Do Dead Eyes mean that you have Depression? (+5 Useful Treatments)

The following article will describe if ‘dead eyes’ mean that you have depression. We will also be checking out the other symptoms of depression. Lastly, we will take a brief look at the different treatments which are available for ‘dead eyes’.

Do Dead Eyes mean that you have Depression?

No, Dead Eyes do not mean that you have Depression. However, ‘dead eyes’ can be a symptom of depression, along with other signs. In addition to this, ‘dead eyes’ can also be a symptom of other types of health problems like nutritional deficiencies and such.

‘Dead eyes’ actually mean having eyes which do not convey any type of emotion and seem vacant all the time. They can also refer to those eyes which do not have any sparkle or shine and are dull in nature.

The most common reason for ‘dead eyes’, is tiredness and this can happen to anyone who has a tight schedule. On the other hand, it can also occur due to dehydration. Another reason can also be because of too much alcohol consumption which can lead to a plethora of other problems.

How does Depression affect your eyes?

Depression affects almost every area of your life and your health, including your eyes and your vision. According to many research studies, depression can directly affect a person’s vision and also the way their eyes look.

Those who have depression, especially chronic depression, may find that they are not able to see bright and vivid colors clearly. They may see everything in only a very pale shade. Furthermore, they may also experience frequent haziness.

This is because depression can lead to less contrast sensitivity which reduces our ability to distinguish between different colors. Because of this, depressed people may see everything in different shades of gray.

Apart from this, depression can also lead to problems in the eye itself, such as dry eye or frequent eye-infections. This can be because of the reduced immunity which depression causes in its victims.

Do Dead Eyes mean that you have Depression? (+5 Useful Treatments)

Other symptoms of Depression

‘Dead eyes’ are not the only symptom of Depression. This mental illness also brings up many other symptoms and signs which everyone should be aware about. Some other symptoms of Depression are:

Constant feelings of sadness

The main symptom of Depression is that the person experiences constant or perpetual feelings of sadness. No matter what the external situation may be, Depression leads the person to feel dull and sad about everything.

Anger management issues

Those who are depressed may also show problems and issues in controlling their anger. The condition can lead to frequent anger outbursts to even small problems. This anger, in turn, can lead to strained relations with others who are trying to help them.

Issues in sleep

Insomnia is another symptom of Depression that many people experience. Those who have Depression often complain about lack of sleep or even disturbances in sleep. They may also face other sleep issues like night terrors and such.

Lack of interest in hobbies

One more important symptom of Depression is continuous apathy or disinterest. The person may lose interest in even activities that they previously enjoyed. This can further lead to social isolation, leading to an even bigger spiral of Depression.

Cognitive disturbances

Depression can not only lead to problems in physical health but also in cognition. Those who are depressed may find it hard to concentrate on any particular task for long periods of time. This can also lead to decreased performance at work, which may not be pleasing for employers.

Lack of energy

Another common complaint which depressed people often have is the immense lack of energy. Those who have been diagnosed with Depression often feel tired and fatigued all the time, even though they have rested properly. This can lead to more problems with everyday chores.

Suicidal thoughts

A large percentage of those who are suffering from Depression often go to the extreme length of suicide. Even if they have not attempted suicide, depressed people may also have frequent thoughts about death or other dark thoughts.

Body pains and aches

Those who have been diagnosed with Depression may also face lots of physical problems and issues. Because of the continuous strain on the body, the person may experience continuous body pains and aches which can further keep them isolated.

Changes in appetite

Finally, Depression can also lead to many changes in the person’s appetite. The person may find that their appetite has enormously increased or even reduced. This can also lead to more physical disturbances and changes in the body which can cause further discomfort.

Treatments for ‘dead-eyes’

‘Dead eyes’ because of depression often go away when the mental health of the person improves. Still, there are numerous treatments which directly target ‘dead-eyes’ and some of these treatments are:

  • Treating vitamin deficiencies, which can also lead to ‘dead eyes’. Vitamins like vitamin C and K are important for the healthy look of eyes. When there is a deficiency of such vitamins in the body, the person may experience dead eyes.

But the good news is that with the treatment of these vitamin deficiencies, the look of ‘dead eyes’ will also gradually go away. Apart from vitamins like vitamin C and K, improving iron levels in the blood can also make the look of ‘dead eyes’ go away.

  • Drinking lots of water to prevent dehydration. Dehydration is another common factor which can lead to the look of ‘dead eyes’. Dehydration can happen because someone has been involved in some physically strenuous activity.

However, it can also happen when the person is not taking care of their physical health, as the case with depression. In any case, drinking lots of water can not only lead to improvement in overall health, but can also help in the treatment of ‘dead eyes’.

  • Eating healthy food for healthy weight gain. Depression can cause issues in eating patterns. While some people who are depressed tend to eat more, many people also tend to eat very less. Therefore, there will be a dramatic weight loss.

Lots of weight loss in a short span of time can also lead to sunken eyes or ‘dead eyes’. Therefore, eating a healthy diet with more emphasis on healthy facts can help in improving the looks of ‘dead eyes’ in the person.

  • Cosmetic surgery for fast results. This is another very common treatment for ‘dead eyes’ which is sure to bring positive results. Many who want to improve their looks can go for filler injections in the eye trough. However, these procedures may have side-effects.
  • Tea bags for the antioxidants. Several sources also claim that tea bags can be useful for the treatment of ‘dead eyes’. Tea contains healthy antioxidants which can improve the circulation in the eye area, which can help in the treatment of ‘dead eyes’.

While normal tea bags can be kept on the eyes, some people tend to place the tea bags in the fridge for a while and then use them for better effects. Whatever the case may be, the tea bags need to be left on the eyes for at least 10 minutes regularly.


The following article has described if ‘dead eyes’ mean that you have depression. We have also checked out the other symptoms of depression. Lastly, we have taken a brief look at the different treatments which are available for ‘dead eyes’.

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