Distress Tolerance Worksheets (7+)

This page displays distress tolerance worksheets.

Distress tolerance worksheets aim to teach individuals various ways through which they can manage their distress.

These worksheets enable them to manage their distress in a healthy way.

Here you are provided with some of the most effective distress tolerance worksheets.

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites, after reviewing relevant material in bulk.

Distress Tolerance Worksheet- Dealing with Distressing Situations

Distress tolerance is the ability of an individual to deal with distressing situations in a healthy and effective way.

Distress can be a result of intense emotions, unexpected events or even negative thoughts. 

Distress tolerance skills help individuals deal with distressing emotions, events or thoughts in a healthy way.

A healthy way of managing distress includes soothing techniques, cognitive restructuring techniques and so on.

These are helpful for the effective management of distress and improves the well-being of an individual.

On its contrary, suppressing your emotions, harming self and letting emotions control you, are some of the unhealthy ways of distress tolerance.

These affect an individual’s well-being adversely.

Distress Tolerance Worksheets (7+)

Distress Tolerance Worksheet- Reducing Effects of Distress

The inability of an individual to manage distressing situations can lead to adverse consequences.

Low distress tolerance may cause various psychological and physical illnesses in an individual such as depression and severe headache respectively.

Therefore it is essential to improve distress tolerance by adopting various tolerance skills ad strategies, for example, reframing thoughts, distraction techniques, and so on.

Other ways of managing distress resulting from perturbing emotions, events or thoughts include developing positive thinking, eating healthy, avoiding caffeine, getting close to nature by exercising and going for a walk regularly etcetera. 

Distress Tolerance Worksheets (7+)

Distress Tolerance Worksheet- Effective Distance Tolerance

Distress tolerance skills are the skills that help an individual in escaping from the uncomfortable feeling of distressing emotions, thoughts, and events.

These skills help an individual in managing his emotions in a healthy way. 

Some of the most common distress tolerance skills include distraction techniques, radical acceptance, self-soothing techniques and focusing on pros and cons.

These techniques help individuals deal with distressing situations and reduces impulsive behaviors.

Distress tolerance is also helpful for individuals in controlling their emotions and expressing them efficiently, in a healthy way.

Distress Tolerance Worksheets (7+)

Distress Tolerance Worksheet- Distress Tolerance Skills

The ability to deal with distressing situations with expertise is referred to as distress tolerance.

Distress tolerance is a technique used in dialectical behavioral therapy for helping the client deal with distressing emotions and situations in an effective, healthy manner.

Distress tolerance skills worksheet is a detailed worksheet that helps individuals deal with their distressing emotions efficiently by accepting the situation, adopting self-soothing techniques and distraction methods. 

The effectiveness of this worksheet can be determined by its step to step guide of managing emotions with the help of examples.

The first part of the worksheet aims to develop radical acceptance in the client while the other two parts deal with teaching self-soothing and distraction techniques via ACCEPTS.

Radical acceptance means to genuinely accept the situation.

Self-soothing techniques are the ways by which the individual can calm himself down using his senses.

Last but not the least, ACCEPTS is the acronym used for various distraction techniques that can help individuals in tolerating distress.

This worksheet is a great resource for managing distressing situations and emotions.

It can be download in the form of pdf from this page. 

Distress Tolerance Worksheet- Distress Tolerance Skills: ACCEPTS

Distressing situations are difficult to manage if the individual is not aware of distress tolerance skills and strategies.

The acronym ACCEPTS is a reminder to help individuals acknowledge six different ways of distracting themselves to deal with distressing situations effectively. 

ACCEPT includes activities, contributing to a cause or person, comparison with worse situations, producing emotions that would help cope with distressing emotions, pushing away negative thoughts, focusing on thoughts once the individual calms down, and producing safe physical sensations that would help distract the individual.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet.

You can download it in the form of pdf through this site.

Distress Tolerance Worksheet-DT Handout 4

Distressing situations are the events in which the individual experiences extreme anxiety, sadness or pain.

Distress results when an individual fails to accept certain realities of his life.

Thus we can say that accepting reality can help an individual in one way or the other to manage distress. 

Distress tolerance handout 4 is a detailed worksheet that helps individuals accept the reality with the help of awareness exercises.

The awareness about self and the surroundings helps in determining what is going on around the individual and ultimately increases acceptance in an individual.

This worksheet contains several exercises that are helpful in increasing awareness about oneself and his surroundings.

These exercises are followed by some scenarios that help individuals think of ways to deal with distressing situations.

This helps improve their probem-solving abilities. 

This worksheet can be accessed through this link. 

Distress Tolerance Worksheet- Introduction to Stress Management

Being stressful in discomforting situations is a natural thing but the inability to manage this stress can lead to adverse effects.

Therefore it is essential to work on stress management to prevent the negative effects of stress on both the mind and the body.

Introduction to stress management worksheet is an effective source for increasing one’s awareness about stress and acknowledging the ways by which stress can be managed.

This worksheet helps an individual identify his stressors and think of the positive and negative effects of stress on him.

Then the individual is directed to brainstorm various ways of managing stress with they are distraction techniques or confronting techniques. 

This worksheet is easily available on the internet and can be downloaded in the form of pdf from this site.

Distress Tolerance Worksheet-Tolerating Distress

Tolerating distress is an extensive worksheet comprising of fifteen pages.

The effectiveness of this worksheet lies in the way how it explains distress tolerance and the ways to cope with it step by step.

This worksheet first enables an individual to identify his distress triggers so he can work on eliminating them to prevent their negative effects.

The worksheet aims to help individuals deal with their distress triggers efficiently by using various skills and strategies such as distraction methods, opposite action techniques, accepting and improving distress. 

This worksheet also enables individuals to make a distress tolerance action plan for themselves to prepare them for dealing with distressing situations.

It also provides a chart to individuals to record the effectiveness of distress tolerance skills in stressful situations.

This can help individuals sort out effective distress tolerance skills for future use.

Not just this, the worksheet also helps individuals challenging their thoughts emerging in distressing situations to help them overcome distress.

This just the tip of the iceberg, to explore more about this worksheet click this link.

This worksheet provide several ways for managing distress.  

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This page provides you with some of the best, distress tolerance worksheets that would help you manage your distress in the most effective way.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

If you have any queries or questions regarding these worksheets. Let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you.

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