Do I Need a Resignation Letter? (+5 Samples)

In this blog post, we will explore why one may or may not need to send a resignation letter. If you choose to write one for yourself, we’ve included a few samples for reference.

Do I Need a Resignation Letter?

Writing a resignation letter is not compulsory but here are some reasons why you might want to write one before resigning:

  • To give your employers adequate notice
  • To help them understand why you need this transition
  • To acknowledge the things you are grateful for
  • To mention specific moments of gratitude and learning
  • To maintain good relations with your former employers
  • To offer your assistance with the transition
  • To mention what was problematic with the workplace
  • To offer your feedback to the company

Sample 1: Resignation Letter

“Joseph Q. Hunter

123 Main Street

Anytown, CA 12345


August 8, 2022

Jane Smith

Senior Manager

Johnson’s Furniture Store

123 Business Rd.

Business City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Smith,

I would like to notify you that I am resigning from my position as assistant manager for Johnson’s Furniture Store effective August 19, 2022. 

Thank you very much for the opportunity you’ve given me to learn all about store management and proper customer service. I have genuinely enjoyed my time with the company, and I believe the experience has taught me much about the furniture industry and how to effectively manage employees.

Next month, I will be taking on a position as a manager of a new retail store. In the meantime, I will be happy to assist with your transition to a new assistant manager.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Joseph Hunter”

Sample 2: Resignation Letter

“Subject: Killian Zhu – Resignation

Dear Ms. Tanner,

Please accept this letter as my resignation from McTavish & Co. My final day at the company will be this Friday, August 7, 2022.

I apologize for the short notice. I’ve enjoyed working on the customer service team and have learned much during my tenure with the company.

Please let me know what I can do in the next few days to help with the transition.


Killian Zhu


Sample 3: Resignation Letter


[Address, including zip code]

[Phone number or email]


[Immediate Supervisor],

I am resigning from my position as [title] for [xyz company] on [date]. This is because of the unsatisfactory work environment created here due to the unethical conduct of certain employees. I am happy to elaborate further with HR if required.

I am happy to work with you and the team throughout the next two-week transition. To help ensure a seamless handoff of responsibilities, I’ve listed the projects that I still expect to be outstanding on my last day, including:

[Project One]

[Project Two]

[Project Three]

Thank you very much for the professional and personal development opportunities that you have provided me during the last few years.



Sample 4: Resignation Letter


Lead Estimator, Company Name

City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. Redman,

Please let this letter serve as a notification of my resignation from Principle Construction effectively immediately. I do understand that this puts considerable pressure on you personally, but I can no longer work under the conditions created by Principle and I am also no longer going to tolerate the personal attacks on my character.

For the past several months, certain factions within Principle have been stealing my various design ideas and then taking credit for them. When I attempt to stand up for myself and reclaim my ideas, my name is slandered all over the company. These actions have been brought up repeatedly to management, but no action has been taken to solve the problem. I can only assume that these actions are condoned and even endorsed by management.

I have not informed anyone else of my decision and leave it to you to make the necessary arrangements for my departure. I have sent a letter to human resources regarding my resignation and where to mail my last paycheck. If you have questions, please call me at 000-000-0000 or email me at

Sincerely Yours,

Lance W. Tally”

Sample 5: Resignation Letter

“Dear Mr. Brooks,

I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation from my position at ABC Company, effective immediately. Unfortunately, I am resigning due to many unsatisfying factors at ABC Company which have been causing me to become increasingly angered in recent weeks. Please accept this letter as my official notice of immediate resignation from ABC Company. I regret any inconvenience that this may cause you personally.

Over the past several weeks, the incidences of the project managers taking credit for my ideas, forcing me to cover for them while they take early leave, and not following through on promises have been occurring with increasing frequency. I hope you can understand my anger and frustration at this situation. If you would like to discuss this with me any further, you may contact me by phone at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email] I will wait to hear from you.

Although I am very angry at the injustices and demands that have been placed upon me at ABC Company, it is my hope that the conditions there will improve for future employees and that fairer managers can be instated. Perhaps our paths may cross again some day if I can trust that conditions are different. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Yours sincerely,


Morgen M. Gupta


ABC Company”

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Frequently Asked Questions (Do I Need a Resignation Letter)

Is a letter of resignation the same as quitting?

There is no essential difference between the two except that quitting is just the action of leaving a workplace. A letter of resignation is a formal way to communicate this action.

Is a resignation letter a legal document?

No, a letter of resignation is not a legal document as it is not legally binding and does not comply with the official legal requirements of formal contract termination.

How many types of resignations are there?

The etiquettes related to resigning are unique to each organisation. Nevertheless, typically, a written notice is required. This letter is to be submitted at least two weeks before the date of leaving.