19 most depressing bands?

This article will center around showing what are the 20 most depressive bands. The article will discuss those bands, and why they are considered depressive.

What are the 19 most depressing bands? 

Many bands have been writing songs about depression. They have been writing intensely about their feelings, exposing how depression has impacted their lives and the creative process of the band. Here are 25 of the most depressing bands.


The British band, formed in 1985, is famous for writing songs with deep emotional context. The lead singer of the band, Thom York has also been vocal about how he has battled depression. Songs like “Nude which”, go on like this: “Don’t get any big ideas/ They’re not gonna happen” clearly show the hopelessness of depression.

Alice in chains

The American rock band, formed in 1987, has many depressing songs as part of its repertoire. A few of the most known ones are “No Excuses”, “Jar of Flies”, “Nutshell”, and “Rotten Apple”.


Nirvana, formed in Washington in 1987, became one of the grunge bands that was the face of the movement in the 1990s. Their songs usually showed a lot of angst, and despair in their songs. 

The lead singer of the band Kurt Cobain ended his life in 1994. Their album “In Utero” made a mark as a depressing album. Another song of theirs that seems depressing is one called “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die”.

Pink Floyd 

Pink Floyd is a progressive rock band that was formed in London in 1965. The band members themselves had profound struggles with mental illness, being that many of them experienced depression. The most famous work from the band “The Wall”  talks about a man and his path through life as he deals with depression.


Soundgarden, another band that was part of the 1990s grunge scene, was also formed in Washington in 1984. Their lead singer, Chris Cornell ended his life in May of 2017. In the same way as other grunge bands, their songs centered around hopelessness, and the despair the youth of that period felt.

Joy Division 

Joy Division, a band formed in Manchester in 1976, came as a result of the punk movement. The lead singer of the band, Ian Curtis, had a condition called epilepsy, but also struggled with mental illness. 

He wrote most of the band’s songs, and they frequently showed his dark mood. The lead singer ended his life right before the first tour the band would do in the United States. Some of the saddest songs of the band are “Atmosphere”, “Heart and Soul”, and “Atrocity Exhibition”. 

Nine Inch Nails 

The lead singer of Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, has come forth many times about his depression. The band was formed in 1988, in Ohio. And in the middle of the 1990s, they released the album “Downward Spiral” which depicted the depressive condition Trent Reznor was in, and how it led him to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Pearl Jam 

Pearl Jam was another of the famous Washington grunge bands. It was formed in 1990. A lot of their songs such as “Black”, and “Jeremy” have been said to have a trace of depression in them.

Linkin Park 

Linkin Park wrote many songs about depression, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and loneliness. The band was formed in California, in 1996. The band, especially one of its lead singers, Chester Bennington, was always open about mental health, and the struggle with depression. 

But even though it was public knowledge, Chester Benington ended his life in July 2017. What lived on was songs like “Numb”, and “Somewhere I Belong”.


Evanescence is an American rock band that was formed in Arkansas in 1995. Songs like “My Immortal” have touched people deeply and led people with depression to relate to the band’s work.

Lana del Rey 

Lana del Rey, an American singer, has written extremely deep songs that always have a melancholic aura, which can relate to depression deeply. Her romantic songs that express so much sadness are often praised. “Pieces of Me” is one of her most depressing songs.

Elliott Smith 

Elliott Smith was a singer and songwriter that battled with depression and suicidal thoughts most of his life. He ended up killing himself, after some previous attempts. He wrote deep, emotional songs, which showed in a poetry manner the suffering he was in. Songs like “Angeles”, and “Miss Misery” show his deep, raw emotions.


Although she made a name for herself with her experimental songs, Björk also has many dark songs. She even made a movie that inspires intense sadness in people that watch it. Some of her saddest songs are “I’ve Seen It All”, and “Unravel”.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 

This band, and its lead singer, Nick Cave have many sultring, intense songs. Some of the most depressive songs in their repertoire are: “Your Funeral, My Trial”, “Push The Sky Away”, and “People Ain’t No Good”


The Trip-hop band has some intense profound songs. Some of the most depressing ones are “Roads”, “The Rip”, and “Glory Box”.

The Smiths 

The Smiths have many depressing songs, and their lead singer Morrissey has been open about his battle with depression for many years. He has stated that he even did therapy and took medication for a long time in his life. 

He has also stated that he understands that depression will always be a part of his life. The Smiths most depressive songs are “I Know It’s Over”, “Death of a Disco Dancer”, and “Never Had No One Ever”.

Smashing Pumpkins 

Smashing Pumpkins is known for its melancholy-filled songs. Their lead singer, Billy Corgan, has stated to have been depressed for a period in his life, and that he even had suicidal thoughts. 

He said that one of the band’s most famous songs, “Today” was a reference to that moment in his life. Other of their depressive songs are “To Sheila”, and “Try, Try, Try”.

The Cure 

Although they have had moments of exuberance, many of their songs are extremely dark. Some of their most depressing songs are “One Hundred Years”, “Cold”, and “Love Song”.

Stone Temple Pilots 

The band formed in San Diego in 1989, usually shows a huge sense of emptiness in their songs. This happens even in the most upbeat songs of the band.

Bon Iver

The mellow beat of Bon Iver’s songs and its haunting lyrics make it impossible for one to not consider depression as a background. Some of the most depressive songs are: “Perth”, “Holocene”, and “Calgary”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the 20 most depressive bands?

What do the most listen to the genre when someone is depressed?

The most commonly listened-to music genre by people that are depressed is rock music. After that, people will mostly listen to alternative music, pop, and hip hop. The music genres that people with depression listen to less are blues, in the same way as electronic, R&B/soul, and classical music.

This seems to lead to the belief that people with depression would normally prefer to turn to more agitated music, rather than more calm and melancholic music when looking to improve their mood.

What are albums that can make a person cry? 

The five most known albums that can make a person cry are Lana del Rey and Born to Die. She talks about feeling alone, mortality, and the difficulties of love. It is an easy album for the listener to relate to. 

Freudian by Daniel Caesar is also an album that can easily bring people to tears as it brings the desire he feels for love. Kid Cudi’s album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager is also an emotional album as it descends on his drug problems and seclusion.

And finally Blonde by Frank Ocean clearly shows his emotional vulnerability. In this album he talks about depression, isolation, and failed relationships, that can easily bring anyone to shed a lot of tears.

What are some comforting songs? 

If you are not feeling good about yourself, there are many comforting songs you can listen to that will help you for sure. One of them is “Carry you” by Ruelle. In this song, the singer tells that she knows you might be in pain, but that you are not alone.

The song by Cigarettes after Sex called “Nothings Gonna Hurt You Baby” can lead you to feel comforted at the possibility of feeling protected, if not by others, by yourself. “Fix you” by Coldplay will also shed light that there will be more to life than the troubling times.

Selena Gomez sings the beautiful “The Heart Wants What It Wants” that lets you know that even if it doesn’t seem right, sometimes you just need that person close, and it is okay.

What are sounds that can help me calm down? 

If you feel too agitated or stressed, some sounds will help you calm down. A clock ticking can help you center yourself again, the same way that listening to other people talking, be it in a podcast, on an audiobook, on a radio, or even on tv. 

They will help you distract yourself and focus on something else in the same way as mindfulness apps, music, and nature sounds, which can have a soothing impact on you. 

Hearing the voice of someone you love will also have a positive effect on your emotions. Even hearing them whispering can help you calm yourself because their voice will be a lot softer.

Is it safe to listen to music?

Yes, not only is it safe to listen to music as you sleep, but music can even help you fall asleep. What you need to take into consideration is what type of music you choose to listen to while you try to sleep. 

Try to listen to a soothing song. The most helpful one is classical music. But if you don’t like it, try to find another type of music that doesn’t have any words. Another matter you should take under consideration is how you will listen to music while in bed.

Try to avoid wearing earbuds, since they may not only be uncomfortable but can also hurt your ear canal. The best way to listen to music when you are going to sleep is by using pillow speakers.


This article centered on what are the 20 most depressive bands in the world and why. For that, the article showed a little about each band’s background.

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