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Page last updated: 20/11/2022

divine feminine

In this article, we describe the divine feminine and we speak about feminine energy and how to find your inner power. 

What is the divine feminine?

Whether we choose to consider the divine feminine as a personified Being, or as energy circulating among women, the image of the Goddess is a confirmation of FEMALE POWER, which is not dependent on men nor derived from the patriarchal vision of women.

The image of the Inner Goddess reflects what is missing from our culture: a positive image of female power, of our bodies, of our will, of our mothers.

What are the female archetypes?

The archetypes (models) of the goddesses reconnect us with the intrinsic feminine traits:  love, inner beauty, tenderness and power, introspection and community, spirituality and body care. 

The Egyptian mythology comes from a space of evolution in which the rational, pragmatic (male) part of life was combined with the part of magic, mystery and feminine rituals (female).

Our women’s unconscious keeps secrets that have ruled the history of mankind for thousands of years behind the curtain.

Today we have access to this psychic content only through introspection, analysis of dreams, symbols, myths and stories or through spiritual practices and rituals.

Divine feminine (A full guide)

Shakti, the feminine Eternal

In Tantra, the woman is Shakti, the creative power that is considered equal to God.

Arthur Avalon said that there is no term in Sanskrit or any other language that has such a wealth of meanings as the term Shakti, because it means the whole and the richness of life.

Adored by tantrics, revered by the sages and celebrated by artists, the woman herself is an incomprehensible mystery.

Femininity is not, as we would think, a mystery only for men, but very often it is a mystery for women as well.

It is sometimes said that men cannot understand women.

But how many women can really understand themselves?

When she discovers herself, the woman becomes again what she was, is and will always be: the ideal expression of the Eternal Feminine.

In order to be truly happy, it is very important to know ourselves and to discover all the wonders and mysteries that we have been endowed with by God from birth.

The spiritually awakened woman, who is beginning to truly discover herself, feels the life flowing through her veins.

Every gesture of her hands becomes a manifestation of the sacred in the profane world.

She strengthens her adoration of God through everything she does and loves. 

It shines and gives love, kindness, beauty, purity and all that is most beautiful in this world.

When she is aware of herself and her femininity, the woman reveals what is brighter and more wonderful in the man, makes him stronger and brings him closer to what is best in himself.

The woman is always surrounded by mysteries.

Therefore, only when she accesses her soul, when she listens to her heart, does the woman understand herself and live in harmony with her emotions, desires and aspirations.

Only women who open their hearts through love, only those who love deeply and immeasurably truly fulfil the first and most important purpose of their lives: to be truly a woman.

What can you do to amplify the feminine energy?

Our previous patriarchal culture underestimated many feminine qualities.

Most of us have been raised and influenced by the patriarchal element, which has led to the development of masculine energy. 

Moreover, this meant identification with the masculine element.

As a result, the female element was strongly repressed and fragmented. It is time to overcome both this false image and the long and bitter tirades.

But that requires a new kind of courage.

The courage to overcome the denial of the true essence. 

Due to the negative beliefs, the captive emotions left from childhood (shame, repression) the woman moved away from her natural state.

Time passes, years go by, life goes on and many women still suffer because of beliefs, obedience and dependence. 

Don’t waste your energy on unnecessary things. Do not feed other people with your energy. Wake up!

When a woman is disconnected from her essence, she feels weak.

A woman’s personal power and magnetism increase when she connects to her divine essence, to the creative and infinite source of love, power, and wisdom.

In everyday life, we hurry, we run, we do everything as fast as possible, we have many responsibilities, but we forget to really live.

We forget to really enjoy ourselves, life, who we are.

We forget to smile, to give to those around us love, our steps are fast and not smooth, sensual, we want to reach our destination faster…

I know, that’s when you’re pressured and ground by all worries. But that doesn’t mean we have to forget about ourselves.

We end up thinking too much, feeling too little… We end up disconnecting completely from ourselves and our soul.

A woman who has become aware of her feminine power is not jealous. She simply knows she is unique.

She always relies on what she knows makes her unique. She recognizes her unique qualities and focuses on them.

And what can you do exactly to amplify the feminine power?

Stay calm, listen to relaxing music and let yourself be carried away by the wave of your sensations and emotions.

Stop resisting. To feel, simply to feel… what is in your heart, to feel yourself… to feel everything, everything around you.

When you connect with yourself and stay with yourself, calmly, without any other distractions, you will see how everything good and kind will come into your life.

When you are not connected yo your divine feminine, everything you don’t want to happen will happen.

And I’ll tell you why. Because we, as women, are left to float, to manifest ourselves smoothly, to enjoy the process… and not to be always upset, on the run, dissatisfied, sad, hurt…

We are left to feel, to be, to love, to create, to feel joy.

And when we move away from our essence, life gives us all kinds of signs to warn us.

We think too much, we feel too little.

We are focused on the goal, on achieving the results, we are desperate, instead of relaxing, detaching and living here and now. 

If we only lived our nature, it would all come to us.

The woman who respects and honours her nature does not get sick, does not suffer from chronic fatigue or other ailments that women often complain about…

When you respect your nature, when you do what keeps your energy up, nothing negative touches you. 

Being in high vibration, you only attract high things.

And that’s because, in addition to the responsibilities you have every day, you should not forget to be a Woman.

Honour your divine feminine, your soul, be creative in any aspect of life you want, and life will reward you and give you what you want.

Many women are outraged that men do not pay attention to them, do not treat them nicely… but, men are actually looking for a more feminine woman, with whom they can manifest their masculinity. 

You should get in contact with your divine feminine in the first place, enjoy yourself. Really enjoy yourself.

Live with all your soul. Love yourself honestly. Spend time with yourself and get spiritually rich. 

Charge yourself with energy from what you really like to do!

  • Start by feeling good with yourself. Move as you enjoy it, focus on talking as softly as possible, as delicately as possible, enjoy your food, take care of your hair, dress more often in skirts and dresses, and feel the most blessed woman in this world.
  • Write on a piece of paper what are your qualities and what you feel inspires you. 
  • Write on a piece of paper (when there is a full moon) what are your most precious desires. The Moon helps you in fulfilling your desires, the energy of this period is very high, and the Moon listens to you. (When you connect with all your soul to this magical energy, you are heard and listened to by the Universe).
  • Light red candles, they symbolize love and passion and imagine how the candle flame gets inside you and cleanses you of all negativity, of everything you no longer need… Inhale and exhale deeply a few times.

Are you ready to connect to your divine feminine? 


In this blog post, we talked about what it means to connect to your divine feminine and to be a woman. 

Women can contribute to the creation of more positive humanity only by sharing the love.

They can enrich the world with their grace through love, forgiveness, and compassion. 

Dear woman, it is your choice to experience the positive emotions of love, forgiveness, acceptance, harmony, happiness, joy, contentment or to experience the negative emotions of anger, sadness, aggression, shame, distrust, helplessness, hatred, etc.

Are you ready to connect to your divine feminine?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. 

FAQ about the divine feminine 

What is Divine Feminine?

Divine Feminine is a term used to describe a woman’s inner power.

It is the feminine energy that any women has access to.

It is a concept of love, creativity, sensuality, intuition. 

What are divine masculine and divine feminine?

Divine masculine and divine feminine are terms that both describe the masculine and the feminine energy that anyone has access to. 

How do you find your divine feminine?

To find your divine feminine you have to connect to your inner self.

Doing meditation, yoga, dancing, and any other creative activity is a good place to start. 

How do you awaken feminine energy?

To awaken your feminine energy you have to make it a priority to meditate, to do introspection, be open to receiving what the Universe has in place for you. Do creative activities, enjoy life. 

What is a spiritual goddess?

A spiritual Goddes is believed to be the feminine power inside of every woman on this earth.

It is the source of one’s creativity, intuition and power. 

How do you express your femininity?

To express your femininity you have to access your creative self.

Practice meditation, dance, reflect, enjoy life!

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