7 reasons you dislike holidays( +tips to help)

In this post, we will understand why holidays are disliked, top disliked holiday, some strategies to get over with holiday dislikes and hatred and FAQs related to the topic.

People dislike the holidays because of the following reasons:

  • Running errands and shopping
  • Social gathering and get together
  • Family gathering and subsequent tragedy
  • Having houseguest
  • Longstanding tensions
  • Retail workers get to see people’s worst self
  • The high expectation by others
  • Persistent greed of consumerist culture.
  • Overloaded pressure and burden
  • Tinsel and the decorations
  • Reminisce certain traumatic events 
  • Left alone without family and away from home.
  • Holiday chaos 
  • Traffics and the hustle-bustle 


It is an extended time for leisure during which one doesn’t have to go for work and spend the day away from home as well as workplace. The holiday is also a day set aside by the law itself during which the normal routine of business and works in the school, organisation, office is suspended or freed.

Most disliked holiday

Despite the wait for a holiday for some people, some hate the holiday season. Although holidays are marked for celebration and gatherings, there are certain holidays hate and disliked by people.

Some of the disliked holidays are:

  • Black Friday
  • Valentine Day
  • Columbus Day
  • April Fools Day
  • New Year eve
  • Thanksgiving
  • Fourth of July
  • Presidents day
  • Christmas

Holidays are disliked for the following reasons

A family tragedy and traumatic events

For some people, holiday reminisces the traumatic family event ever happened in one’s life and it triggers painful memories of the past. Rather than the joy and excitement of the holiday, it is a painful memory of past and remains gloomy.

Obligatory social gatherings

The never-ending gatherings and meeting are a nightmare for some people especially the introverts. Talking and catching with people are awake and the holiday vibe in and around is avoided by certain people. 

Family visits

Despite the family being the number one and closest to one’s heart, the prolonged discussion is exhausting and boring for some people. Asking end number of question about life, studies, plan by family members especially the elder ones are infuriating for some people.

Having houseguest

To entertain and host-guests during the holiday season are perceived as an extra burden for some. Having house guest in a row and serving them are challenging as well as a tiring task when people prefer to relax during holidays.

Purchasing gifts

Purchasing gifts to family, friends and co-workers when you are low on a budget is the most difficult task and to-do during the holiday season. 

High expectation

The high expectation set by others during a holiday to get a gift and presents makes the holiday a challenging task especially to meet the expectation.

Holiday, a drive to consumerist culture

Everything about the holiday spirit is more like moving towards or propagating the consumerist culture. The black Friday sale, lining up for sale and people buying everything from the wish list are all driving us towards this culture. 

Pressure to spend

The holiday is made up as a season to spend lavishly on clothes, food, dine-out, clubbing, etc. Different things canto spend to get a gift for coworkers and friends and then to impress them with the goodies are all driving us towards materialism and shadowing the real celebration with gifts and presents. 

Tinsel and the decoration

The lighting and the decoration over the street, home and neighbourhood solely for holiday vibes are not preferred and favoured by certain people. 

Fighting and people showing their worst selves

It is often around the holiday season that people get into fighting and display all their worst behaviour. Customer frequently ell on the employee for out of stock items and run out stuff. There is the exploitation of customer as well during the sale season of holidays.

Cuffing Season

Another reason behind people’s hatred and dislike for the holiday is the cuffing season. The motivation of people to coupled up during the transition from fall to winter is found to strange and mysterious. 

Overcoming the holiday dislike and hatred

Although holidays are not preferred and enjoyed by all, it can still be lived to the fullest and use for personal recreation and leisure as well as a quality time with family.

Some of the ways to overcome and get over with the holiday dislike are:

Ditch and leave aside what doesn’t find enjoyable and pleasurable

If you find going to the mall and catching up people tough and daunting task, ditch those plan, or reduce such plan. Doing so will free up your time for other productive things and activities to do. 

Treat yourself with long-awaited one 

Since it’’s a  custom to get a gift and present to near and dear ones during the holiday, getting yourself a gift or treating yourself will keep you happier and satisfied. It is proof that holiday is not only for treating and gifting others but also, pampering yourself with extra love.

Balancing yourself and conditioning

If you find a task gruelling and challenging, try to attach a positive perk or reward with it s that you are balanced in between the two. If you find visiting family members during holiday tough, condition it with an extra bunch of sweets or a drink so that the task gets done. 

Exit plan

Sometimes if you find a gathering boring and little toxic to self, simply exit or drop the plan. There is no good in engaging yourself with people with whom you don’t fit and get along. Rather have a good me-time with a watch or some dessert. 

Sticking to a normal routine

The holiday shouldn’t turn into a disaster and a disruption to your normal routine, thus sticking on to your oral daily routine helps in getting rid of holiday toxicity and tragedies. Simply following the normal mundane routine is ideal to get rid of holiday dislikes and hatred.

Take a time out

Since the holiday is to get together, gathering and catching up, it is always better to spend some time with oneself and enjoy the relaxation and recreation.

Doing something productive and constructive for oneself

One good way to utilise the holiday and overcome the holiday dislike is to upgrade your skill, passion or to spend some good time with oneself. 

Not to say Yes for all the plan

Agreeing to all the plans framed and planned by others will keep one engaged and occupied. It is best not to spend all the energy with others rather have quality with oneself. 

Be comfortable yet not festive

Since there is pressure on dressings, cooking and decoration, to have a comfortable space and relaxed mind during this hype is one good way to deal with the holiday hatred and dislikes. 

Meditation and calming exercise

It is only during a holiday that one can exclusively spend time with their self. Different things can be done without getting bothered and disturbed by others, deadlines and workload. Thus, to meditate and practise some calming exercise can soothe both your mind and body.


Volunteering in a nearby old-age care centre or animal shelters, shut-in is a constructive and productive way to spend the holiday season. It benefits both the side and makes you feel achieved and rewarded. 

Going to the gym and spa 

Rather than indulging in holiday and festive party and gathering, it id relaxing and soothing to pamper oneself with spa and work out which naturally releases endorphin and keep one active and healthy.

Being tolerant of those who love holiday

It is not always that everyone feels and prefer doing the same. So, to understand and adjust with people who have an ideological clash with oneself is much needed. Those who enjoy the holiday and live in the moment should be respected and understand than getting disturbed and annoyed by them. 

FAQs: Dislike holidays 

What to do when you hate the holidays?

Different things can be done when you hate holiday such as 
Sending unsent card
Going to the gym
Making non-holiday playlist
Eating and trying different cuisine
Spending time with oneself
Trekking and hiking
Clearing off a to-do lists

Is it normal not to like the holiday?

Yes, it is normal to feel down at holiday however, one should make sure it doesn’t take toll of mental and physical health.

What can I do instead of Christmas?

Some alternative for Christmas celebration are:

Going to the national park
Trying different cuisine
Going for movie

How can I make holidays less stressful?

Some steps to make the holiday less challenging and stressful to deal with are:

Asking the family’s support and help
Spending holiday at home
Clearing off the wish list
Limiting social events or more

Are the holidays stressful?

Yes, holidays can be stressful as well as demanding for many reasons.

How can I enjoy the Christmas holiday?

There are different ways to enjoy the Christmas holiday be it with family or friends. Some of them are:

Making a to-do list or planning beforehand
Avoid many commitments
Make Christmas budget
Don’t leave everything at the end
Decoarate with minimalism
Get over with work clutters before Christmas
Stay away from social media and live in the moment 
Enjoy the moment to the fullest

What to do if you are not with family during Christmas?

It is not always bad and a gloomy feeling not to celebrate Christmas with family. Some of the things one can do during Christmas away from family are:

Buying yourself a gift and present
Signing up for work and shifts
Deep cleaning home
Enjoying with cooks, bakes and watches
Sending holiday cards
Going out to friends place and drop by

Which is the most popular holiday?

Christmas and Thanksgiving are celebrated as the most special and popular holiday.

Which holiday makes the most money?

Winter holiday and Back-to-School makes the most money.

Is Halloween a holiday?

Yes, it is a holiday observed on 31st October. 

When can you start saying Happy Holiday?

It is accepted to be the most inclusive and broadest greeting for all kind of holiday.

Why does the holiday give me anxiety?

Holidays can be stressing and anxiety-provoking for any reasons. Some of them are unrealistic expectation, financial pressure, excessive commitment, etc.

What is the most stressful time of the year?

For some holidays and preparing for it is the most stressful time of the year, however, for others, it is a source of pleasure and joy.


In this post, “ dislike holiday” is explored, the reasons for disliking holiday, worst holiday, strategies and tips for overcoming the hatred and dislike for holiday and finally wrapped up with few FAQs in accordance to the topic.

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