Depression is living in a body that fights to survive (+Understanding the quote)

This article will center on understanding the quote “Depression is living in a body that fights to survive, and a mind that tries to die”. It will explain what Major depression is, and how it can affect people. Aside from that, the article will show ways to cope with major depression.

“Depression is living in a body that fights to survive, and a mind that tries to die” 

Depression changes your life completely. It can make you see the world, people around you, and yourself completely differently. It changes what you expected from life, and the energy you have to pursue it.

Your mind will behave differently than before. On good days it will only make you want to stay quiet, but on bad ones, it can even lead you to thoughts of ending your own life. Learning how to not go on with those urges is the hardest thing. 

Living with suicidal thoughts, and a mind that thinks it would be better to just end everything can make it hard to find some hope. Many people may have tried to end their life before, and you may have as well. At some point, you may have learned to identify what is necessary to keep yourself safe when that is going on.

You may have learned that telling friends about how you feel, and asking to not be left alone, can be a way to keep you safe. You may also have realized that even though your mind is trying to die, some other part of you is struggling to stay alive. 

And that may be when you discover that your body may be trying, the best way it can to stay alive. Some people may start to be too active to avoid surrendering to negative thoughts. They can become anxious, and turn into people that are unable to relax.

Keeping active all the time, be it working, or doing anything else, can be a way to focus energy in life, instead of those negative ideas running through your mind. But some days your body may catch up on how your mind feels, and moving from that dark space seems impossible.

For people with depression, life may be in this constant tight rope. Trying to not surrender to all the negative thoughts and the negative self-perception, and spending so much of the little energy they have left to keep themselves alive.

When people have such a debilitating form of depression, it may be that they are going through a condition called major depression. This, one of the most severe forms of depression, can make it impossible for a person to live a normal life. Let’s understand a little more about this condition, and how to cope with it.

What is major depression? 

Major depression, also called clinical depression, is an intense manifestation of depression, characterized by a constant sense of hopelessness. It can make it harder for people to do things they used to do before. For a person with major depression, sometimes something as single as getting out of bed can be impossible.

There is no rule as to who will develop major depression. It can happen to people that have a family history of it, but also to people that don’t. And some people may have a single episode of it, while others may go through some episodes of major depression throughout their lives.

It usually causes the person to experience sadness most days, and it can be even more intense in the morning. Aside from the common symptoms of depression such as Anhedonia, isolation, fatigue, and even suicidal thoughts, major depression can even lead the person to experience hallucinations and become delusional.

Major depression, as with any other form of depression, may be related to a genetic predisposition, but also be the result of a traumatic experience, such as the loss of a loved one. Or an imbalance in the person’s brain.

What are ways to cope with major depression?

People with major depression may need to follow strict treatment. They will usually need medication, which will make it necessary for them to be accompanied by a psychiatrist. And with the medication, they may experience some relief from their symptoms.

But keep in mind that the process of finding the right medication can take some time. Your doctor may want to use more than one medication, and understanding how you will react to them, and if the side effects are too intense can take time. Know that this is all made as a way to improve how you feel.

And that is not the only course of treatment. It is also recommended that people with major depression submit themselves to therapy. It is only by talking with a mental health professional that they will develop a better understanding of their emotional condition. 

In that process, you may be able to understand your patterns, and how they may have influenced your depression. 

And to some people with whom the medication seems to not have its appropriate effect, there are other forms of treatment. Electroconvulsive therapy, which is also known as ECT, can be beneficial. In this form of treatment, an electrical wave will pass through your brain to adjust the chemical imbalance in it.

Other forms of treatment that may be used for people with depression, when they don’t respond well to medication, can be intranasal ketamine, or transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): “Depression is living in a body that fights to survive, and a mind that tries to die”  

What are forms of depression? 

Aside from major depression, depression can happen in mild, moderate, and persistent forms. The first one is usually the hardest one to diagnose because of how mild the symptoms are. It will go on only for a few weeks, and it gets better mostly with some lifestyle changes.

Aside from that, there is also moderate depression. In this form, the person begins to experience some impacts of depression in their life. The symptoms are more intense, and they can go on for longer. To treat moderate depression, people will usually go to therapy, and some may also need medication.

Persistent depression can go on for around 5 years. In this period, the person will swing from mild depressive moments to major depression. Because of this swing, the person must go to therapy, and even take medication.

Does depression have a cure?  

No, depression doesn’t have a cure. Instead of saying someone is cured, mental health professionals will usually say the person is in remission. That is because it is impossible to affirm someone will never get depressed in their life again.

But being in remission means they have gained back control of their emotions and can experience joy, and be interested in things again. And as you begin this experience, keep in mind that it is still important to care for your mental health as a way to prevent future relapses.

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Suicidal thoughts, also known as suicidal ideations are thoughts a person has about ending their own life. It can happen in two ways. The first, a more passive one, makes the person consider how it would be to kill themselves, but they have no concrete plan for it.

The second one, which is usually more dangerous, is a more active thought. It makes the person not only think about ending their lives but also plan it. They may start to think about how, where, and when they would do it.

And although it may be hard to find ways to help, know that when a person is having suicidal thoughts there are some signs they will give. The first one is that they may become more irritable, and agitated. Aside from that, their sleeping patterns will change even more, and they might begin to develop insomnia.

When considering suicide, the person will also begin to say goodbye to their loved ones, and may even start to give away their belongings. They can also develop a curiosity about violent events, death, and even suicide.

How can I help my friend who is depressed? 

If your friend is depressed, the first thing you can do is be close to them. Offer your support, and be open to talking. You may want to ask them how they are, and how their treatment has been. Try to not get in the problem-solving mode, but mostly let them talk about how they are feeling.

When a person is depressed, they know others may want to help, but it is something they need to cope with. So they will most likely just want to vent with you. Make yourself present, and offer help on practical things they might be having trouble with. 

For example, if they don’t have the energy to cook, you can show up and bring them some food. Or spending some time together to distract from the negative thoughts.

Should I break up with my boyfriend who is depressed?

It is hard to say if you should end it with your boyfriend because he is depressed. You should consider how he is, how this relationship is making you feel, and if he is actively in treatment, and is trying to get better.

If you feel your boyfriend’s depression is harming your mental health, ending the relationship may be something to consider. But first, you can try caring for your mental health as well. Try to understand that by having the appropriate support this relationship becomes better for you.

But always keep in mind that you shouldn’t stay in a relationship that is hurting you, just because the other person is asking you to. Although being supportive of your boyfriend is important, you should care for yourself first.

Another thing to pay attention to is how committed your boyfriend is to getting treatment. Depression will most likely only improve through it, and if he is not willing to get the treatment it may mean that he is deciding to stay like this.

And it is known that coping with depression is extremely hard. And people can have trouble finding the right treatment or even asking for help. But being able to know you need treatment is already a big step forward. Which may help you keep in mind that these hard times won’t last forever.


This article centered on understanding the quote “Depression is living in a body that fights to survive, and a mind that tries to die”. Aside from that, it explained what major depression is, and what are ways to cope with it.

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