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The word ‘dearman’ is an acronym used by dialectical behavioral therapy for mentioning the steps required to say ‘No’ to others.

Dearman worksheets help individuals to say ‘No’ to others assertively.

These worksheets are helpful for those who find it difficult to refuse others for their work because they feel guilty if they do so.

Dearman Worksheet- Communicating Effectively 

The acronym dearman stands for Describes, Assertive, Express, Reinforce – Mindful, Assertive and Negotiate.

This acronym is used in dialectical behavioral therapy for improving communication.

For example if an individual is asked to do somebody’s work, despite his own workload, he fails to refuse, thinking he might be guilty for not helping the other person or may fail to describe his own busy schedule.

The acronym ‘dearman’ trains an individual ways to communicate effectively with the other person.

Dearman Worksheet- Being Assertive 

The acronym ‘dearman’ helps an individual to communicate effectively with others. Being assertive is one among the components of dearman.

Assertiveness helps an individual communicate his needs and also makes sure the other person’s rights are not violated.

Assertive communication is the best communication style that ensures one’s opinion, needs or wishes are communicated to others efficiently.

Dearman Worksheet- Tracking Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills Use

To enhance our psychological skills for describing or expressing things, we take help from Dearman which is a sub skill of the DBT( Dialectical behavior therapy) .

Dearman assists us in tracking interpersonal effectiveness skills used in prompting events for our problem, setting up our priorities and sorting out the imbalances and conflicts in the priorities. 

The following worksheet allows us to take assistance from dearman to solve the problems that arise while tracking interpersonal effectiveness.

To access the above mentioned content, the following is the link.

 Dearman Worksheet- Clarifying Priorities in Interpersonal Situation 

We all give respect to our own priorities as they help us track our goals and benefits.

To let others know about our priorities, we need dearman as an assistance tool in clarifying our priorities in any situation.

Priorities are an important part of life, which persuade us to arrange our lives and put our chores in sequence in order to reach our goals.

The following worksheet enables us to mention clearly the events of our problems, our wants and desires in the situation, our priorities and sorting out the imbalances and conflicts in our priorities in order to rectify any error that can take place while mentioning our priorities.

The content of such worksheets can be accessed here.

Dearman Worksheet- Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Interpersonal relationships are very necessary for an individual’s survival.

Therefore to ensure a healthy relationship with family, friends and relatives, it is essential to communicate well with them.

Interpersonal effectiveness skills worksheet, by therapistaid website, is a great resource for learning to maintain healthy relationships with others.

This worksheet gives a detailed description of dearman and how it can be applied in our conversations to increase the effectiveness of communication.

The next pages gives a preview of interpersonal effectiveness skills worksheet.

If you wish to download this Dearman worksheet you can do so here.

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This page displays dearman worksheets.

Some of these worksheets are made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third party websites.

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