The top 15 Ancestry DNA horror stories


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Page last updated: 23/09/2022

This article will show you the top 15 ancestry DNA horror stories people have shared.

The top 15 Ancestry DNA horror stories 

If you are curious what the 15 biggest Ancestry DNA horror stories are, here they are.

Brothers, but not that much

A person that did the Ancestry DNA test discovered that the brother they always thought to be a brother of mother and father was just a brother from their mother’s side.

Their parents had never been married, but the mother has always stated that the two of them were related by both sides and that another man that was around during the time the brother was born was just a roommate. Well, that was a big lie, and in reality, he may have been the brother’s father after all.

Reconnecting with the family

One person that did the Ancestry DNA test knew they were adopted, but through the test, they discovered a lot more about their family than what they thought was possible. 

This person discovered they had a whole family, many brothers, and sisters, but no one knew about their existence. That is because their biological mother had passed away, and no one knew she was pregnant back in the day. It was only tight before her death that she told one of the person’s sisters about giving a baby up for adoption. 

When this piece of news was revealed to the rest of the family, everyone assumed it was a lie. They were all shocked as the person looked them up and showed that this story was indeed true.

Messy situation

Through the Ancestry DNA test, one person discovered that the person they were calling father their whole life, wasn’t their father. Even worse, they discovered that their real father was an old family friend that they had always called “grandpa”, and that was their mother’s bariatric surgeon nonetheless.

The affair

Another horror story involving the Ancestry DNA test was one in which the person discovered that she was the product of an affair her mother had. This caused her to know that she was only half-sibling with the ones she called siblings up until this point.

The strangest thing in this horror story is that the ex-wife of the man she is married to is the daughter of who she knows is her biological father. So without knowing her husband married her sisters.

Learning about past crimes

One of the scariest discoveries made through Ancestry DNA is that the person’s father was listed on the sex offender list, and they had no idea about it.

No Italian blood

One user of the Ancestry DNA test was brought up with the idea that their grandmother had a family background in Italy, more specifically in Sicily. Through the test, they discovered that the grandmother, who was already dead but spent her whole life saying she was white and didn’t have an African American background, was half-black.

What happened is that their grandmother was adopted by a white lady after she was left in the church. After learning the truth the person even managed to get in touch with some long-lost relatives and is now learning more about their roots.

The top 15 Ancestry DNA horror stories

The unknown half-sister

One shocking horror story was one in which the person discovered through Ancestry DNA the existence of a half-sister no one in their family knew about. Once she was discovered, it came to everyone’s knowledge that their father had an affair many years ago.

The strangest thing for this family is that this half-sister was hardly a surprise since they had already learned about another half-sister from a previous affair with their father. Through this discovery, their mother might have got the closure they needed in the relationship with their father.

The girl scout 

A guy found a girl cousin he never knew about through Ancestry DNA. As he reached out to her, he discovered that she was born out of a friendly sperm donation from the boy’s uncle to the girl’s mother, since they were close friends back in the day.

The most curious thing is that the girl’s family lived just a few blocks from the guy’s grandmother’s house, and she had sold her grandmother, without even knowing many girl scout cookies over the years.

Line of bastards

Through the evaluation of the DNA, a guy found out that his father wasn’t his father. But the most curious thing about this story is that the father also did the test, and he also discovered that his father wasn’t his real father as well.

The good discovery

But not all Ancestry DNA stories are horror stories. One person was able to find out, through the testing, who their real father was, and discovered that they had a lot of siblings.

The mom’s boss

A woman that was adopted discovered her biological mom through the test. But this wasn’t the most shocking thing in this story. What took the cake in this is that she discovered that her biological father wasn’t who she thought he was, but rather her mother’s former boss.

Tearing the family apart

Ancestry DNA testing can be so troublesome to some families, to a point it can tear the family apart. A woman discovered, through it, that the man she called father for all these years wasn’t her father. She was the child of an affair her mother had.

This revelation was so intense to her family that made her parents divorce, and it tore the whole family apart.

Discovering breast cancer and more  

One woman had done the Ancestry DNA test to discover if there was any chance of her developing breast cancer in her life since there were a lot of cases in her family. And aside from the results of the breast cancer, she got confused that there was no Italian blood in her, despite her knowing that her grandmother on her father’s side was Italian.

With time she realized that this meant that her father wasn’t her biological father. When she asked her mother about it, instead of explaining, her mother just said that that was an interesting fact, and asked her to not tell her father about it.

The teen mom

A woman made an Ancestry DNA test and was matched with someone that wasn’t known as part of her family. Through discussing it with him, she discovered that he was the biological son of her mother, that had him when she was a teenager.

When she confronted the rest of the family, no one knew about it. All that was known is that the woman when she was a teen left her hometown for a few months, but no one knew why.

I have an older brother 

Through the test, a woman found out that her mother got pregnant from her father before they were married, and since back then this was seen as unacceptable they gave the kid up for adoption. 

It was only after her parents died that she and her other sibling discovered the existence of this older brother.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the top 15 Ancestry DNA horror stories? 

Why shouldn’t I take the Ancestry DNA test?

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t take the Ancestry DNA test. First of all, it is something that will lead you to lose your privacy, since everyone will have access to your data. It is also something that never allows you to fully know what will happen.

It could be reconnecting with a stranded family member, but you never know if something terrible will come along. It may also not be a good idea to do the test if you are not open to connecting to strangers because of the bloodline the two of you share.

You should also refrain from doing it if you still don’t have a clear idea of what this test is, or even if you are unclear on how to choose from. the different brands, and types of tests.

Will law enforcement have access to my data on Ancestry DNA?

It can be that law enforcement will have access to the data from your Ancestry DNA test. But you should know that for them to access this information they will need to go through the legal process, such as a court order, or even a search warrant.

But it is also important to highlight that law enforcement is in no way authorized to use the data on these types of systems to investigate a crime, or even to identify human remains.

Is Ancestry DNA approved by the FDA?

Yes, the FDA authorized the company that manufactures Ancestry DNA to sell it as an over-the-counter product that is destined to identify relevant aspects of the person’s DNA from a sample that was collected from their saliva. 

Because of this authorization anyone that wants to know more about their genetic history can do so by buying the test. It is also important to highlight that since it is a product that is approved by the FDA, it means that it gives extremely reliable information.

Can siblings have different DNA?

Siblings can’t have completely different DNA, but you should also know that it is only in rare cases such as identical twins that the siblings will have completely identical DNA. 

In other cases, the similarity of the DNA between two siblings can vary. But it is most common that they will share around 50% of the same DNA. 

What are the biggest pros and cons of genetic testing?

There are many pros and cons to doing genetic testing. The biggest pros are around getting rid of uncertainty, which can give you a great sense of relief. It can give you a better understanding of your health, and if you have a chance of developing cancer.

It is also something that will help you make a more informed decision on matters related to your health, as well as give you the chance to discuss matters with your family, so you can discuss potential health risks.

When discussing the downside of genetic testing, it can often cause the person to become anxious, or even stressed. It is also possible that the results turn inconclusive, adding up to that anxiety. Depending on the result, it can hurt your family and relationships. 

Aside from that, sometimes it can be that you want to get genetic testing, but you won’t be able to since you won’t fit some requirements, and this can make you even more stressed.


This article showed the top 15 ancestry DNA horror stories.

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