Do I like him? 20 signs that you do

You probably know what it’s like to be attracted to someone. But how can you tell if what you are feeling is love or not? Keep reading to learn more.

Do I like him?

Either your heart beats like crazy or you feel the happiest person on earth when you see his name… well, here are the signs that you have fallen in love:

1. You only think of him. Most of the time you remember moments lived together or you dream with the eyes opened at the moment when you are going to see each other again.

2. When you are not together, you miss him. You think about him a lot. 

3. You always feel like writing… trivial things like:  Good morning! Hope you’re well! I miss you!

4. You are willing to please him, to attract his attention, to thank him.

5. You see his qualities rather than his faults.

6. You always want to spend time together.

7. You feel that you have no control over your emotions, your feelings around him. Everything seems to be going crazy. But you like it!

8. You want to be a better person for him.

10. You enjoy being helpful when he needs you.

11. Every time you see him, your heart rushes, emotions surround you.

12. A smirk appears on your face whenever you think of him or say his name.

13. You feel that you are a unique person, and what you feel is a unique feeling.

14. You get a boost of energy around him.

5. You read his text messages over and over again.

16. You started listening to romantic songs that make you think of you two.

17. When you are together you seek to prolong the moment.

18. When you look at him, there is nothing else around. Just him.

19. You feel jealous when you see him around another woman.

20. You’d want that these feeling would last forever!

What does love feel like?

Love is, in fact, the strongest emotion – measured by researchers – that our body can manifest, but it does not come from the mind, as it is only coordinated by the mind.

It produces in us a force so great that all five physical senses increase in intensity.

The taste is different, the touches more intense, the eyes more awake and alert, the hearing more calibrated and the smell finer.

Studies show that the processes of memorization, remembrance and innovation during a love relationship become much easier and open new opportunities in life.

Moreover, the specialist considers that love is the only state that leads man to observe what powers he actually has, but our thoughts, habits and even prejudices prevent us from living it intensely and in the long run.

What you need to know, however, is that not everyone feels love the same way.

So, whether you are at the beginning of a relationship or simply feel something for a certain person in your life, it is important to keep your individuality.

This means that you must continue to go out with your friends, not to isolate yourself socially, to keep your passions and interests, to love yourself.

You don’t have to become a copy of your loved one, that is, to have the same tastes in music, the same hobbies, etc.

Do not make compromises that you do not consider appropriate for you.

Being in love can be a wonderful feeling and you can enjoy it while taking care of yourself and your emotional evolution.

How do you know if what you are feeling is really love?

It is said that you have no doubt when you love: you know it, you feel it with your whole being; and yet, it’s not like that: and ironically, sometimes you end up wondering how you feel as the relationship progresses – so how do you know if what you’re feeling is really love?

If it is not passion, obsession, attraction, attachment or even just a deep friendship?…

Many of us confuse love with passion and desire – and at the beginning of the relationship, it is difficult to know exactly how much blind desire is and how much real love is.

Desire, passion can be so strong, so intense, that you see it as a genuine and unique feeling of love; the need to be with the other person makes you sure you love.

But everything gets lost somewhere along the way and you find out it was just a flame.

Sometimes we feel a real affection for the other person – but something seems to be missing. It’s love?

If what you feel is really love, why isn’t it enough, why aren’t you happy?

Because we happen to confuse attachment with love, to confuse a real affection (rather similar to affection towards a friend) with love.

When you truly love, you feel that the person you love is both your lover, partner and friend; when there is both attachment, affection, knowledge, and desire and attraction.

When you can say that you are not just blinded by desire, because you know the person.

And especially when love makes you feel good and not miserable.

When your relationship is littered with fears, doubts, resentments, excessive jealousy, mistrust, confusion, anger, then in most cases this is not love, but desire, passion or obsession.

When you love, you don’t ask yourself “why do I love him/her” – and if you are asked this question, the most natural answer is the irrational one: “I love him/her for who he/she is” (and not just because of his / her qualities).

What you feel is love if the other person makes you feel good about yourself and at the same time makes you want to become better. Without criticizing you, but it somehow manages to make you want to be better, to be a good person.

When you love, you feel that you want to be as good as possible for the person you love.

What you feel is love if you allow the other person to know you, without masks, without trying to show you only your good parts. On the contrary, in front of him/her, you feel that you can be yourself and you feel that he/she knows you best.

You don’t mind the other person seeing your bad parts, because you know he loves you for who you are.

And you feel like you can tell him almost anything, what you really think, without lying, even if it’s not something he wants to hear.

What you feel is love when you remain who you are, without feeling the need to pretend otherwise and start adopting the interests of the other; when you remain yourself, with your interests, pleasures, activities, without giving up on them and copying the other person’s, so that he/she likes you. 

What you feel is love if you know (not just feel) that you know the other – and this takes time. You know who he is, what he thinks about most things, how he reacts in most situations.

More importantly, you know that he/she has many faults and you love him/her with all these. 

What you feel is love when the other person’s opinions and desires are of great importance to you. When you care a lot about what the other person thinks and feels, from universal aspects (what opinions he has about religion, politics, art, etc.) to personal aspects (opinions about family, relationships, love), to opinions and suggestions for his advice matters a lot to you).

What you feel is love if you want to make the other person happy. This is a sign that you love: you really care about his happiness and you want to make him/her feel good.

You want to help him/her, be with him/her and make him/her a little better every day.

What you feel is love when you like to do things for the other person – from supporting him/her and helping him/her to small things, such as preparing breakfast.

You enjoy doing these things for your loved one, you don’t do them as an obligation or because he/she owes you.

And you are ready to make compromises, to give up some things and to please the other, even if it doesn’t suit you.

Real love is when you receive AND give in turn, not when the only one gives and the other receives.

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You realize that what you feel is love when you consider yourself satisfied with your daily life, enjoying being with your loved one, no matter what you do. You feel comfortable and well together, without doing anything special.

For real love is not like in movies, full of adventures and novelty, but it is like everyday life.

If you laugh together, you feel good just sitting and watching a stupid TV series, without having to do anything special, then it is probably love.

If a lazy and comfortable day at home is a good day for you, then it is love.

If sitting with each other, even sitting in silence, without any meaningful discussion or activity, is pleasant for you, it is love…


FAQ about Do I like him

How do I know if I like a guy?

You know you like a guy if you are truly interested in his way of thinking, in spending time together when his presence is the only thing that matters. 

Should I tell a guy I like him?

You should tell a guy that you like him if we want your relationship to evolve in a different direction.

Furthermore, if you are getting the same signals from him, why not going ahead and do the first step?

How do I know if I like someone?

You know you like someone when their simple presence makes you day better.

Pay attention whether your mood changes around him, whether you feel that you are capable of anything when he is around. 

What are the stages of liking someone?

It is believed that there are 4 stages of liking someone:

Stage 1: Physical attraction 

Stage 2: Mental attraction

Stage 3: Choosing between friendship or lovers

Stage 4: The relationship dissolves or becomes a romantic one.

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