Depressed superheroes (A 5+list)

In this article, we will come up with a list of depressed superheroes and then look at their states of depression one after the other.

List of depressed superheroes 

  • Batman 
  • Daredevil 
  • Hank Pym
  • Wolverine 
  • The Incredible Hulk 
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Spiderman
  • Deadpool
  • Captain America

When we turn to the Marvel or DC, we look at the bravery and the courage of our favourite superheroes. We start to believe that they are the warriors who will save us from the world of destruction and darkness. 

However, we seem to forget that behind every superhero, every ounce of their strength lies a deep dark secret that has messed with their mental health to a great extent. Superheroes are not always happy-to-go-lucky all day. They have their own fears and remorse that they would mourn in the darkest hours. 

Here, we have a list of superheroes who have undergone the experience of depression. 


The Dark Knight, the person who is known to save Gotham City from the criminals and the darkness, is supposedly fallen into darkness himself. At a very young age, Batman lost both his parents. Since then he had decided that he would fight the city’s most horrifying criminal and bring back a ray of light to it. However, with his noble idea, he was also depressed. He was left with his life all alone, with all the wealth of his father. Bruce Wayne was the wealthiest man known to the people of Gotham.

As a boy, he experienced difficulty in sleeping and suffered from nightmares. He also showed various behavioral changes such as self-harm, suicidal thoughts, self-guilt in relation to his parent’s death. His only friend was loneliness. Batman was known to bury himself in his work. During the daytime, he was the owner of the Wayne Enterprises and at night he was the savior of Gotham City as Batman. His depression looks completely different. Even after experiencing a sense of hopelessness, he does not confine himself to his bed, rather he goes out to fight the world filled with crime. He is what we call a high functioning depressive, with persistent depressive disorder. Later in his years, his depression worsened with the death of the adopted son Jason Todd, by Joker. 


When we talk about suffering there is no escape for daredevil. Matt Mudrock turns into Daredevil after his father was murdered by gangsters. Few years before this incident, Matt was also blinded during saving a pedestrian from radioactive material. It is no doubt that he has seen the most loss in his career of crime-fighting. His love interest Karen Page became a heroin addict and sold his idenity to a thug. Even after this, she killed by Bullseye. In addition to this, his mother suffered from post[artum depression, which reached a state that leads to the death of Matt, almost. Having a history of mental illness and such environmental tragedies, have certainly taken a toll on Matt’s mental health and lead to depression. He’s had everything he’s worked for torn away and had his soul twisted into the image of what he hates. Matt has had to bear the guilt of how those in his life have suffered in the wake of his own self-imposed purgatory, as the consequences of his choices spill over onto them.

It ought to be nothing unexpected at that point to discover that Matt Murdock has endured extreme, long haul episodes of depression throughout his career. With the sheer assurance and the assistance of his companions, Matt can push through this dimness. His depression has in any case returned a few times in his long career.

Hank Pym 

Pym was liable for the disclosure of appropriately named “Pym” particles, a little issue that permitted him to reduce to bug size. Soon after bridling the force of Pym Particles and the ability to converse with ants utilizing a protective cap, Pym gets and groups together with Janet Van Dyne, who becomes Wasp. Janet and Hank helped found the Avengers.

Even with his many accomplishments, Hank Pym has always suffered from deep-seated feelings of worthlessness, and an immense lack of self-esteem. Due to this, he left insufficient in front of the other heroes like Thor and Iron Man. In regards to this, he took the Giant-Man persona. 

However, being perfect is a myth, and Ahnk certainly wasn’t it. Known for his unpredictability, Hank struggles to remain calm. At one time he even hit his better half, Janet. This is because of Hank’s dysfunctional behaviour, bipolar disorder. Throughout his life, Pym has grappled with mental breakdowns, bipolar disorder, depression and dissociative identity disorder. For the same reasons he was outcasted from the Avengers and from then on has been working to look great in the eyes of the team. 


James Howlett, the almost wild murdering machine known as Wolverine, has driven the existence of activity and experience not many individuals might like to match. While Logan has been instrumental in saving lives, the world, and even the universe a larger number of times than can without much of a stretch be tallied, he’s additionally known the profundities of hopelessness and agony. Secure in the information that his freak recuperating variable can endure even the most offensive of wounds, the man has gotten personally familiar with torment. 

From being tormented brutally during his days in the Weapon X program to seeing the incredible loves of his life killed or at times more awful only for knowing him, Logan has strolled inseparably with physical and enthusiastic misery for the greater part of his unnaturally long life. To exacerbate the situation, Howlett battles continually with hyper-forceful urges that are in every case scarcely kept under tight restraints. This inner battle with his own savage nature shapes the core of Wolverine’s diligent clashes; he needs to be a superior man, however, continues to miss out on his own ruthlessly brutal motivations.

The Incredible Hulk 

The Incredible Hulk was the alter ego of a well known and brilliant scientist Bruce Baner. Baner became the hulk by accidentally facing gamma radiation while saving a boy in the middle of a bombing. For starters, his entire process was torture to the body. In addition, this psyche was highly disturbed keeping in mind the childhood trauma faced by Baner. Like other superheroes, his psyche was fractured more, after he lost the love of his life who was blown in a spaceship explosion. 

Hulk at the end of The Avengers says that I am always angry, a sign of his unresolved trauma. He is also diagnosed with the intermittent explosive disorder. Due to this disorder, he is unable to control his anger and rage. Due to this creature that he turns into as a result of anger and stress he has been hunted and vilified his entire life. 

Exiled from the planet Earth itself, yet the realm he cut for himself on the planet Sakaar is wrecked, and the affection he found finally is mercilessly torn away from him. He accuses the individuals from the Illuminati – Tony Stark, Black Bolt, and Doctor Strange, who all cast a ballot to oust him – for the torment and enduring he’s persevered. At the point when the Hulk re-visitations of Earth, it isn’t as a tormented, splendid researcher, yet as a vindictive, near relentless vanquisher.

Scarlet Witch

Perhaps the most sensible portrayals of psychological wellness can be found in the existence of the Scarlet Witch. Wanda Maximoff spent her early stages attempting to make a presence that wasn’t characterized by others. In her most punctual appearances, she was demonstrated to be in the shadow of her sibling Quicksilver and controlled by miscreants like Magneto. 

Wanda’s sensations of deficiency reached a crucial stage in House of M, where she endured a maniacal break and cleared out a huge level of the mutated populace. Wanda spent quite a while feeling remorseful for her errors, which exacerbated her depression and anxiety.

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Peter Parker has been a saint since he was a young person, the consequence of a disastrously excruciating exercise about force and duty. Since the avoidable demise of his darling Uncle Ben, Parker has devoted his life, and the stunning force he holds as the Amazing Spider-Man, to battle wrongdoing any place he discovers it. Spiderman’s obligation to securing regular folks and engaging the scoundrels that undermine them has cost him beyond all doubt. 

Notwithstanding never having pardoned himself for having released the criminal who proceeded to kill his uncle, Peter has consistently been eager to put others over himself and even his friends and family. This has prompted the breakdown of his own life, and the agony and enduring of those nearest to him. Frequently, it hasn’t been Peter himself who has been made to take care of his standards, however his family, his companions, and even his significant other. 

In the One More Day story circular segment, Parker forfeits his union with Mary Jane Watson in return for Mephisto saving his Aunt May. In Amazing Spider-Man, Peter and Mary Jane consent to relinquish their adoration, and the child they would have had, to save May’s life, consenting to proceed onward in a changed existence where their marriage won’t ever happen.


In the 2016 version of the film Deadpool, he is a one-time unique powers usable functioning as a hired fighter who discovers love, just to be determined to have terminal cancer before long. Edgy to fix his ailment, Wilson submits to a program that ruins him and on the page, practically cracks his personality. Distorted and alone, Deadpool turns into a vigilante driven by vengeance.

Captain America

Another superhero, Captain America the most famous kid for America could likewise be a poster kid for depression. He is an officer who was frozen in the ice after World War II. At the point when he arose, his life changed significantly. His loved ones were no more. Managing all the passing and lost time changes how you see life and makes it difficult to push ahead. 

After having faced such a scenario, the Captain has constantly lived in the fear of losing more of his friends and loved ones. Anything he faces in recent times is a reminder of what he could have been. 

Superheroes are not superheroes without any tragedy. If we look at it, they have all faced sometime or the other that has driven them to this path in one way or the other. No superhero is free of dark times. Look at Superman, the man of steel is known to have Two World syndrome, where he had to leave his original world and could never fit into the new one. Moreover, others have different kinds of mental disorders that they have been fighting while serving their nation/ cities. I order to be extraordinary, you also have to face certain hardships. 


In this article, we have come up with a list of depressed superheroes and then looked at their states of depression one after the other.

Also in anime there are main characters with depression.

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