73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

In this brief post, we have compiled a list of depression drawings which express the way most of us who suffer from depression feel. 

These depression drawings should encourage you to relate and understand that there are many other people out there who may also suffer from depression and have used depression drawings to express themselves. 

Below each depression drawing, we will briefly explain what we see.

If you have are an artist with depression drawings and you want to add your depression sketches to this list then please send in your suggestions.

If you are feeling depressed, there are various ways you can seek help to improve your mental wellbeing. Seeking help as early as possible is key to regaining control of your mental health.

Depression art drawings

depression drawings

Drawings about depression:  In this sad depression drawing, we see how depression can feel like a heart-wrenching pain wrapped inside another agonizing pain which never seems to end.

It is a thoughtful reminder of the gloom dark loop we could all face. 

This depression drawing was created by Sebastian Ebison.

depression drawings

Depression in drawings In this dark depression drawing we see the colours drain out of a young girl who is on her knees.

This signifies the loss of colour and soul so many people face when going through depression.

The author of this drawing depicting depression isn’t very clear.

More drawings expressing depression

depression drawings

In this depression pencil drawing, we see a skeleton with no flesh or insides.

This indicates the loss of one’s inner self when suffering through depression. At the same time, we also see the person hugging themselves.

This displays the self-care most depression sufferers go through. The author of this great depression drawing is listed as Huaneli.

depression drawings

This deep depression drawing shows a man creeping out from the shadow. It depicts what a lot of depression sufferers suffer.

The author of this drawing for depression is unknown.

More depression drawing images

depression drawings

A depression drawing with meaning: This depression drawing shows a young girl crying but something or someone, seemingly depression is shutting her lips and preventing her from speaking.

This is a common theme amongst depression sufferers. The author of this drawing that shows depression is unknown.

depression drawings

A simple depression drawing: This depressed girl drawing shows a sad girl lying down in an all too familiar position that most depression sufferers have likely seen.

The author of this cool depressing drawing is Shosho.

More pictures of depression drawings

depression drawings

This depressed drawing shows a girl cradled up next to the wall, sad, alone and crying.

We all know about this position. In her case, she is being comforted by her shadow who reaches out and grabs her from the wall.

The author of this aesthetic depression drawing is unknown.

depression drawings

Depression picture drawing: This depression pain drawing shows a man with a head full of clouds.

It depicts a situation most depression sufferers know too well. The author of this scary depressing drawing is unknown.

depression drawings

Having depression as a mental illness drawing: In this depression drawing we see a young girl who begins cutting off her har but we don’t see hair on the floor but rather we see petals and flowers.

The author of this meaningful depression drawing is unknown.

Depression cutting drawings

depression drawings

A drawing expressing depression:  In this depression drawing, we see a man who has been cut several places and several times.

The author of this drawing of hidden depression is Gemini designs.

depression drawings

Suicidal because of depression drawing: This depression drawing is the most graphic out of the collection we have curated.

It shows a person cutting themselves.

Suicidal drawings

In this section, we have compiled some suicidal drawings and elaborated on what we can see within them.

Suicidal drawing 1

This picture tells us how we try to pretend we are OK, just for everyone to believe it or to see how well we are doing.

However, admitting to ourselves we are not OK and how desperate we need help is a real struggle for many.

The truth many people don’t know is that we are allowed to have bad days, in fact, everyone has them but accepting it is the first step to coping and starting a process to feeling better.

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Suicidal drawing 2

This picture may tell us how we may never know the struggles of others or even our own struggles where if there is not a clear sign, other people wouldn’t even dare to ask something as simple as ‘How are you?’.

Some people are desperate for others to even ask them that question but it never seems to come and many people are very good at hiding what they are feeling that won’t come out unless we prompt to ask.

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Suicidal drawing 3

Clearly, with this picture, we can see this girl may have started with suicidal thoughts, planning, and finally committing suicide.

We could really ask ourselves, what was going on in her head, in her life that made her end it in such a sad and tragic way?

We may even avoid thinking about it but it is important to be sensitive on this topic that we have turned into taboo. 

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Suicidal drawing 4

In this picture, we can see one of the classic suicidal attempts by ingesting pills and having an overdose.

We could almost assume from it that she is either counting them or hesitating whether or not she should take them.

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Suicidal drawing 5

We all know how teen suicides are a sad, sensitive, and taboo topic our society tends to avoids talking about, just ignoring to see if it will go away or making people believe it doesn’t exist.

Here we see how there is a guy with a jacket that reads ‘Unimportant’ in the back, are we really going to remove the importance of talking about it when we could be saving the lives of many teenagers?

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Suicidal drawing 6

This picture shows the internal battle of someone that is suffering from depression.

Here it is depicted as a shadow figure, almost like a monster or the ‘boogie man’ who torments us until the point of not being able to take it no more.

Nevertheless, we should say how wrong is the figure because we do matter, we are important, even if we are not able to see it.

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Suicidal drawing 7

In this drawing, we can see how true it how we let our thoughts have this tremendous power over us that in the end even have the ability to kill us.

When we learn to analyze and leave our thoughts powerless, we are able to take back control over our lives.

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Suicidal drawing 8

In this drawing, we see someone who is ready to jump from a really tall building.

However, we could almost feel what that person is feeling such as looking down as seeing how everything seems so small, the emptiness, the void, wanting to get rid of the pain, and simultaneously feeling almost like flying, or being free from all of it.

We are sometimes so full of what is going on with our lives, that we avoid looking and paying attention to the people around us, how they could be suffering without us even knowing.

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Suicidal drawing 9

This picture shows someone who is self-inflicting pain, probably to try to get some relief from it.

For some people that is the only way they know but some don’t know or don’t want to ask for help on how to deal with pain in a more effective way, where they can follow a real healing process, not just a temporary relief.

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Suicidal drawing 10

This picture shows how someone is trying to reach out for help.

They may have been trying without success but they are still willing to get the support they need to recover, to get better.

Asking for help can be the most difficult thing to do because we may feel judged, ashamed, guilty but what we don’t know is how there are people out there willing to help us without making us feel even worse than how we are feeling already. 

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Anxiety and depression art drawings

Below you will find a collection of:

Depression drawings about suicidal thoughts

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Drawings that describe depression from Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Depression sad drawings and illustrations

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list) 

Depression quotes with drawings

These depression quotes and drawings best describe what depression feels like.

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Great depression drawings

These great depression drawings best describe the symptoms of depression. 

73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)
73 Depression drawings (Comprehensive list)

Depression drawings and wallpapers

This depression image portraits the main element of depression –  the depressive mood, sad, seemingly without reason, present most of the time.

In children and adolescents, this condition may be due to irritability rather than sadness.

The person suffering from depression feels sad, desperate, discouraged, powerless, “moodless.”

Depression can be manifested by a marked decrease in interest or pleasure in all or almost all activities.

All areas of activity may be affected. Some people report that they are no longer interested in hobbies, activities that they previously considered enjoyable, fun.

This depression wallpaper describes how depression takes the joy away.

This depression wallpaper shows how depressed people are forcing happy smiles, so just that others do not worry for them, or not to be judged.

They also withdraw socially and increasingly neglect the usual activities that were previously considered enjoyable. 

This depression wallpaper illustrated how depression makes you feel drained of energy.

Fatigue or lack of energy dominates the depressive ability to motivate himself – even the smallest tasks seem to require considerable effort.

Feelings of worthlessness, excessive or inadequate guilt develop, such as:

  • excessive guilt concerns about minor past events
  • excessive negative assessments of oneself.

Depressed people especially complain of memory or concentration problems even for light tasks, driven by diminished ability to think, concentrate or make decisions.

Changes in motor behaviour may also occur:  agitation or psychomotor slowness.

The agitation is manifested by the inability to sit quietly, calmly, walking back and forth, shaking hands, rubbing clothes, etc.

Psychomotor slowness is present in speech, thinking or body movements.

Negative thoughts of death or suicide occur frequently in depressed people and can only be transient ideas of 1-2 minutes to real plans for committing suicide.

Globally, about 1 million people commit suicide each year, and a significant percentage of them suffer from depression.

Moreover, for every person who commits suicide, there are 20 or more who have attempted suicide.

This wallpaper should encourage people getting treated for depression.

Depression can be cured and controlled with psychotherapy and, if necessary, drug treatment.

This depression wallpaper shows that depression lies to you.

You may feel like you are not enough like you do not put in enough effort or that you do not deserve to be well.

This is not true! Your life and your wellbeing matter, you DESERVE to be happy. 

Depression affects your body too, not only your mind. Among the physical symptoms of depression we can find:

  • Headaches
  • stomach ache
  • joint pain
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • excessive preoccupation with one’s own physical health
  • phobias
  • difficulties in intimate relationships
  • low libido
  • abuse of alcohol or other substances.

This depression wallpaper shows all the ugly and painful words that a depressed person tells themselves.

In some situations, treating depression (through therapy and medication) will only remove the mental symptoms of the disease.

Be sure to tell your doctor about all the symptoms you have, as they may need additional treatment.

Treatment for depression

In the case of mild or moderate depression, lifestyle changes may be sufficient to cope with the symptoms along with therapeutic counselling (psychotherapy).

Hospitalization may be necessary if there are signs such as thoughts or plans of self-harm or injury to another person.

Measures to reduce anxiety and depression

Reducing stressors and increasing the ability to deal with them (reducing working hours at work or refusing social obligations) can reduce anxiety.

Also, exercise, enough sleep (8 hours a night), better time management with extended relaxation periods help relieve anxiety. Among the measures to reduce depression:

Balanced diet. Diet is an important component of mental health and, according to studies, a diet based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, olive oil, skim milk and antioxidants is associated with a low risk of depression.

Avoiding alcohol consumption. Alcohol is considered a trigger for depression, alcohol consumption can worsen the symptoms of depression and, in some cases, can trigger it.

Performing regular exercise. Movement improves mood – there is evidence!

Restful sleep. Insomnia itself does not cause depression, but lack of sleep plays an important role in promoting depression.

Other measures that can be applied to reduce anxiety and depression are relaxation and meditation exercises, maintaining daily activities such as work, school, etc. and quitting smoking.

5 Depression Drawings With Deep Meaning

Here are 5 moving depression drawings with deep meaning.

These depression drawings with deep meaning are taken from a single artist who has been covered in depth in an article here, and all of them represent an aspect of depression that is not usually covered in illustrations and drawings.

This depression drawing for instance, has a deep meaning that refers to the kind of thought processes someone might experience when they are going through depression; the kind of thought process that can leave them feeling like they are just not able to sort through the jumble of confusion and fogginess in their mind.

The deep meaning of this depression drawing is shown in the fact that it shows a Rubik’s cube, which is a popular toy that is used to better one’s cognitive processes, but it is more complicated and harder to solve because here it has more faces and colors than the normal rubik’s cube.

This second depression drawing with deep meaning is by the same artist, and this one represents the depression one might experience when they are torn away from the person they love, and sometimes no matter how much we may love someone we drift away from them much like the two people in this picture.

The depression drawing with deep meaning shown above also has undertones of suicide, because it features wings and a halo, which are concepts often associated with death.

Suicide is a common symptom of severe depression and it is considered to be one of the leading causes of death in people suffering from depression, and it has been estimated that suicide is rapidly becoming one of the leading reasons for death in people all over the world.

This depression drawing with deep meaning is actually more hopeful than others, because it shows growth and development, and a prospect of recovery from depression.

It features a person who is dressed and colored in a way that would imply she is a part of the earth or even plant life, and she has a small yellow flower growing out of her hand.

Yellow is also considered to be a color that is associated with joy and happiness, and it is a color that is unlikely to be used too much by someone suffering from depression, which makes this depression drawing have an even deeper meaning.

This last depression drawing with deep meaning is something that represents the hidden aspects of depression, and how someone with depression might tell the world that they are okay but they may not actually feel that way on the inside. This phenomenon is sometimes also known as masked depression.

Depression Drawings: Step by Step, Easy to Follow

Art is a great way to express oneself, especially if they are not able to articulate well enough, and for that reason depression drawings explained step by step and that are easy to follow can be very useful for someone that wants to express how they are really feeling.

This tutorial for a depression drawing is step by step and easy to follow and it shows how to make a face that shows a depressed emotion, and which has cracks over the face, which are meant to indicate the feeling of not being at peace with oneself. 

It is also a great depression drawing tutorial because apart from being easy to follow and explained step by step, it also gives a good idea of how to make faces properly and how to sketch out the details of a head, which one can use in other depression drawings as well.

Another depression drawing in a step by step tutorial which is easy to follow can be found here, and this one is in the form of a video, and this user on youtube posts some other great, easy to follow step by step procedures to make beautiful and moving depression drawings, and one might also learn appropriate shading techniques and how to make proportionate figures.


These depression and anxiety drawings are here for you to relate to them and understand that there are so many people out there who are going through depression as well.

If you are suffering from anxiety or loneliness then these drawings of depression and anxiety may be somewhat relatable too.

If you are under 18 and are suffering from depression then you may want to seek help from CAMHS which help young kids deal with their mental wellness concerns.

If you are unsure how to get started with CAMHS then you may want to view the CAMHS referral criteria.

There is help out there for depression. You can read more about depression from the NHS.

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