Do female dumpers always come back? (+Why they come back)

This article will center on discussing if female dumpers will always come back. Aside from that, the article will show why a female dumper often comes back.

Do female dumpers always come back? 

No, a female dumper won’t always come back. If a woman has broken up with you, depending on the reasons that lead her to break up, they will come back or not. 

A female dumper will never come back to you if they have ended the relationship because you were being incredibly neglectful of them if you were cruel, unfair, or even abusive. 

They may also have called it quits forever if they feel that you were controlling towards them, and did things that were beyond what they imagined as something they would forgive.

Unlike men, when they end the relationship, they may begin to get anxious as women cut all contact. Women dumpers don’t work like that. So cutting contact with them is not something that will make them miss you.

Women will often end a relationship when they feel like they have tried everything they could to maintain it. Even if it wasn’t a relationship that they were mistreated in, at some point they can feel that the relationship is not heading where they were expecting, for example, if they were expecting a marriage proposal from their partner.

Their friends and family may be saying that they put up with a lot from their partner, and they often have. But it is in this process that they begin to ask themselves if they should be in this relationship or not.

Women will also often try to talk things over with their partners. They may do that to try and understand what is possible to improve in the relationship, and how willing their partners are to change.

But after some time, they may begin to see that there will be no change in those behaviors that they consider that are unforgivable. And based on that, they will end the relationship. 

What may come as a surprise to their partner, is something that the female dumper has been thinking about for quite some time. And there is no crying or begging that will make them change their minds.

If the former partner tries to keep in touch or remain friends to keep themselves in the life of the female dumper, as a way to prevent them from moving on, and causing them to come back, it may have the opposite effect.

Through the breakup period, it is likely that the female dumper will need her space, and will have to deal with her emotions. They may want to experience single life or deal with the issues they went through with their former partner so that it doesn’t affect any other relationship they will have in the future.

They are also saying that they need space as this is an opportunity for the person they dumped to work on themselves. Be it that they should work on their controlling behaviors, or that they need to get a better perspective of what they want out of the relationship.

And at some point after the breakup, the woman that broke up with you may feel like they want to get back together. Even though there is no certainty that the female dumper will always come back, there may be some reasons that will lead them to do so.

So let’s discuss what are some of the reasons that cause female dumpers to come back.

Why do female dumpers come back? 

As said before, once a woman feels like they have been extremely mistreated in a relationship, they will hardly go back. But sometimes, if they still have happy memories of the relationship, and feel that there were more positive aspects to it than negative, they may decide to come back.

Female dumpers will come back if after a while of being single, and even experimenting with other partners, they feel that the connection the two of you had was hard to find. This means that they may have met other people, but during this time, not one of them has come close to making them feel as they felt with you.

They can also come back if they feel you have cut contact with them after the breakup, and they are curious about how you have been. Or if they learn you have been using this breakup, and the time the two of you have spent apart to work on yourself.

Knowing that you have admitted to your past mistakes, and shortcomings in the relationship the two of you had before, can be something that will cause the female dumper to wonder if they made the right decision.

They may question whether they should have stuck around a little more, which may cause them to get in touch with you, and through that, they may even say they are open to giving it another try.

Either way, if your female dumper has come back, it may be important for you to reflect on how things went, and how you are feeling at the moment before taking them back. 

Having a few good conversations with them can help you understand what is bringing them back, what they are expecting from the relationship, and even from you. It also gives you a chance to tell them how you felt about the breakup, and what were the ways you found to deal with it.

You should also be able to tell them what you want from the relationship if you still consider giving it another try. Keep in mind that having this open and direct line of communication may be the only way the two of you will find to rebuild this relationship that seems to matter so much to the two of you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Do female dumpers always come back? 

Do dumpers always regret it?

It is not always that dumpers will experience regret, but it is common that after a while dumpers may have gone through the single life, and had a taste of it, and what they have found didn’t look as good as the relationship they were in before.

This may cause them to become nostalgic about the relationship they had. When they are nostalgic, they will often remember the most positive things about the relationship, and at some point, this nostalgia may often lead to regret.

But getting in touch with the former partner will depend on the idea the dumper has. They may just regret their decision, but decide they don’t want to start that story again, but others may regret their decision, and will want to get in touch with their ex, and may even want to get back together.

Is the no-contact rule a good thing?

The no contact rule means that you won’t get in touch with your partner after the relationship ends. You can cut off all contact even on social media. The no contact rule can be a positive thing, it just depends on what is your goal with it.

During the no contact, you have the opportunity to focus on yourself and regain control over your life. That may be one of the most positive aspects of the no contact rule. You will be able to focus on yourself.

But if you are wondering if the no contact rule is a good way to get your former partner back, it depends. But it ultimately is the only thing you can do. As you are broken up, if there is any chance for the relationship to resume again, you need to give your partner space.

If they feel you are not respecting their wish and decision, they can begin to feel angry, and resentful towards you, which can lower the chances of their relationship being restored. 

If you want to get back together, it may be extremely hard to maintain your distance, but keep in mind that this may be the only way to let them see what they have missed by breaking up with you.

How do I deal with the mixed messages of someone from my past?

If there is someone in your past that has been giving you mixed messages and keeps coming back, you should try to look at things from their perspective, to better understand why they are doing that, and it may even show if it is something you should walk away from.

If you are hung up on these mixed messages, you should begin to ask yourself why are you allowing others to take control of your life like that. You should also ask yourself what you are hoping to take out of this. 

It may be that you think they have changed, but it is important to know that people can’t change when they don’t think they are doing something wrong.

Finally, if you feel that those contacts have been detrimental to your mental health, it may be a good idea to talk to someone. A mental health professional will help you understand why you are still hung up on this story.

How do I know my ex is testing me to see if I am still interested?

Sometimes your ex may want to get back together but since they don’t know you are interested, they may begin to test you. They may do so by asking how you are doing, so they can get a notion of how the breakup has been affecting you.

They will also find ways to not give you your stuff back since that can be something that will still keep you linked. Your ex may also begin to do things to get a reaction out of you, they may even try to make you jealous.

When your ask is trying to understand if you are still interested, they may bring up conversations in which they will talk about the “what ifs” in your relationship, to understand if you are also still thinking about what could have been.

How long does it take a dumper to regret ending the relationship?

There is no set schedule for that, it is not every dumper that will come to regret the breakup, and it is not possible to determine when they will do so. But it can be that after a few months, the dumper may have had enough experiences that will lead them to regret the breakup.


This article showed if female dumpers always come back, and what are the main reasons that will lead them to go back to a relationship.

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