Do Virgos have anxiety? (+5 Virgo anxiety behaviors)

The present article will be discussing if Virgos have anxiety and the reasons why they may suffer from anxiety more than other zodiac signs. In addition to this, we will be explaining how Virgos show their anxiety and what they can do to cope.

Do Virgos have anxiety?

Yes, Virgos have anxiety. Virgos are known to be one of the zodiac signs who are very prone to anxiety and other mental health issues. While this may cause them undue stress, it also paves way for many advantages and benefits for Virgos.

Apart from stress and anxiety, Virgos may also commonly suffer from digestive issues and may have frequent stomach cramps and aches. Some zodiac experts also mention that Virgos may turn to alcohol abuse and substance abuse as a way of coping with their anxiety.

Why do Virgos have anxiety?

Virgos experience more anxiety than other zodiac signs for different reasons. The main reason is that Virgos expect everything to be perfect all the time. When something is not perfect according to their standards, Virgos experience anxiety.

Another reason why Virgos experience stress and anxiety a lot more than other zodiac signs is because they have a major fear of failure. Due to this fear of failure, Virgos need to feel like they are in control all the time and will get stressed when things don’t go according to plan.

How do Virgos show their anxiety?

Just as each and every zodiac sign has its own way of showing their anxiety, Virgos also have their own patterns and behaviors when they are going through a great deal of stress. In this section of the post, we have shown you the different ways in which Virgos show their anxiety.

  • They may show a need to serve someone or the other: Virgos are known to be natural hard workers and don’t need any external prompting to get the job done. When they are going through a lot of stress, Virgos may take this to another level and start serving more.

In case of their work situations, the Virgo may take on additional roles and responsibilities outside of their job description. If they are at home, they may start doing favors for their loved ones, while putting their mental health in danger.

  • They may break things: When Virgos are stressed or feeling anxious, they may show their anger on inanimate things by breathing and throwing. Once they have done so, they may show excessive guilt and may start weeping as a result.
  • They may yell at others: Furthermore, as a result of their stress and anxiety, Virgos may also yell at others who are next to them. They may also use their voices to loudly express their emotions and may also burst out weeping.
  • They may change their eating habits: Another symptom of a Virgo’s stress and anxiety is changes in their eating habits. Virgos crave perfection and order in everything they do, including what they eat and how they eat.

When they are going through much stress and are not able to deal with it easily, Virgos may start eating more than usual, even after they feel full. They may also eat things that they are not familiar with as a result of coping with the stress.

On the other hand, some Virgos may also eat way too less or may create too many dietary restrictions for them as a way of bringing some order to their lives. Some Virgos may also develop an eating disorder as a result.

  • They may clean their surroundings more than usual: Virgos may also take part in cleaning rituals when they are feeling stressed or too anxious about something. While being hyper-clean is a natural part of a Virgo’s personality, especially when they are anxious.

How can Virgos cope with anxiety?

If you are a Virgo or know a Virgo who is going through a lot of anxiety, you can use the following ways to cope.

Take the help of friends

The best resource that a Virgo can use is friends.  This is because this zodiac sign thrives on creating connection and only finds meaning in life when they are truly connected to others. When a Virgo is experiencing anxiety, they can lean more on their friends.

Volunteer in an organization

Virgos seek meaning in their relationships with others. And therefore, the best thing that a Virgo can do when they are going through anxiety is to volunteer their time in an organization. Nonprofits like homeless shelters and food drives can help a Virgo conquer their anxiety.

Mentor others who are in need

Another coping strategy that can be terrific for Virgos is mentoring others. When they mentor others who are going through stress, Virgos feel like they are helping others and will help themselves on the way.

While this coping strategy definitely fits the needs of a Virgo, they need to remember at the same time that their own mental health comes first. In case the mentoring causes more stress for the person, they may need to look at other techniques and strategies.

Learn new skills

Learning new skills and skill sets can also help a Virgo who is going through a lot of stress. When a person keeps learning new skills, not only does their resume grow, but their self-esteem and self-confidence also greatly improves.

Workout in a group

If you are a Virgo who is experiencing a lot of anxiety, you can also try physical exercise as a way of letting out steam. You get bonus points if you work-out in a group since this provides connection and more meaning as well.

Go to therapy sessions

If you find that your anxiety is being triggered very easily or you are experiencing anxiety attacks at a very high frequency, you can also go to therapy sessions. In therapy sessions, you will be able to uncover the deep reasons why you are feeling stressed.

Therapy sessions can also help you feel more connected with yourself rather than seeking meaning through your relationships with others. Therapy can also give you coping strategies to deal with anxiety and stress.

Accept the uncontrollable

A major mistake many Virgos make is that they expect to be in control of anything and everything. However, this is not possible. Being more accepting of things that are uncontrollable in nature can make you feel less anxious and stressed.

Make fun mistakes

As a Virgo, perfection is your curse. To even things out, you can try making ‘fun’ mistakes which allow you to combat the need for perfection. For instance, if you are baking cookies, you can decrease or increase the quantity of something to experiment and try things out.

When you do things that might be considered mistakes otherwise, you will be able to try new things that are out of your comfort zone. You will also be able to let go of the toxic need for perfection, which is the main cause of your anxiety.

Spend time in nature

You can also try spending more time in nature if you are a Virgo who is trying to cope with stress and anxiety. Nature is full of natural imperfections which when put together, create a perfect scenario.

When you are in touch with nature, you become more aware of the imperfections around you, making you comfortable with making mistakes and learning from them. Nature is also the perfect de-stressor and can help you cope with anxiety.


The present article has discussed if Virgos have anxiety and the reasons why they may suffer from anxiety more than other zodiac signs. In addition to this, we have explained how Virgos show their anxiety and what they can do to cope.

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