Depression poems (20+)

In this brief blog, we are going to discuss depression poems and how depression poems may be able to help you if you are feeling depressed, need to find something to be optimistic about or curious about how other people have dealt with their depression.

We have curated this depression poems by scouring the internet to find the most suitable poems which could hopefully make an inspirational impact in your life.

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Depression poems

“  Where did you go

Why wont you come back

I need to know

I’m very scared, cause you’re not there

It’s like somebody hacked,

Into my life a very evil virus

That sicken all of us

A once calm, cool and collected family

It fell apart it was meant to happen

from the start I sit alone

I cry quietly to myself

I won’t and can’t tell nobody else

they don’t understand they never will

This is why I never tell

The old me the once loved

Will never know what’s above

Because I’ll stop searching

Stop searching for the old me

I give up hope indeed

One day I’ll take this machete,

And take this so called life


“ You see a smile on the outside,

But that’s all you can see.

What if tears run down my face on the inside?

You hear a laugh on the outside,

But that’s all you can hear.

What if I’m crying out for help on the inside?

You smell the scent I wear every day on the outside,

But that’s all you can smell.

What if it smells of death on the inside?

You feel soft, smooth skin on the outside,

But that’s all you feel.

What if I’m being torn apart on the inside?

You taste sweet lips kissing you on the outside,

But that’s all you can taste.

What if my lips taste of blood on the inside?

You can tell I’m happy on the outside,

But what if you can’t tell I’m dying on the inside?


“   If I showed my true colors, what would society think?

Would they laugh, show pity, or read the ink?

I’m exhausted from smiling every single day

When I know the pain won’t just go away.

Every night I cannot sleep

Because my thoughts run so deep.

They went out for a stroll

But got sucked into a black hole.

My focus is no longer there, anywhere.

I don’t know why I’m like this, I swear.

It seems like I’m just well-dressed.

That just means how much I’m stressed.

My friends all laugh and hang around.

You don’t need water to be drowned.

This darkness beneath consumes my mind.

It’s like I’m living my life blind.

On the outside I’m holding it together,

But it’s as unpredictable as the weather.

“How are you?” “I’m fine.”

But the truth lies between the lines.

It’s like being on Mars and trying to breathe air.

When they talk about the future, I don’t really care.

You say to suck it up and to be strong,

But little do you know what exactly is wrong.

My life is forever altered because of this.

That cheerful 5 year old is who I miss.

This is war; you either win or die trying.

You speak the truth or continue lying.

The changes were all so very subtle; I don’t blame you for not seeing,

But what you don’t understand is that I’m a human being.

The truth is you wouldn’t last if this was in your brain,

But I’ve found a way to numb the pain.

I have to fight my mind every single second,

But that’s only because this thing had beckoned.

I wouldn’t ever choose to feel this way; these were the cards I was dealt.

My only wish is that more people would understand how we felt.

Sometimes a glimpse of wonder wanders on over,

But it’s as rare as finding a four leaf clover.

Monsters don’t live under our beds.

They scream inside of our heads.

Still I live with hope that one day I will win.

I will defeat the monster that’s under my skin.


“    Thoughts…

These thoughts

Have held me in their arms

For so many years

I have lost count

It’s never been a pretty sight

Dark deranged hallucinations

Come to fight for my soul

 They say it’s a state of mind

Or is it a fault since birth

That’s haunted me

The suicidal rage has battered me

Once or twice

Took away what common sense there was

The red mist to destroy myself

Sometimes more powerful

Seen my reflection

The mirror image

Has never been kind

Taunting me

Like a school bully

AspergerPoet56Written by AspergerPoet56


Depression poems

“ She took a deep breath.

She counted to three,

A picture in her head

Of who they wanted me to be.

They wanted her to be normal,

Happy and kind.

They never thought

That this girl would be blind.

Not blind by the meaning

But blind in the heart.

Blinded by darkness,

Blinded by dark.

She walks around lifeless,

Her heart beating but dead.

A walking corpse,

She is lost inside her head.

Things have no meaning,

At least not anymore.

She was not how she was,

How she was once before.

She is one of the living

But one of the dead.

A part of her is missing;

She hangs on by a thread.

She hung her head low,

Took one final bow.

She stepped off the edge

Saying one final vow.

“I will not change who I am.

As hard as any of you try,

This is me giving up;

This is one last goodbye.”



-Rachna Jain

I talk others out of suicide but can’t do the same for myself.

I tell others that they are beautiful,

As I don’t want anyone to feel the way I do.

I am always there for everyone as I know how it feels to be alone.

The thing about depression is that it’s not just being sad.

It is not temporary dark days or monsters on my back.

It is waking up every day and finding nothing exciting.

It is not distancing myself from my friends and family.

It is constantly wondering if my problems are real.

Yes, it is a monster, but without the horrible face and the ugly claws.

It is in my thoughts, analyzing every step when the probability of it happening is zero.

It is not a one-day emotion; it is months of feeling numb.

It is being scared to feel too much.

It is being afraid to not feel anything.

It is believing that I don’t deserve to happy.

And it is hating myself for not getting better.

Yes, it is all in my head.

This is why depression is not a “get well soon card” illness.

Trapped in my own mind, not scared of death anymore.

A battle against my own self, drowning every day.

But never to be saved.

The soul is dead but the body lives on.    “

“    I slit my wrist to erase the pain.

you look at me and think I’m insane.

My eyes turn red, bleeding my tears,

and still you try to protect me from my worst fears.

Look at my scars, then you will see

why I can’t seem to go around and fake happy,

yet you tell me you love me, that you’ll forget,

for I’ll soon be gone, and I’ll be your greatest regret.

So let me die, broken and scarred,

I can’t deal with life, it’s getting far too hard.

Everything’s gone wrong; it’s not worth trying,

so leave me alone because I feel like I’m dying.

I don’t want you to worry,

because my life is ending in a hurry.

I’ll be fine and happy, you see,

for death is what I wished for and soon it will be.


“   What do you call it when all you feel is pain?

When your loved ones look at you and all you feel is shame?

When you’re tired of living and playing this game?

When you know your life is meaningless and you’re the only one to blame?

What do you call it when the hurt is in your soul?

When you smile and laugh but you know it’s all a show?

When you feel like you’ve hit your all-time low?

When nothing makes you happy and the darkness around you grows?

What do you call it when you feel so alone?

When you’re in your house but it don’t feel like home?

When you look back in your life and every choice you made now seems wrong?

When the wait to die seems too long?


Depression poems

“ The archaic gloaming

The archaic gloaming,

a cosmic groan

among the bitter graves

of seraphim and salt.

Tendrils of fruit

unwind towards a clamor of guilt

which mauls at my upper chest, my belly—

A myriad of ghosts

amalgate blood to honey

in ceremonial psalms

for dead mothers.

My body is a harvest;

the ontogeny of my spirit

gnaws a serrated cry

in a lonely paradise

where there is no light,

only lost children.    “

“    If I told you I was okay, would you believe me or even care?

Can you see the strong upheld girl who is always happy?

Or can you see the darkness and sadness that overtakes her?

When you look into her eyes can you see the pain or the horror?

Did you even know she only had a father and was abused by her mother?

Or all the problems that happened when she was at home?

That her family was her bully

The voices in her head were her friends

She wouldn’t fall asleep or eat

She became overwhelmed with it all

Cutting became addictive, she couldn’t stop

She wore long sleeve shirts because she was scared of what you would think

You now see all these things that you didn’t know

Millions more are going through similar situations

Just because she smiles doesn’t mean she has nothing to hide

Just because she said she is okay doesn’t mean it’s always true

Don’t judge a girl by what she lets you see


“   Portrait Of Sorrow

As you were

Painting me

The colors of

My happiness


Into sadness

Renaming my

Portrait To Sorrow    “

“    ome, Sing for Me


work-rough hands      

chiseling through      

my marble surface      

come, soothe the angry mob      

calling for murder      

just under my skin      

tear into me;      

watch my pain      

falling to the floor      

in misshapen chunks      

and lean into me      

the warmth of you      

bringing this slab      

to consciousness      

savage beasts      

love music      

I am certainly no exception      

come, sing for me      

with your lyrics      

made of filthy words      

exhaled on soft sighs      

my greedy ears      

long for the sultry cadence      

of your tempo giusto      

my moon-drenched conductor      


my favorite tune      

I’ll be your cliche      

your harp      

your lyre      

just pluck my strings      

and sit back      

for a listen        

my body      

a rough canvas      

come, scrape the paint      

the others      

calling themselves artists      

left behind      

color me        

with magic fingers      

stain me      

with pigments      

of your own desire      

my eyes are dull      

come, look deep inside      

shine your brightest light      

and watch      

my Aries fire    

spring to life      

dancing for you      

once more      

deliciously threatening      

to swallow      

you whole      


my dormant embers      

pull me      

from these ashes      





before all my art      

is buried      

under this      



unmet ideations     “

Depression poems

“ I’d never reveal what’s hidden inside,

Living with this awful lie.

Masking the pain with fraud smiles,

My hopes begin to fade.

Faking the days that pass me by,

Drowning in my own mind.

Realizing there’s no hope,

I try to forget the hopelessness.

I come back to these dreadful thoughts.

Why must I be the one to suffer?


“  She sits alone all during class.

She tries to hide the pain she has.

All up her arm are scars that bleed.

She hides them underneath her sleeves.

I do not know her, but I will not be shy.

I go up to her and wave and say hi.

Under her whispered voice she answers me.

I ask her why she wears that frown. 

She looks at me and then looks down.

As I stare, her lips start to move, saying these words,

“I feel like a ghost to everyone here.”

Her eyes fill with tears.

She continues telling about her family.

She says her parents fight constantly.

She says she has not slept in weeks.

After that, she tells me why.

I tell her, “You don’t need to cry.

I will always be by your side.

I will help you get through,”

And she slowly smiles and says,

“We are…friends.”


“    Debilitating sadness

My heart is weighed down by debilitating sadness.

My brain is filled with an intoxicating madness.

Depression haunts me and I’ve always had this.

My soul is drowning in the depths of darkness.

The blade is my enemy yet my friend with its shimmering sharpness.   “

“   We Can’t Cover Our Ears Forever

We can’t cover our

Own ears forever…

There are many

Reasons and a

Number of things

That can weigh

On our hearts

Some of us may

Be able to get over it

Quickly and easier

Than others

Some of us seem

To have a tendency

To bury the pain

And go about our business

After a while

We will find ourselves

Forcing a smile

So no one will see

How terribly hurt

We are inside

Sometimes we feel the tears

Burning our eyes

Then quickly pull

Ourselves together

Because we may be at work

Out having dinner

Or it’s simply just not

The time or place

But one day

One day when

You least expect it

Everything that you’ve

Shrugged off

Tucked away

Held inside

Will surface

It could be

A memory or

Something or someone

Just rubbed you

The wrong way

And when that

Moment happens

The volcano in you

Will erupt

Oceans of sorrows

Sending a tsunami

Of tears crashing

On the shores of healing

Because the music

Of sadness crys

Louder than the

Songs of happiness      “

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