Dealing with worry (What to do)

Dealing with worry – How to stop worrying too much about everything (a brief guide).

In this guide, we are going to discuss the reasons why people worry too much and how to learn about the process of dealing with worry. 

Dealing with worry

We all care every day, it’s normal. The minimum situation can make a person worry, you may feel identified with this.

It is normal to be worried about something, in many cases the worry helps the person to put interest in something, exercising the function of a motivator.

Worry also denotes the interest that someone may feel for something or another person.

You might have seen yourself in a situation where someone has cared for you and this has generated well-being.

Worry can be negative when it consumes you.

Perhaps you have spent most of the day thinking about a situation that causes you a lot of stress, you are thinking about how to solve it and how it can work out better, you turn your head thousands of times and although you have found a possible situation you do not stop thinking On it.

Is it normal to worry so much? It is normal for a person to worry a lot according to the situation they are experiencing.

Some stimuli trigger high levels of concern, where anxiety levels may increase, but then decrease, but some people do not achieve this.

There are people whose daily life is full of worries, they don’t stop thinking about anything and the result it can bring.

Some people understand that it is normal they are always worried about something, and worries in their mind are part of their daily lives, but that is not so.

When a person becomes very worried, their stress and anxiety levels rise.

Constantly worrying about something creates a lot of anguish, he doesn’t stop thinking about it and feels that he can’t do it either.

Feel that stop thinking about it can cause things to not go well.

Some people are aware of this. They know that it is not right to be thinking so much about something or someone, but at the same time, they feel they cannot stop thinking.

Worrying about something also causes them concern, but they don’t know what to do.

Many people are dealing with worry.

The constant thought about something that even knowing that it has a solution or not, do not stop thinking about it, causing high levels of anxiety and stress.

People have various reasons why they worry, these can range from what seems simpler to the most complicated, but still does not stop causing concern.

People must learn about dealing with worry.

That they know which are those external and internal agents that take them to the point of living in a constant concern and that this interferes negatively with their daily lives.

Why do some people worry too much?

People care about anything, you can be sure of this.

Perhaps you have seen yourself in a situation where you feel worried about the qualification of an exam, how your job interview will have come out or simply about medical results.

Anything is cause for concern.

Worrying is fine, it is generating interest, the bad thing is when this worry becomes obsessive and the person has to learn about the process of dealing with worry.

Some situations that can cause a person to worry are:

  • Medical results after a non-favourable health diagnosis
  • Debts
  • Not being able to give good results in your workplace
  • Fear of something bad happening and suffering for it
  • A possible mental illness as an anxiety disorder

Some of these reasons mentioned above may cause the person to worry too much.

While it is true not only are these, they give an idea of ​​the reasons why a person tends to worry.

It is not that the person does not worry about his health or not providing a good result in his work, but that excessive worry can generate a malfunction in the different areas of the person’s life.

You may have received an unfavourable medical diagnosis and you feel worried because you do not know what will happen next, but worrying too much can only aggravate the situation.

Several studies have investigated the relationship between high levels of anxiety and stress and the development or occurrence of physical diseases.

It has been found that stress can lead to symptoms of physical illness increase.

That is why at the time that a person receiving treatment to reduce stress levels are included as alternative treatment meditation techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

People may also worry too much because they want to have control of everything around them.

They do not support the idea that something gets out of control and when they see that things are not going as expected, they can worry too much.

It makes them anxious and worried to know how something is going where they don’t have all the control, they worry about the result and what can happen.

How a person can start dealing with worry?

A person can start dealing with worry in various ways, one of these is knowing the reasons why the person cares.

If you tend to worry about everything you have to know exactly what causes you to worry too much.

When you identify what is causing you concern, analyze whether it is correct to worry so much about something.

It’s not that you don’t worry, but don’t worry too much, taking you to a point where you feel distressed.

Another way of dealing with worry is to spend a specific time thinking about the situation that causes you concern.

During the day you can take a moment to think about that situation that generates a lot of concern. Analyze how you can solve it.

You can take an hour or half an hour, everything will depend on you in terms of time.

In that time you have taken, use it to think about what causes you concern. After that time is over, make a kind of closing.

Tell yourself that the time to worry about that situation has passed and that at another time you will think about it.

When you set a time for everything, this allows you to organize and know that everything has its time.

Also, another way to start dealing with worry is when the person performs various recreational activities that make his mind focus on the moment and not on other things.

Practising sports helps the person focus on achieving a good result and winning, ignoring the situations that cause concern.

Also performing meditation is very positive for a person who is dealing with worry.

Meditation is intended to focus on the here and now.

The person releases thoughts that make its mind load more, which causes to alter its emotions.

If the worry is generated because the person wants to have control of everything at all times, the person must learn that it has no control over everything.

There are many factors of which we humans have no control and we must learn to accept when things do not go the way we expect.

Accepting situations that cannot be changed is a way to stop worrying and let everything flow at your own pace.

Learning to recognize that excessive worrying doesn’t help deal with a particular problem or situation is the best thing a person can do to stop worrying so much.

It is to accept things that cannot be changed and work on which they can be changed.

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FAQs about dealing with worry

Is worrying too much a symptom of mental illness?

It all depends.

If the concern is in excess and this is accompanied by other symptoms it could be possible for the person to suffer from anxiety.

A mental health professional is responsible for giving this type of diagnosis.

The person must go where it is if it feels that the worry is in excess and interrupts the performance of its daily activities.

How do I help a person who worries too much?

If you know someone who tends to worry too much and this is affecting you negatively in your life, you can help that person by talking about the reasons it worries.

Listen to that person and help analyze the situation that causes concern.

Depending on the situation, offer some alternatives and consider them.

Make it understand that worrying in excess is not positive and that you have to let things, that you can’t always have control of everything.

How to deal with high levels of anxiety?

If a person recognizes that they have high levels of anxiety, they must recognize the source of this anxiety.

Once identified, using relaxation techniques will help you focus more on the moment and not on what has not yet happened.

Reading books related to the topic can help and if the person feels that he cannot do anything for itself, go to a mental health professional is the best option.

Treatments with a psychological and pharmacological approach are the most used to treat high levels of anxiety, which have a high level of efficacy.

What physical discomfort causes to a person worrying too much?

When a person worries too much, they may feel physical discomforts such as fatigue, muscle tension, sweating, nausea or diarrhoea, are some of the physical symptoms that you may experience.

What happens if a person does not know-how dealing with worry?

When a person isn’t capable of dealing with worry and the symptoms that accompany it, it can get worse.

Excessive worry can lead to the person developing anxiety and anxiety when not treated can cause the person to develop mental illnesses such as depression.

You will feel more distressed and sad, you will have greater body aches and your ability to work and do the activities you do daily will be adversely affected.


There is nothing wrong with a person worrying about someone or something, the problem is when this concern becomes excessive behaviour and interferes with the daily activities of the person.

Worry is a synonym for wanting things to go well, but in excess, it can be a symptom of anxiety.

When a person develops anxiety, it lives in a constant worry that is accompanied by other symptoms that makes the person feel worse.

Learning dealing with worry is one of the best things that someone who cares too much can do.

The person learns that there is nothing wrong with not having control of everything around him and that there is a certain time to think about any situation that generates concern.

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