Do I Love My Boyfriend?

– A complete guide that will help you to identify if you really love your boyfriend or you are just lying to yourself.

In this guide, we are going to discuss if the feeling of loving their boyfriend is real or is just pretending to love him.

Do I Love My Boyfriend?

Many people enjoy being in a relationship. They love spending quality time with someone other than just their family or friends.

Being in a relationship for a person means being with someone with whom you can count on the good and the bad and feel loved by someone other than the people who normally surround you.

There are moments in the relationship where things do not go well or do not go the way both or one in the relationship had planned.

At this time when this situation occurs, the person can think of a series of things that put it in perspective if it loves its boyfriend or not.

When a person generates in his mind questions like Do I love my boyfriend? or do i love my girlfriend?

It may be due to situations of different kinds.

Maybe you are in a relationship where you love your boyfriend a lot, you like the way it treats you and you feel comfortable, but at the same time, some thoughts make you doubt whether you love your boyfriend or not.

When did you say Do I Love my boyfriend? You can do it for various reasons.

There are aspects in the relationship that you like, but others that make you doubt if the relationship is ready to take the next step or if you love the person you are with.

The fact that a person feels comfortable in a relationship and has feelings for another does not mean that it loves the person.

You might find yourself at a time in your life where you enjoy your boyfriend’s company, but you don’t see beyond the future.

You feel many things for him, but in turn, you doubt that this feeling is love.

This aspect occurs very often in relationships.

Some people feel good at the stage they are with their boyfriend, but this also does not represent that its boyfriend is the person with whom it plans to marry, start a family or just live together.

Another aspect that raises the doubt with the question do I love my boyfriend or not is the way it has treated you in the relationship.

Each person has established standards on how it would like to be treated by its boyfriend and if many times these are not as expected, it can doubt the feelings that its boyfriend has and that the person has towards its boyfriend.

The fact that a person does not receive what it wants from its boyfriend does not mean that he is not in love, we must understand that each person has its way of loving and expressing it, but to avoid confusion on both sides it is best to speak from the beginning of the relationship.

Sometimes the doubt about do I love my boyfriend or not it can come from things you see from him that does not go according to your beliefs and ideas you had about the relationship. You doubt your own feelings by saying Do i like him?

If there are strong situations in the relationship such as being cheated, this can compromise the feelings you may have with your boyfriend.

The person can say: do I love my boyfriend after cheating me? can come to mind.

Respect is one of the things more a person asks in a relationship and if it sees that this rule is broken the person can feel bad until it reaches the point of changing its feelings for the wrong actions that his boyfriend has done.

Any act in the relationship that is offensive must be spoken if previously no agreement was reached on the behaviours allowed and not allowed in the relationship, that is why the aspect of communication is so important.

Another thing you can think about when you ask yourself: do I love my boyfriend? is if the reasons why the person is in the relationship are different from the boyfriend’s reasons.

Many times a person enters into a relationship because of not feeling alone or meeting a need as it could be economic.

The boyfriend may be for simply loving reasons but when the other person sees the love it receives from his boyfriend, it begins to believe that it is in love, although in some cases it falls in love and in others it does not.

External opinions can also lead you to think: do I love my boyfriend?.

When family and friends disapprove of a person’s relationship with their boyfriend, the person can start thinking if it loves it.

Apart from that it feels distressed by all the pressure she receives from the people around her.

Here the person must remember that it is okay to listen to the motives of others, but these will not always be valid and should not interfere in the feelings that someone may have towards their boyfriend.

There are many factors why you can have some doubts and say: do I love my boyfriend?.

Every human being knows why it comes to doubt about certain things and people.

Sometimes asking yourself if you love your boyfriend is to put into perspective everything that has been the relationship from the beginning and see if that is really what you want.

At the end of the day you can think that yes, that you are with the right person and that thinking about the feelings made you realize that you are really with the person you love and with whom you want to be, but, when you doubt that if you love your boyfriend is the opposite and you discover that you don’t love him, the story is different.

What can I do if I have realized that I do not love my boyfriend?

If you have realized that you do not love your boyfriend you can find a series of mixed feelings.

Sadness, peace, confusion and fear are one of the most common.

The sadness can occur in the relationship, your boyfriend may be very in love and has no desire to end.

Even if you don’t love it, it is possible for your boyfriend to love you it and even see a future by your side.

Relationships are difficult when they end, especially when the person is left, but they are decisions that must be made without both feeling and going different ways.

When a person decides to end the relationship with someone because has realized that does not love him this does not mean it does not feel other things, but in turn, it is aware that the feeling will not grow.

It is hard to end the relationship, but it is a decision that sooner or later has to be made.

The person in many cases feels peace because it has realized that it was what was happening within itself.

Before concluding that if you loved your boyfriend or did not, you feel uneasy and did not know what to do.

The confusion also enters here since your feelings were mixed and maybe you reacted in strange ways in front of your boyfriend that made him also think that something was happening to you.

Before concluding and start thinking about: do I love my boyfriend or not? there were many questions you asked yourself to get to think about this.

Maybe it was a moment where you opened your eyes and saw beyond or maybe you had that thought months ago and you dared not face it until now.

The fear is because when the person thinks the question do I love my boyfriend or no, does not understand in many cases that it has to end the relationship and once it does, feeling single can become a bit strange even knowing that the person with was someone who treated it well in many cases.

If you end up with your boyfriend you may want to return with him a few days later.

The desire to talk to him and fix everything may come, but this doesn’t work that way either.

People have feelings and should not be taken as a joke since it is not something that someone would like to be done if they were abandoned in the relationship.

Other feelings may arise if the person says it does not love its boyfriend. Sometimes you may not want to end the relationship and continue as is.

How each person internalizes, manifests and expresses the feelings is different and this influences a lot when it comes to someone thinking if they love their boyfriend or not.

Sometimes some people eventually love their boyfriend and sometimes not, everything will depend.

If at the end of the day you decide to leave your boyfriend this should not be influenced by other people.

In the end, you are the one in the relationship and you are the one who knows your boyfriend in other aspects that others may not know.

Breaking a relationship is difficult and should be done with tact and if you intend to harm anyone else.

Your boyfriend will want an explanation and it is important to express the reasons.

Everyone wants to know why the relationship ends so it is best to be clear and not leave any kind of doubt that can lead to confusing conclusions.

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What we recommend for Relationship issues

Professional relationship counselling

If you are suffering from relationship issues then ongoing professional relationship counselling could be what you need. Relationship Counselling can be done individually or with one or more partners.

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FAQs about Do I Love My Boyfriend

I love my boyfriend, but he wants to end the relationship, what can I do?

If your boyfriend wants to end the relationship, it is best to accept his decision.

You can’t force anyone to be where you don’t want to be.

It is not healthy for someone to be with you by obligation.

Being in a relationship is a decision of both and if either party does not want to be in the relationship it is better to talk, but understanding that if the reasons why your boyfriend does not want to be in the relationship is better to respect them.

My boyfriend tells me he doesn’t love me and I don’t love him either, but we both want to be in the relationship, is it healthy to stay with someone who doesn’t love me and that I do not love?

In a relationship, both people express their feelings and the reasons why they want to be together.

If both want to continue in the relationship, but do not love each other, it is fine to remain as it is a mutual agreement.

There are several reasons why two people want to be in a relationship, it is best that both talk about them and be clear about their reasons why everyone wants the relationship to continue.

I love my boyfriend, but he doesn’t respect me in various aspects, should I stay with him or leave him?

You are the only person able to decide whether you should be in a relationship or not.

When a relationship begins they both make agreements about certain things that are allowed in the relationship or not.

When a person breaks some of these agreements, the other person in the relationship feels hurt and this is not what someone is looking for when they are in a relationship.

It is best to analyze the behaviours by which your boyfriend acted in a certain way and from there make a decision.

I like being with my boyfriend, but I love someone else.

I don’t want to leave my boyfriend, but I also don’t want to stop feeling what I feel for the other person, what do I do?

What you can do is evaluate your feelings towards both people and in the end, make a decision.

It is not healthy for you to be with someone you do not love and want to remain in the relationship when you have feelings towards another person.

You have to identify if what you feel for the other person is love or simply a feeling to which you assigned the label of love.

Feelings can sometimes lead you to think about things that are or not.

I want to end the relationship, but my boyfriend doesn’t accept it, what can I do?

The best thing you can do explain calmly the reason why you want to end the relationship.

Being clear will allow your boyfriend to better understand what it was that didn’t work in the relationship to end.

It is difficult for a person to accept that the relationship is over, but it is a process that many couples go through and manage to overcome it in most cases.

Do I Love My Boyfriend?


There are times that a person in the relationship can get to the point of questioning their feelings towards their boyfriend and the thought: do I love my boyfriend can come.

Doing so does not mean that you do not want it or that you do not love it,  but sometimes clarifying doubts helps to give you more confidence about what you feel.

Loving your boyfriend or not are thoughts that will come suddenly to the mind of a person, but do not have to be confused about it, it is part of the relationship.

Being clear about the reasons why you are in the relationship will help to know your true intentions and how much you are willing to give.

Discovering that someone is not loved is not bad, sometimes feelings over time change is a normal process in the life of every human being.

The important thing is that, if a person has reasonable reasons to finish, must express it clearly to its boyfriend so that he does not fall into doubt and confusion.

In the end, no one is looking to make the other part feel bad.

If you discover that you love your boyfriend, the best thing you can do is go ahead in the relationship and do your best but do it from a plane where everything you receive from your boyfriend is things that help you to your well-being.

Do I Love My Boyfriend?
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