Why Does Depression Make Me Feel Like I’m Just Waiting to Die? (3+ Interesting FAQs)

This article will explain why, when you are depressed you can feel like all you want to do is wait for your time to die. Through the article, we will also explain what are suicidal thoughts, and how they can impact people with depression.

Depression makes me feel like I’m just waiting to die 

Depression can have such a negative impact on you that can make you feel like nothing makes sense anymore. And you can feel that all that is left for you is to wait for your time to die. Your world, which before may have been filled with colors, and had positive and negative emotions, is now all filled with a void.

It is all black and white, you don‘t feel the taste of any food, nothing excites you, and sometimes you don’t even feel the sadness that people often think depression can bring. When you are just waiting to die, it may mean that your life has turned into this massive nothingness.

You wake up, do what you need to do, and do what depression allows you to do. And go back to sleep. There is no expectation of a better future, no thought about what you want your life to be. All of your hope is gone. You just sit there, waiting for the time to pass, and maybe death will visit you.

When that is the case, you may not even have the energy to consider acting towards ending your life. Even that may seem like too much work for you. Depression can make you lose so much of your energy, that even the thought of planning to end your life seems like too much.

When you are just waiting to die, you can feel as if there is no point in living anymore. You don’t feel love for anyone anymore, even if you know you loved them before, you can feel like that love is just not there. 

You may also not feel passionate about things anymore. You may have been the most passionate salsa dancer, but now, it all just seems like another lifetime. You wander around the house all day, or just lay down most of the time, just waiting for the time you will be gone. 

And it may seem to you like this is not a suicidal thought, but it is important to keep in mind that feeling like this can lead you to give up, little by little, on living. Touched by this overwhelming sense of hopelessness, and not knowing what any of this is for, can make you lose the ability to even try to get away from depression.

You may feel worthless, and this can often make you wonder what is the point of even trying. And when helplessness takes over, you don’t even know how to start the process. 

If you feel like you are depressed, and just waiting to die, you should learn more about suicidal thoughts, try to identify what way you have been feeling, and look for help. 

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Even though sometimes you may feel like you are just waiting for your life to end, and you feel like you would never have the energy to do anything more active in that sense, you must understand how suicidal thoughts work, and when you should look for help, or get in touch with a crises hotline.

Suicidal thoughts, what is also called suicidal ideation, are thoughts or ideas a person may have around ending their own life. But not all suicidal thoughts are ones in which you are planning to end your life. Suicidal thoughts can happen in two manners, a more passive one, and a more active.

The first one can often feel similar to waiting to die. You may start to contemplate how the world would be without you, and how it would change the lives of people around you. But you don’t plan on acting on these ideas, and there is no concrete planning on how you would end your life.

As for the second form of suicidal thought, the more active one, it can make you start to make a plan on how to end your life. You may start to think about how you would do it, using what, and when. When a person is having those sorts of suicidal thoughts, they must look for professional help.

That is because in an impulse moment they may act on it. So to prevent that from happening, make sure you have the support of a professional, and if needed, you can even call one of the many suicide hotlines that are active nowadays.

Keep in mind that even though you can feel like depression has left you in a complete void, this is a condition, it is not who you are. You weren’t born like that, and it won’t stay like this forever. 

Try to get yourself some help. Ask for your loved ones to support you, and maybe at some point you won’t be just waiting to die, you will feel like you are living again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Can depression make me feel like I’m just waiting to die? 

How can I help my friend that is just waiting to die? 

If you feel you have a friend that has given up, and it is just waiting to die, you may want to approach them and have an open and honest conversation. Sometimes, when a person is depressed, they can bottle all of their feelings because they feel like no one would understand them. 

So ask them how they are feeling, and keep in mind that this may cause you to hear things that you had no idea about. But as you begin to hear how they have been feeling, don’t get into the mode in which you will try to fix everything. This can make them feel invalidated as if they had never thought of any of it before.

Instead, ask what they have been doing for treatment, and offer help if they need to find someone, or if they feel that it hasn’t been as good as it should. You should also make a point of being present, feeling connected to others is something that will have an extremely positive effect on a person that is depressed.

Inviting them to do things together can also be important. Keep in mind that, when depressed, your friend won’t have the same energy, and interests as they did before. 

Don’t try to push them, but make it a point of having some time together when depression is not the center of their lives. It can be just watching a movie together. But that can help them feel a little better.

What are the signs someone is having suicidal thoughts? 

When a person is having suicidal thoughts, there are some aspects to their behavior that will let other people know. For example, they can become more agitated, and irritable. Aside from that, their sleeping patterns can become even worse, and they can begin to have insomnia constantly.

When a person is thinking about ending their lives, they will also begin to say goodbye to their loved ones, and not only that, they can go as far as giving away their belongings.

Another clear sign someone is thinking about ending their lives is when they develop a curiosity for violent events on tv, and can even become more attentive to reports about death, and even suicide.

What are the types of depression?

Depression can happen in four forms. It can be mild, moderate, major, or persistent. The first one, as the name shows, presents itself with mild symptoms. Those will often go on for a short period, and one can cope with it by making some changes in their lifestyle.

In moderate depression, the person will begin to experience some difficulties in maintaining their life as it was, since the symptoms will be a little more intense, and can go on for longer. Still, to cope with moderate depression most people will often go to therapy, and in rare cases, they may need medication.

Major depression, which is also known as clinical depression, is a form of depression that can have a huge impact on a person’s life. The symptoms will be so severe that it can make the simplest activities, such as getting out of bed, impossible. 

Aside from the common symptoms of depression, major depression can also cause the person to have hallucinations, or even become delusional. To treat major depression people will need joint treatment with therapy, and medication. This is also the case for persistent depression. 

This form of depression can have a long episode that will go on for as long as 5 years. And during that period the person will experience swings of depressive symptoms, from mild to major depression.

Can only medication make my depression better? 

No, although medication is often important when treating some forms of depression, it is only one of the ways to get yourself treated. Medication will help in two ways: it will help restore the balance to any chemical imbalance your brain may be experiencing.

And it will also help relieve some of the depressive symptoms you may be going through. But since depression has an intense emotional role, and medication will hardly work on that, you must find a line of treatment that will focus on that area, such as therapy.

Does depression have a cure?

No, depression doesn’t have a cure. That is because it has a genetic factor to it, which won’t be changed even after the person goes through treatment. Aside from that, the person that has a history of depression will often have a higher chance of getting depressed once again.

Because of that, mental health professionals will often say that depression will go into remission. This means that, through treatment, the person has reached the moment in which they have better control of their emotions, they can regain their ability to experience joy, and their interest in things is back.

But because you are in remission, this means that you still should keep an eye on your mental health. Sticking to activities that you feel are positive for you, is a clear way to help you to prevent a future episode of depression.


This article showed how depression can make you feel like you are just waiting to die. It explained why this may happen, and what is the thing to keep an eye on when considering suicidal thoughts.

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