Crystals for Depression (A Comprehensive Guide)


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Page last updated: 10/11/2022

Crystals for Depression

Major depressive disorder or depression is a general and potential medicinal disease that has adverse effects on the feelings of an individual, how he thinks, and the way he acts.

Luckily, depression is a curable disease. Feelings of sadness, losing interest in different activities can be caused by depression.

There are different emotional and psychological issues that can be caused by depression and may also cause a reduction in the abilities of a person to perform his tasks at home and in the workplace.

In this article, we will discuss crystals for depression. 

Symptoms of depression might differ from moderate to the extreme which can comprise of:

  • Feelings of sadness or being in a depressive state
  • Losing or lack of interest taking part in activities which gave pleasure at times
  • Changings in hungriness, gaining weight or losing weight unconnected to diet
  • Facing difficulties in falling asleep or sleeping too much
  • Increase in tiredness or loss of energy
  • Doing the irrational physical activities such as hand wringing or pacing or slower downed observable actions such as speech and movement.
  • Feelings of worthlessness or embarrassed
  • Difficulties in thinking and decision making
  • Thinking about committing suicide and death

The above mentioned should be longer than at least fourteen days for the diagnosis of depression.

Some of the medical conditions can also replicate the symptoms of depression such as thyroid problems, brain tumors, or deficiency of vitamins.

So this is significant to rule out general medical causes.

An estimate has shown that one in fifteen adults is affected by depression every year.

Also it has been reported that 16.6% of people (one in six) will come across the feelings of depression at some stage of their lives.

The rate of striking depression is probably high and it can appear at any time.

Its first appearance is observed during the last years of teenage to the middle of 20s.

There are more chances of experiencing depression among women as compare to men.

Some researchers have shown that there is a probability that of the women one third may experience the symptoms of major depressive disorder episodes in their lives.

Crystals for Depression

There are various psychological and medical treatment options are available for dealing and lessening or eradicating the depression.

Here we will discuss a treatment method which is termed as crystals for depression.

Few crystals for depression are discussed in detail below:

Crystals for Depression (A Comprehensive Guide)

Why Use Crystals for Depression?

Unfortunately, everyone gets affected by depression at any stage of his life.

His depression may be permanent or temporary.

And it may also be dependent on the circumstances of life of an individual or might happen due to a thing which entirely under the control of the person.

The data has shown that 65% of the adult population with depression of the United States of America ends up getting help from a professional.

There are many causes of why a person who has depression does not seek professional help.

The research has stated that one of the main reasons that these adults do not get professional help is due to stigma or lack of knowledge.

Another primary reason is that they might refrain to seek mental help for depression is due to the heavy expense which is caused due to the modern treatment methods.

The expenses even with insurance can be devastating.

Best Crystals for Depression

There exist a lot of types of crystal for depression which is considered effective.

The following mentioned and described crystals for depression does not only have an exclusive look and chemical composition but also have a variety of benefits for physical, mental, and emotional levels.

The symptoms of depression, after all, are different for everyone.

Some people may encounter negative thought cycles and experience irritation and others may run short of enthusiasm and continuous feelings of tiredness.

One should be aware that any seven of his chakras can be affected by depression.

Some of the specific crystals can benefit from depression as a result of one chakra obstruction more than any other crystal might.

Before buying the crystals for depression, one must make sure to get the best results out of it to consider the primary symptoms and chakras the crystals for depression help with.

Natural Orange Spessartine

Orange crystals for depression are similar to natural orange Spessartine which are meant to give pleasure, vitality, assurance, friendship, empathetic and togetherness which are not present or are present in a lesser quantity in a person with depression.

A stone for the kids with Aquarius star is orange Spessartine which is particularly helpful with sacral chakra which is also termed as second chakra, navel chakra, or svadhishthana.

If the sacral chakra of a person gets affected he is likely to experience some general symptoms comprising coldness in emotions, lack of libido, sexual issues, prickliness, separation, and lack of steadiness.

Issues that are related to sacral chakra can be the result of exploitation, refusal, disregard, manipulation,  rejection of what a person felt as a kid, or genetic issues.

By the usage of natural orange Spessartine may give positivity for the sex organs and urinary.


Carnelian is another form of crystals for depression which is regarded as to bring pleasure and energies.

In addition such crystals for depression can increase motivation, empowerment, leadership, endurance, and bravery. 

Similar to the above-mentioned crystals for depression this stone stimulates the sacral chakra.

Some people have this faith that carnelian are the best crystals for depression.

Most of the people, after all, encountering their depressions can go through some tiredness, lack of motivation, or minor courage.

Carnelians are available in both red and orange colors which are used for bringing positivity and affection.

Nevertheless, with color orange carnelians are particularly best to use with depression.

Fertility can also be enhanced by using orange carnelians.

Smokey Quartz

These types of crystals for depression are right and useful for a person who is in need of grounding, letting go, or compromising. Such crystals for depression may be helpful in relieving anger, bitterness, and tiredness as the disadvantages of the depression.

Owing to the exposure to radiation, these crystals for depression are also capable of relieving electromagnetic and geo-pathic stress. All the seven chakras can be balanced through Smokey quartz. Nevertheless, Smokey quarts are particularly effective for the base or root chakra.

If a person is going through the blockage of the root chakra, he may experience wordiness, constipation, lower or higher level of energy, sexual dysfunctioning, and anxiety.

Passionately, a person can get feelings of disconnect from other people altogether.

This symptom can arise due to a traumatic experience at birth, neglect, malnourishment, bonding difficulties with a mother figure, or physical abuse.


Lepidolite is a crystal for depression which is also termed as balancer stone.

Sadness can be turned into happiness with the help of lavender lepidolite.

It also helps with readapting in life, provides a person higher awareness, and rearrange older patterns into new ones.

As this crystal for depression has a higher quantity of lithium, there are also some discussions about lepidolite is helpful for encountering anxiety which mostly occurs parallel to depression.

Similarly, these crystals for depression are also helpful for stabilizing the mind of a person who is fighting against any addiction or toxic behaviors or patters which can occur parallel to depression.

These stones work through readjusting all the seven chakras.

But, these stones have a stronger link with the crown chakra which is termed as eye chakra.

If a person has blood with the crown chakra, he might go through some signs like being afraid heavily, lack of sanctity, and having feelings of being cut from the real world.

The crown chakra of a person may get blocked if the person engages in risky exercises on the physical body, exercising religions or spirituality too often without being known to the practices or having no connotations with religion at all. 

Tiger’s Eye

The people who are suffering from depression might have feelings of being emotionless or apparently incompetent in expressing any kind of emotions, others may people go through emotional strain and understanding.

A good thing regarding these crystals for depression is that they may be helpful for bringing flow in blocked emotions.

This is also helpful in boosting positive emotions, strengthening relations and friendship, and promoting passion and love.

These crystals for depression are especially better for low chakras of the tiger’s eyes including the solar plexus and the root and sacral chakras.

It is common that the people who have blockage of solar plexus are likely to be more vulnerable to rejection, depression, and insecurities.

Sexual dysfunction, wordiness, anxiety, and emotional detached can be the symptoms in which the root and sacral chakras are also blocked, which these crystals for depression can be helpful.

For a person who wants to mix the tiger’s eye along with any other stone, serpentine stone can be a great pair.

These both stones together may release physical distress and socially ignited emotional strain.


If a person mostly comes across negative emotions, the calm power of this crystal which is also referred to as joyful stone can be capable of providing the positivity and lighter energy which a person needs in depressive states of his mind.

Because these crystals for depression stimulate the sacral chakra, it may relieve the toxicity, eradicate daily strain, and can carry a lot of joys.

These stones are used by some people for the seasonal affective disorder as well.

These stones may purify and give energy to all the seven chakras.

Apart from helping people with depression and negative thinking paradigms, these crystals may also bring leadership qualities, fertility, and creativeness.

These crystals for depression are not suggested if a person suffers from mild to extreme symptoms.

These stones are better for the people who want a crystal which is not stronger.

Botswana Agate

These are the minerals from the quartz family which is referred to as a healing stone that is helpful for a person in relieving and letting go of the suppressed feelings which is not common for the people with depression.

These crystals are also helpful in boosting creativeness, helpful in finding the solutions for negative circumstances, and bringing love, empathy, and calmness.

These crystals for depression can also help in bringing clarity and stability. These crystals for depression are associated with the root chakra.

On encountering the worriedness, agitation, a desire for continuous changes, and fear of stability and commitment can block the root chakra.

In return, these crystals for depression can be helpful. One should not forget that these crystals vibrate at low frequency.

So, these stones are greater as beginner stones.

However, these are still influential psychologically, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

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What we recommend for Depression

Professional counselling

If you are suffering from depression then ongoing professional counselling could be your ideal first point of call. Counselling will utilize theories such as Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

FAQs about Crystals for Depression

Q1. What is the real meaning of depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

Q2. What do the 7 chakras mean?

Chakras are the circular vortexes of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body.

Q3. What are the names of some common crystals for depression?

Some common crystals for depression are as follow:
Natural Orange Spessartine
Smokey Quartz
Tiger’s Eye
Botswana Agate
Black Tourmaline


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