List of Decatastrophizing Worksheets (5+ Amazing Options)

This page provides you with decatastrophizing worksheets.

Some of these worksheets are made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third party websites, after reviewing relevant content from numerous websites.

These decatastrophizing worksheets aim to train individuals the ways by which catastrophizing events can be dealt.

Decatastrophizing worksheets are based on cognitive restructuring techniques and enables an individual to resolve their issues by changing their cognitions.

Decatastrophizing worksheet- Cognitive Restructuring 

A catastrophe is a trauma or a tragedy.

Decatastrophizing is referred to as a cognitive restructuring technique that aims to mollify the effects of negative thoughts emerging as a result of an unpleasant event, by reshaping the cognitions of an individual.

It is the thought pattern of an individual which affects an individual more than just the event does.

Therefore it is necessary to reshape the cognitions to prevent our thoughts from worsening the situation. 

Decatastrophizing Worksheet- Visualizing the Worst to Experience the Best 

Ups and downs are a part of life. If life was smooth, we could not experience the true happiness of all the good that happened to us.

We can not escape from the bad times but we can face them with our full preparation by visualizing them before the real event happens.

Visualizing the worst can help an individual to prepare himself for the real happening by learning specific coping skills and strategies.

For example if an individual knows he will lose his job in a month because his contract is ending, he will visualize how his life will be affected after the job ends.

This will cause anxiety in him and he will start applying for other jobs before the present job ends, so he could find the next job soon.

Decatastrophizing Worksheet- Reshaping Cognitions 

Difficult times are unpleasant and uncomfortable but we can not avoid them. Our thoughts about a certain event changes our perceptions and leaves either a positive or negative impact on our lives.

Negative and irrational thinking can worsen the situation and make an individual hopeless.

On its contrary, positive thoughts and pre planning can help an individual in facing the situation with courage.

Therefore it is essential to identify your thought pattern and restructure your irrational and negative thoughts.

Decatastrophizing Worksheet- Decatastrophizing

The word “decatastrophizing” is derived from the word “catastrophizing”, a type of cognitive distortion in which an individual thinks the worst of a specific situation.

Decatastrophizing is a cognitive restructuring technique by which unreasonable, illogical cognitions of an individual are rationalized.

The worksheet “decatastrophizing” is a great resource for challenging the irrational thoughts of an individual.

The worksheets allows an individual to imagine the worst of a situation and the worst thing it could do to him.

Then he is asked about how long could the event affect you.

In this way the individual is prepared for the upcoming event and allowed to brainstorm various ways by which he could cope with the situation if it really did happen.

his worksheet can be downloaded in pdf form through the link: 

Decatastrophizing Worksheet- Cognitive Restructuring- Decatastrophizing 

It is completely fine to think about the bad side of a situation as it can prepare an individual for the upcoming event but unnecessary thinking or in other words catastrophizing can lead to adverse results.

It can affect one’s mental health and can make the situation even worse.

Therefore it is essential to decatastrophize the catastrophizing thoughts but questioning yourself about their chances for the occurrence of the worst and thinking about what you can do to manage the  situation.

Decatastrophizing worksheet is a worksheet based on cognitive restructuring.

It aims to aid individuals in thinking the worst of a situation to deal with its unpleasant effects.

It helps an individual to look for the bright side of the event by rationalizing his cognitions.

It can be downloaded from the site psychpoint through this link:

Decatastrophizing Worksheet- Decatastrophizing Events

Confronting the worst case scenarios is one of the best ways to decatastrophize.

When an individual visualizes the event himself, he comes across many hidden realities behind that event.

Imagining the worst of an event can give an insight to the individual that worse of the event may not necessarily be the worst.

It is not supposed to do that much harm as the individual is thinking. 

The worksheet “decatastrophizing events | confronting worst case scenarios” allows an individual to think of the chances of outcomes ranging from worst to best.

Then he is directed to think of the ways he could cope with the worst case scenario.

This worksheet enables an individual to compare his thoughts on the worst of a situation and his abilities to cope with the event successfully. 

 It can be downloaded from the site “mental health printables” for free.

Decatastrophizing Worksheet- Dysfunctional Analysis

The site presents to the people, the dysfunctional analysis.

The dysfunctional analysis gives a detailed recount on dysfunctional thinking.

It consists of 10 pages and briefly explains each topic with the selection of best and most appropriate words. 

This worksheet explains how automatic thoughts and distorted thinking patterns emerge.

Then it explains the features of dysfunctional assumptions.

Some of these characteristics include evidence less assumptions which are over-generalized, involves extreme emotions and irrational.

The characteristics are followed by the themes for dysfunctional thinking in which achievement, acceptance and control are included.

These irrational thinking patterns are most common in people and can be identified with the help of this worksheet.

Then at the last, the worksheet suggests some techniques by which people can decatastrophize.

The downward arrow technique is a kind of technique in which irrational thoughts are questioned in downward direction till the point when the individual himself runs out of any justification.

Some other ways for challenging the irrational, dysfunctional thoughts are also mentioned in the worksheet.

As a whole, this worksheet is a great source for understanding the concept of dysfunctional thinking and how they emerge.

It also informs people about new techniques for challenging dysfunctional thoughts.  

The worksheet is available on the site and can be downloaded in the form of pdf through the Psycho Delights website. 

This page displays decatastrophizing worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were made by us while some of them were curated from reputable third party websites, after reviewing relevant content from various sites.

These decatastrophizing worksheets aim to help people identify their catastrophizing thoughts and trains them how to decatastrophize those thoughts or feelings by various ways including cognitive restructuring, decatastrophizing technique, confronting the worst of a situation, backward questioning and so forth.

These resources can be used by people experiencing anxiety issues, stress related issues, relationship issues or even personality related issues such as body objectification, body shame and so on.

These worksheets aid individuals in getting relief from the uncomfortable feeling caused by catastrophic thinking patterns.

If you have any questions or queries about these worksheets, you can convey them through your comments, we will be glad to assist you.

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