Depression chat rooms (List)

9 Depression chat rooms for Help and Support 

In this brief guide, we are going to discuss Depression and some Depression Chat Rooms that offer support and help.

Depression chat rooms: Can they help

Depression chat rooms are online groups where people with mental health issues can talk about their problems and help each other out.

They usually don’t contain any professionals, so the information from these chat rooms must be received carefully.

There are many ways to seek information and help online these days, and chat rooms are a great way to seek support from like-minded individuals who are going through the same problems.

In fact, it may actually connect you to more people than you might ordinarily meet through normal channels.

In addition to chat rooms for depression, one can also try tele-counseling, online therapy, support group forums, and messaging apps or social media groups.

Am I depressed?

Signs of depression include sadness that is prolonged and pervasive, hopelessness, low self-worth or self-esteem, restlessness or lethargy, frustration and lack of motivation.

Someone with depression may lack the energy to do the things that once brought them great pleasure or even want to just stay in bed some days.

One may perhaps even feel physical pain unexplained by any medical causes or isolated and lonely.

Depression can occur without any reason, totally unprompted, or it may perhaps come about due to a chemical imbalance, traumatic life event like the loss of a loved one or a natural disaster, or postpartum.

Depression Chatroom Rules

Depression chat rooms usually do not have any particular rules, they just require the basic rules of any social media groups.

These Chat rooms usually have moderators and people who take care of problematic behavior from participants or mediate any fights or arguments that may break out.

They may have the usual rules like no abusive language or anything that incites violence or self-harm or threatening language of any kind.

Additionally, they may also ask the participants to sign-in or be a part of the organization or the group, in order to provide easy access and also maintain confidentiality.

If You Are Suicidal

Depression chat rooms can help with Mild depression or day to day mental health issues, but if you are feeling suicidal and you think you might hurt yourself, it would be better to go to a relevant source of support rather than a chat room.

Depression chat rooms are for non-crisis situations, and for dangerous situations like self-destruction, you need to contact self-destruction prevention helplines, call 111 or talk to your therapist.

More mental health resources are given below:

Childline – for children and young people under 19

Call 0800 1111 – the number will not show up on your phone bill

Papyrus – For anyone under 35

Call 0800 068 41 41 – Monday to Friday 9 am to 10 pm, weekends and bank holidays 2 pm to 10 pm

Text: 07860 039967


Samaritans – For anyone that needs help

Call 116 123


In addition to these, one can also reach the NHS

Is your life in danger?

If you have harmed yourself or attempted self-destruction, please call 999 for an ambulance or go to A&E. Alternatively, you can call someone you trust and ask them to take you to A&E.

Please do not hesitate from seeking help.

Common Depression chat rooms

Below are some common depression chat rooms and their information.

Depression chat

Depression Chat Rooms from seeks to connect someone who has problems such as depression or anxiety.

They are also good for people with other disorders such as bipolar disorder and eating disorders.

This is a great option for people who may not have a lot of resources as it is independent, nonprofit, and free.

The chat rooms on this site are moderated by volunteers who keep a lookout for any unlawful or vicious behavior and the participants are required to follow some basic site rules.

Talk with stranger

This is another great chatroom for people in non-crisis situations to talk to like-minded people and share their problems and seek support.

They connect individuals from everywhere to each other and offer various different kinds of chat rooms according to what the person is looking for.

TalkWithStranger is the best online chatting website to chat with strangers & meet a wide variety of new people online.

They offer a variety of rooms like random chats, global chatting, public chat rooms forum, and Voice Chat.

They also have some very entertaining things on the website to keep people engaged even when they don’t feel like talking to another person.

One can find jokes, fun facts, stories, etc on their web page if they don’t feel like engaging in a conversation.

These chat rooms are free and no log in or sign up is needed, which is another great thing if you are someone with little resources.

With chat rooms like this one though you need to beware of predatory behavior however as some antisocial elements may lurk in such places as well. In addition, someone using these chat rooms must also try to ensure their privacy and not give out important details about themselves.

Healthful Chat

Although HealthfulChat harbors the ideology that a support group works wonders to help someone with depression or other mental health issues to begin their journey away from the dark times and move happily towards wellness.

HealthfulChat is primarily a chatroom for depression but it also covers other neurotic illnesses and provides social support to people from all walks of life

They are a dedicated service seeking to help the vast population that suffers from depression or other mental health problems such as anxiety or stress, by offering the support of the peers and creating a network.

One can find a Depression Chat Room, depression forums, and a depression social network, which is a good variety of platforms.

If someone does not want to actively engage in a conversation but just browse and read the experiences of people who are going through the same thing.

Yes I chat

Yes I chat boasts a registration-free service where one can just go onto the platform, find a relevant forum, and start talking.

Even better, they have specifically mobile-friendly chat rooms which is a great benefit for people who are on the move.

You will also not be asked to provide any information like an email address. any personal data.

A click is all it takes to chat with random strangers who might be having similar problems and might lend a supportive ear.

There is also no payment of any kind involved on the website and it has very simple features that anyone can easily follow.

Another cool feature of this chatroom is that people can share images and videos in the chat rooms, which makes it really fun to talk to people.

People can also use this forum to talk to their mates from all over the world, they don’t necessarily have to talk to strangers.

7 cups of tea

7 cups of tea is one of the best online depression chat rooms for people around the world and of all ages.

This forum offers everything, professional help, depression chat rooms, Depression forums and Depression support groups.

They have paid service as well as free groups people can join.

People can choose from various types of forums, for example, “What is depression?”, and “What does depression feel like?”.

Another great one is  “How do I know if I’m depressed or if I’m just sad?”. This is great considering how many people have doubts about their own mental state.

This forum can clear up a lot of doubts for someone who is not sure if they need professional help or not.

Chatzy Therapy

Chatzy Therapy is a depression chat room as well as a support group platform that is aimed at helping teenagers as well as adults suffering from depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and other kinds of mental illness.

One can vent their problems in this forum without fear of being judged or insulted and it provides a safe space in a casual environment, to like minded people who are willing to listen.

This is a 24×7 service that provides a peer network to people who are suffering from mental health problems or even just to people who are stressed out due to studies or work or feeling lonely or bored.

Registration is free and incredibly easy and does not require email or sign in and so on.

One simply needs to read the chat rules before one joins, and if there are any problems from any of the other members, one can request a ban in accordance with the rules.

 They have a separate mobile version is well, for convenience, and the link to that can also be found on the main website.

If anyone has a question regarding the depression chat rooms they can also email the website creator at the email address provided on the website and they can get more clarity.


Campaign Against Living Miserably (Calm)


Calm is another great website and they have various ways of providing help.

They have a helpline number as well that one can reach if they feel their situation is more dire than just needing an online chat consultation.

They also have the option of Web Chat, however, they only offer it within the UK.

They have other sources in a partnership however, like, a volunteer group that seeks to help people with mental health issues all around the world.

Befrienders also have a mobile app that is available for convenience.

Depression sanctuary is another great and established forum for people suffering from mild to moderate levels of depression.

They have forums as well as chat rooms, and also list numbers one can call in case their situation is bad, and they are feeling suicidal or have tendencies to self-harm.

People are required to make an account, however, the process is very simple and completely anonymous, so there is no risk of invasion of privacy.

They also have an extremely helpful friendly staff that has a question and answer section.

People are encouraged to ask all sorts of questions without being afraid that it might be and members too big or too small, or questions they may be too embarrassed to ask in general.

They also publish engaging and interesting articles of very good quality that one can refer to for any mental health concerns they have.

In the articles they publish they talk about mental health resources, news and all sorts of other information related to mental health issues.

Mental Health Anonymous

Another great website that offers a variety of great chat rooms aimed at helping people suffering from depression.

They are very focused on anonymity and they ensure complete privacy for anyone that joins their chat rooms.

The chatroom does not allow the moderators to access any private or confidential information of the members.

Email addresses are not required, no real names are used,  and the user remains as anonymous as they want to be.

Users still have a membership-based account and the presence of ‘guest’ users is not allowed.

Any new user’s email address is encrypted to ensure safety by a third party company when they provide the email at the time of creating the account.

They also boast of a discreet design that does not look like an obvious chatroom which is great for shared computers or people who may be in crowded places.


In this brief guide, we discussed Depression and some Depression chat rooms that offer support and help.

Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions or give any comments.

FAQ: Depression chat rooms

Are chat rooms dangerous?

The dangers of Chat rooms is more about how addictive they can be.
They can disrupt someone’s academic life or work life. They can also push someone into being more aloof and isolated.
Eventually, people using chat rooms too much may get too detached from the real world

What percentage of students have symptoms of depression?

Up to 20 percent of teens will experience depression as they reach adulthood, according to Statistical data.
Furthermore, 10 to 15 percent of teenagers have symptoms of mild depression at any time.
Depression Puts young people and children at Risk due to academic pressures and other societal issues.
Depression left untreated can be blamed as one of the leading causes of self-destruction. Teen depression is a common problem.

Does homework cause depression?

Homework alone does not cause depression, but in extremely high quantities it can pressure the students too much.
Also, combined with a reduction in students’ physical activity, it may put them at risk o\for obesity and other health-related issues.
Moreover, too much homework can put undue pressure on students, giving way to depression and anxiety.

How may chat rooms harm you?

Chat rooms can harm you by allowing people to infect your device with destructive data or malware.
Chat room users might also try to convince you to run a program that might install malicious programs on your system, putting your privacy at risk.
Another thing to remember is that these are not mental health professionals, so any advice they provide should always be run against more trusted and wise sources.

What are the disadvantages of chatting?

One main disadvantage of Chatting on the internet is that it can be quite time-consuming.
Especially if someone gets too caught up in the conversation, they might start to ignore other important work.
Other disadvantages include the risk of malware, privacy concerns, and predatory behavior of strangers.