Do male dumpers always come back? (+7 Reasons why)


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Page last updated: 12/11/2022

In this post, we will be looking at whether male dumpers always come back. In addition to this, we will also be checking out the different reasons as to why male dumpers come back. Finally, we will also be taking a look at the regret timeline of a male dumper.

Do male dumpers always come back?

No, male dumpers don’t always come back. However, a sizable percentage of male dumpers return to their exes after breaking up with them. This has been found by a study which says that at least 76.5 percent of male dumpers come back within two months post breakup.

This depends on many factors, mainly the reason for the breakup. If the issue was minor and something ego-related, it is most likely that the dumper will come around after taking a lot of time to think about their decision.

At the same time, many male dumpers do not come back. This is especially true in case of very serious issues, such as cheating. If the person feels that they have been hurt beyond a certain limit, nothing you can do can make your ex come back.

Reasons why male dumpers come back

Male dumpers come back for a variety of reasons. The most common ones have been explained in the following section.

When they miss you

The most important reason why a male dumper would find their way into your life again is simply because they miss you. When they start spending time away from you, they often realize that their lives are meaningless without you, and thus, they may want to come back.

The missing part can be emotional as well as physical. In many cases, the ex may not start missing you until something tragic has happened in his life. In addition to this, your ex may also start missing you too much if they decide to take a trip down the nostalgia lane.

When their next romance didn’t pan out

Many times, a person may break up with their partner in order to easily pursue another interest. In case this relationship does not work out, there is a good chance of them coming back to you with their tail between their legs.

Even if they didn’t give the reason for another person in the picture during the breakup, they may still get back on the dating game once your relationship is over. In case the relationship does not work out in this case as well, the dumper may make attempts to get back with you.

When they are confused about their decision

A large percentage of breakups happen because of an impulsive decision. In the case of male dumpers, it often happens due to ego-clashes and this can lead to a sudden decision to break up with the person.

After a while of not talking to you, your ex may often start thinking about their decision and may regret it. This can mainly happen when there is a change in their circumstances or their situations.

When they feel guilty about something

Many male dumpers often try to get back with their partners because they feel guilty about something or the other. The guilt can be because of them initiating the breakup itself and causing you a lot of hurt. But it can also be because of some other factor.

When they want something physical

Another common reason why male dumpers try to get back with their exes is because they want something physical. This may not be a permanent thing and they may just want a one-night stand or a casual friends-with-benefits type of relationship.

The reason for this is because they often feel comfortable with you and they are familiar with you. They might even lie about the situation and say that they want something serious when it is only physical needs that they are trying to satisfy here.

When they see that you have moved on

Many research studies show that lots of male dumpers tend to come back to an ex after they have seen that you have moved on with your life. Seeing you ignore him and grow as a person makes you more attractive to your ex.

When they want to depend on you

In case you and your ex have been involved in a long relationship, you may have started to depend on each other for several things. This is mainly applicable if you have been involved in a live-in relationship.

After the breakup, since they are now completely on their own, your ex may come back to you so that they can depend on you once more. This can be especially true if they are unemployed or are struggling with financial issues.

Regret timeline of a male dumper

Most male dumpers regret their decision to break up with you sooner or later. In this section of the post, we have painted the regret timeline of a male dumper in which you will find the various stages of them rethinking their decision and making attempts to get back with you.

Stage 1: They have gone off-radar

The first stage of the regret timeline in male dumpers is them going off-radar completely. You might not hear any news or updates about them. They may also turn off and deactivate all their social media accounts.

While they may not openly show that they are struggling with feelings, they may often portray publicly that they are unaffected by it all and are completely normal. They may also stay away from talking to their own friends and loved ones during this time.

Stage 2: They make attempts to learn about you

In the second stage of the regret timeline in males, the dumper may start being concerned about your wellbeing and may ask after you. This may be with you directly or even through your friends and peers.

Here, the thought process running through their heads is more of worry and concern that you might not be doing after they have broken up with you. This also comes out a lot of guilt, especially if they were the ones who initiated the break up in the first place.

Stage 3: They feel elated to be single

The third stage of the regret timeline is the male dumper obviously showing off that they love being single again. They may also up their dating game and start dating people casually way too often. In this stage, they may also post a lot of pictures and captions on their social media.

Stage 4: They want to be near you all the time

Once the elation of the third stage is over, the fourth stage of the regret timeline begins. This is the most emotionally grueling one, and this is where the male dumper seeks out your presence and wants to be near you all the time.

This often comes across as borderline stalking. But in dangerous cases, it may be wise to bring in law enforcement to be safe. But mostly, it is just them showing up at the same places as you and initiating interaction.

Stage 5: They try to make amends for the past

This is the final stage of the regret timeline for the male dumper. In this stage, they may actively try to make amends for their behaviors in the past. This often comes out of guilt and also their new aim of getting romantically attached to you soon.

Some people may accept the advances of their ex, especially if they see that they have changed for good. On the other hand, others may see through the drama and feel that it is better to stay away from dating such a man.


In this post, we have looked at whether male dumpers always come back. In addition to this, we have also checked out the different reasons as to why male dumpers come back. Finally, we have also taken a look at the regret timeline of a male dumper.

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