely shows a distorted sense of identity. He constantly struggles to find his footing in his identity, especially in his morals and principles.

His perceptions of others change frequently

Akechi can be seen to constantly change his perceptions and opinions of others, depending on the situation and depending on what other people tell him. This is also a characteristic sign of Borderline Personality Disorder.

He is desperate for approval

While this is not exactly evident, upon taking a closer look it can be seen that Akechi is desperate for approval and acceptance from others. This acceptance is the main reason why he joins the Phantom Thieves.

He also tries his best to keep up with the latest trends in town, particularly in relation to food, just so that he can have great conversation topics. While this can be assumed to be part of his detective persona, it also points to his need for approval from others.

He has violent behaviors

Akechi definitely shows a lot of violent behaviors and traits. Violence and physical aggressiveness can many times be seen in Borderline Personality Disorder. Akechi takes this up a notch by killing people without any hesitation or reluctance.

He is obsessed with a single goal

Akechi is definitely obsessed with a single goal, in this case in exacting revenge upon his father. While singular obsession such as this might not directly point to Borderline Personality Disorder, it can definitely be a sign of some severe underlying mental illness.

He does not have healthy relationships

Akechi also does not have any healthy relationships throughout the series. The friendships and partnerships that he undertakes in the series are filled with his desperation and clinginess, which are characteristic of Borderline Personality Disorder.

He can be very self-obsessed

He also shows a lot of arrogance and self-obsession. In all his actions, he puts his own identity and aims in front. Self-obsession may not be a characteristic sign of Borderline Personality Disorder but can point to the insecurity that poor self-esteem can bring.

He often suspects others

Akechi is definitely paranoid and does not trust anyone but himself. He does not even trust those who actively try to get close to him. This continuous paranoia and suspicion that others are trying to hurt them or abandon them is characteristic of Borderline Personality Disorder.

He lacks guilt

Another important personality trait of Akechi that needs to be pointed out is that he definitely does not show any type of remorse or guilt. He does not feel the need to show sympathy to anyone who stands in the way of his plan for revenge.

His identity comes from others

From the beginning of the Persona series, it can be clearly understood that Akechi derives his identity from others around him. This again points to the distorted self-image and self-esteem that comes with Borderline Personality Disorder.

He can be manipulated easily

Another sign of Borderline Personality Disorder in Akechi is that he can be easily manipulated by others. Right from the start, he is easily swayed by Shido’s words and actions and many times falls prey to his tricks.

Causes of Akechi’s BPD

Akechi might be one of the most interesting villains with his skillset and personality, but his story is definitely not a happy one. Some of the different causal factors which could have led to Akechi’s Borderline Personality Disorder have been discussed in the following section.

  • His illegitimate birth: Akechi was born as the illegitimate son of Masayoshi Shido. While Shido was indeed a powerful person, he refused to acknowledge Akechi as his child. As a result, Akechi was raised only by his mother.
  • His mother’s suicide: Akechi’s mother was a sex worker and after having him, she was continuously shamed for having a baby out of wedlock. She could not bear the shame and the abandonment of Shido and thus, she kills herself.
  • His childhood: Akechi certainly did not have a happy childhood. He grew up without knowing a father and was only raised by his mother who was a sex worker. Whenever his mother used to bring men home, she used to send Akechi to the bathhouse.

After his mother was continuously shamed for giving birth to a child out of wedlock, Akechi was passed around from institution to institution as a foster child, thus never knowing a real family. Foster children and orphans, such as Akechi’s case, are at an increased risk of mental illnesses.

  • His aim to expose Shido: Akechi feels that his father Shido was the sole reason for his mother’s shame and her death. As a result, he grows up with the aim of destroying his father’s reputation and exposing him.

This motive of vengeance actually drives Akechi to take part in violence and even killing many people. It also clouds his judgment and even plays havoc with the few relationships that he has throughout the series.

This can also be termed as one of the main causal factors of Akechi’s Borderline Personality Disorder. Akechi wants to be approved and loved by his father, but since he does not get it, he develops an obsession with killing him.

  • His need for love: As mentioned in the previous point, Akechi shows an incredible need for love and approval from others. Since he lacked approval and acceptance when he was a child, he craves it as an adult.

This need can also be seen in his behaviors and actions in relationships. This subconscious requirement drives him to join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. However, this need for vengeance easily overshadows it in many instances.


In this interesting post, we have explained if Akechi has BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder. We have also discussed the different signs and symptoms of BPD that Akechi shows in the Persona series, while explaining some of the causal factors.

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