Do Maltese experience separation anxiety?

This blog answers questions about: Do Maltese experience separation anxiety? What are the signs of separation anxiety seen in Maltese? How can one help Maltese with separation anxiety?

Do Maltese experience separation anxiety?

Maltese can indeed experience separation anxiety when left at home alone in some cases. This anxiety roots from the stress that is caused when they are left alone by their owners for long hours.

Separation anxiety experienced by Maltese can be both emotionally and physically exhausting.

Some Maltese might be so traumatized by the stress associated with separation that recovery for them might not be very quick even when the owners are back home.

Maltese owners must keep in mind that prolonged distress can cause harmful effects to their pets which can be observed through gradual changes in their behavior and mood.

What are the signs of separation anxiety seen in Maltese?

The signs of separation anxiety might differ in intensity from Maltese to Maltese. some start to panic while some display extreme behavior.

The signs and symptoms usually seen in varying degrees among Maltese with separation anxiety are:

  • Crying or whining
  • Destructive chewing
  • self-biting
  • Excessive barking
  • Distressed behaviors such as excessive jumping or pacing
  • Panicked behavior

How can one help Maltese with separation anxiety?


The level of anxiety that Maltese experience might differ however there are a few steps that can help reduce this distress.

The two main steps that a Maltese owner can adopt to minimize their separation anxiety are:

  • Set up the right environment
  • Equip their Maltese with what they need when they are alone.

Maltese owners must realize that both steps go hand in hand and even if one of these aren’t in place then they might still observe their Maltese suffering from separation anxiety.

Setting up the right environment

Size of the playpen or den


Evidence indicates that the size of a playpen plays an important role in Maltese separation anxiety. Pet owners must consider the appropriate size of the den to minimize their anxiety.

Considering the size of Maltese having a big place to roam around when the owners are away might cause increased feelings of isolation. Even a gatted-off room is very big for a breed like Maltese.

Not just huge places even very tiny places can be a bad source of separation anxiety among Maltese causing emotional and physical strains.

Hence in conclusion a good-sized playpen for Maltese can be the key to reducing Maltese separation anxiety.

Quality of canine bed


It is best recommended that Maltese have their own bed even if they prefer laying on the owner’s lap or on the floor. It is seen that sleeping on the floor can have a negative effect on their joints and on their coat.

While sleeping with the owners might lead to intolerance to sleeping on their own bed during the day.

On the other hand, having a good quality bed will increase the den attributes which helps to make them feel more secure and safe. Bolstered beds are best for Maltese puppies and other dogs.

Placing of the pen

The placing of a pen also has a crucial role in how Maltese view their importance. Most dogs are comfortable when their pen is in the room same as their family.

The living room is usually a good choice as is the kitchen to please the playpen for Maltese.

Equip their Maltese with what they need when they are alone.

Using a pee pad

Waiting for the owners to come back to get done with their washroom needs might be very stressful for many Maltese and impossible in some cases.

To reduce the stress related to their washroom needs owners can place pee pads which makes it easier for to get rid of their washroom needs when needed

Do Maltese experience separation anxiety?

Select the right toys

The selection of toys can also play a role in the separation anxiety of Maltese. Pet owners must look at toys as tools that help for specific purposes.

Toys can be of two types one that provides entertainment when Maltese feel alone, upset, and require toys to interact, and the second one could be using a treat dispenser which helps to distract Maltese when the pet owners are away.

A proper treat-dispensing toy can help keep the dogs occupied while the owners are away and fulfill their hunger needs too.

Having a companion toy

Having a companion toy is the best tool to fight separation anxiety among Maltese. The Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy helps perfectly for the role of a companion toy.

Play canine-specific calming music

Leaving the TV or radio on leaves no control over the type of commercials that are displayed while playing calming music tailored for dogs can aid in a happy mood and a nice environment for the dog when left alone.

Through A Dog’s Ear: Music To Calm Your Canine Companion which is available as unlimited streaming, a CD, or an MP3 can be used for the purpose.

What are some additional tips to help maltese with separation anxiety?

Some additional tips that Maltese owners can follow to reduce their separation anxiety are:

  • Keep their favorite toys available for them and encourage them to curl up on their bed if they seem to want a nap.
  • Have the playpen accessible to them all the time while you are awake
  • Before leaving make sure you take Maltese out for their bathroom needs without having to rush them
  • Take them on a good 20 to 30 minutes walk in the morning as it provides the dog to stretch their muscles after a night’s sleep that can cause fatigue.
  • While leaving do not spend too much time saying goodbyes and giving hugs as it might cause a sense of panic.
  • When you arrive home do not rush to your Maltese with attention as it provides an impression that your absence was unmanageable and that your arrival is an advantage.


Experiencing separation anxiety for Maltese might be difficult at times causing excess physical and emotional strains. Prolonged periods of distress can lead to unfavorable moods and behavior among Maltese.

Maltese owners must pay attention to their behavior, moods, and attention while they are away to make the required changes to reduce their levels of stress.

Frequently asked questions

Can Maltese be left alone for 8 hours?

Maltese can be left home for long hours when they are equipped with various tools to avoid stress.

What are some ways to treat a dog’s separation anxiety?

  • Dogs suffering from mild anxiety issues can be exposed to the following tools:
  • Make your arrival and departure unnoticeable
  • Leave some wearables that smell like you while you are away
  • Provide them with natural calming supplements that are given over the counter
  • Provide them with special treats each time you leave like a stuffed toy.

Can I get a dog if I work 9 hours a day?

Many full-time workers have dogs. Individuals must know how to carry a balance between their work-life and look after their dogs while they are occupied most of the day.

Having a full-time job does not mean that they can neglect their pets nor does having pets mean that we can dysregulate their work life. Maintaining a balance between the two is the key to having stability in various domains.

How bad is my dog’s separation anxiety?

Dogs with separation anxiety are very anxious and fearful when their owners are away, and they are at home for long hours. Prolonged stress due to separation anxiety might lead to destructive behavior.

What are natural remedies for dogs with anxiety?

  • Some solutions for dogs with anxiety are:
  • Regular exercise
  • Calming music
  • Recommended essential oils
  • Natural supplements
  • Massage and acupuncture
  • Grooming
  • Pheromones.