Daith Piercing For Anxiety (Yes?)

In this article we’ll discuss “Daith Piercing For Anxiety”, it’s History, The Placebo Effects and how to prevent infections after Daith Piercing.

Finally, we’ll highlight the Risks of it.


Daith piercing is the piercing that goes through the inner cartilage, above the eardrum.

The first person who did this Daith piercing was Erik Dakota to a Jewish woman and she named the piercing “da’at” which means knowledge because only a knowledgeable person can do that kind of piercing.

For doing this piercing a hollow needle is used and then a curved barbel used is used for the jewelry till the time it’s healed and once it’s healed the jewelry can be changed.

Some people claim that Daith piercing helps in reducing their anxiety.


Acupuncture is the traditional Chinese medicine that helps in the flow of energy in the human body and ear contains several such pressure points for acupuncture.

The pressure points that help in reducing anxiety are the Vagus nerve that extends from the brain to the rest of the body.

Therefore, many people believe that the piercing such pressure points unblock the energy passage to pass the energy from the brain to the body.

The practitioners of Daith piercing believe that it can permanently elevate the anxiety.

One of the founders of ear acupuncture describes that there are three pressure points in the ear and those are- the Shenmen which is also referred to as the stress & anxiety relieving point, the tranquilizer point, which brings relaxation and the point zero which is known as the calming point in the ear.

The Shenmen Point:

The location of Shenmen piercing is the upper mid-center of the ear, just above the opening Canal. 

It is the acupuncture pressure of releasing anxiety and stress.

There have been stories all over the internet in which the people have shared their reduced anxiety after having Daith piercing- the shenmen point, just in days they have seen the results.

But no story has been found which can confirm the longer effects and therefore some people are very much sure that it is just a placebo effect and nothing else.


It is believed by some people that the Daith piercing doesn’t actually do anything for reducing anxiety.

One feels that it is doing something because they want to believe it.

It is the placebo effect, they think it’s working because their mind and body want to believe that it is working.

Some other people, on the other hand, don’t feel so and they truly believe in its after-effects.


Although there are no clinical trials on it by the medical professionals have been conducted yet as the modern doctors hardly believe in it but some studies have been conducted which believe that stimulation of specific reflex points in the ear can help in relieving symptoms.


The following precautions have been found useful in order to prevent infections:

  • One should get their piercing from a reputed and licensed shop or parlor and not from any cheap vendors. Ensure that the person who is going to pierce your ears is knowledgeable and licensed to do the Daith piercing.
  • After piercing, the would-be kept dry and not excess or unnecessary water exposure should be there to the wound.
  • Avoid removing or pulling the jewelry when it’s fresh because of irritation, as it interferes in the healing process. At least leave the jewelry on it for 5 months, which had been put there after piercing and not regularly change it because of fashion.
  • Sanitize the hands before touching it and regularly sanitize the wound and the surrounding area of the wound to avoid any bacteria, use saline solutions for it. Regularly put ointments in order to reduce the swelling.


There are more risks than benefits of Daith Piercing and those are:

  • Daith piercing is a cartilage piercing and not just the standard lobe piercing and therefore, it takes a lot of time in healing. It is painful to get the piercing and takes a lot of time in the healing process which may invite several infections over the period of time.  
  • The longer time leads to higher frustration and when it fails in serving the purpose of getting pierced in the first place, people think it’s best to just let it close. But even after closing it leaves an unsightly mark behind.
  • There is not much evidence of healing anxiety disorders from Daith piercing and many people just think that it only happens because of the place effect. Which, actually is really harmful to the patients with anxiety, because as soon as the placebo effect vanishes, the person’s anxiety might increase
  • It might even increase the migraines of the individual who opt for Daith piercing and if the people are on blood thinners or have diabetes then they should avoid Daith piercing.   


In this blog we’ve discussed “Daith Piercing For Anxiety”, it’s History, The Placebo Effects and how to prevent infections after Daith Piercing.

Finally, we’ve highlighted the Risks of it. 

Hope you liked reading it, please leave a comment or a suggestion, we would really appreciate it.

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Which side do you get a Daith piercing?

A Daith piercing is advised to get on the side where a person gets anxiety-related pain.

What does Daith piercing help with?

Daith piercing helps with stress, anxiety, and migraines.