I have a crossdressing husband (should I be worried?)

In this blog post, we will talk about a new typology of men, after metrosexuals, lumbersexuals and hipsters, more exactly about the tendency of men to wear women’s clothes and to borrow women’s gestures and vocabulary.

My crossdressing husband – The feminization of men

As women change their hairstyles, clothing cuts and make-up from one season to another, men’s fashion transformations have been deeper for several years now and have given rise to all sorts of terms meant to describe as accurately as possible the “new type of man “.

The metrosexual appeared first. He is described as a neat, well-groomed man who dresses according to the latest fashion trends and to whom cosmetics are no stranger.

That’s how people got to know the type of man who waxes and cuts his hair at the salon, not at the barber.

The term itself represents the idea of ​​a city man, being invented by the British journalist Mark Simpson.

The aesthetic sense of the metrosexual then underwent a counterbalancing mutation and thus the lumbersexual appeared.

It is a fashion in which men took care to look carefree.

They wore a large beard like that of woodcutters (hence the term), wore heavy boots and wore thick clothes, and their hair was arranged in such a way as to look untidy. 

After this outburst of lumbersexual masculinity subsided, in response to excessive care for the metrosexual’s own person, hipsters appeared.

We all noticed on the street men with bare ankles, skinny pants, retro glasses, a scarf around his neck, a shoulder bag, a hat on his head and headphones in his ears.

It was another step towards the psychological and clothing feminization of the man.

This feminization has reached paroxysmal proportions with the new fashion, the current one: men wearing skirts, blouses with necklines in feminine colours or accessories specific to women.

Gynosexuals find a major satisfaction in wearing clothes that give them an effeminate touch.

This new trend could be called Ginosexuality (commonly known as crossdressing).

The term comes from the ancient Greek language, in which the word Gyne meant woman.

Hence the word “androgynous” (Andras – man, Gyne – woman).

Ginosexual is meant to distinguish this new fashion, from the idea of a male transvestite.

Here’s the difference. 

Crossdressing men are not transvestites, because they do not want to pass themselves off as women.

The difference is that transvestite men arrogate their female identity, they are perceived as belonging more to the female sex. 

Unlike them, crossdressing men accept their masculine identity, genetics and biology, but find a major satisfaction in wearing clothes that give them an effeminate touch.

They do not wear wigs like transvestites, nor mini skirts. 

According to their belief, there are men who explore their feminine side and do so through clothing.

They can be both heterosexual and homosexual. That’s why the big fashion designers have launched collections of women’s clothes for men.

A few decades ago, such a thing was inconceivable for a man.

Nowadays, men steal from their partners both the manicure or pedicure appointment and the clothes in the closet.

It is the first time in history when men not only know what the colour fuchsia means but also wear it!

Among the stars, Justin Bieber admitted that he wears girls’ jeans, Kanye West appeared publicly in a women’s blouse, Lenny Kravitz was caught wearing heeled boots, and the examples can go on…

The psychological explanation

The psychological explanation for all this is fascinating.

Women are leading the world.

They have more and more the last word, sometimes they earn more than their partners, they have more responsible jobs than them and this is the first time in history when this happens. 

If Darwin were to live, he would say that the feminization of men’s clothing is an evolutionary gesture and represents their way of adapting to the new social structure, in which women have more power than they do. 

It’s like borrowing the habits of the new master.

In psychotherapy, it is called a transfer situation.

This increase in the share of women’s values ​​in men’s perception shows the indisputable increase in women’s social impact. 

Women now indirectly dictate male behaviour.

There is no need to castrate men symbolically, as Freud said, today men, castrate willingly, taking over women’s clothing being just one of the ways.

From a psychological point of view, there was also a decrease in men’s initiative, associated with submissiveness and surrender of authority.

What do women think about the feminization of men?

There are couples in which, at the restaurant, she orders a steak for her while he has a low-calorie salad.

With the effeminacy of men, the masculinization of women also appears. 

It has been found that women with leadership positions, high authority or native tendencies to dominate, have more testosterone, which tends to masculinize them.

They have wider shoulders sometimes, thicker and more imposing voices, their hair tends to grow more strongly on the body.

In other words, they become more… men. 

Although at first glance, this seems like a win, the women we are talking about are not happy.

Either they are always alone (exactly as it happens, the peak, in the case of very beautiful women), or they relate to men as big children, whom they have to take care of forever.

 It is a disappointing feeling for women with authority to feel that they cannot be dominated intellectually, socially or sexually by their men.

The more effeminate you are as a man, the more easily you accept to be led by a woman with authority.

Crossdressing men – a new fashion trend?

Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz, James Franco, Dennis Rodman and many others were not intimidated by the fine distinction between gender styles.

One of the latest appearances of Kanye West was in a women’s blouse.

The rapper appeared on stage at the Coachella festival wearing a blouse from the spring/summer 2011 collection Celine, a French designer.

But is this only the beginning? No, this is one of the latest events of its kind.

Long before, both Prince and … Lenny Kravitz used feminine accessories to stand out.

In September 2010, singer Lenny Kravitz was seen walking the streets of New York wearing a pair of black heeled boots, and before that, Prince did it too.

The singer wears women’s shoes, as a rule, whether they are with transparent heels or stilettos!

But do you remember Dennis Rodman?

He is the former NBA star, an American basketball player.

At his most recent appearance in public, it is clear that he did not give up his feminine side, which caused so much controversy a few years ago.

Dennis appeared at the launch of his WB Brand Cigar collection, dressed in a black lace T-shirt, V-neck and wearing a chain of black beads and a brown and beige necklace.

Actor James Franco did not escape without being surprised by the carefully positioned lenses of the photographers, but this time in a professional style.

The Spider-Man star showed his less seen part of the audience for Candy magazine, the fall/winter edition 2010-2011, reaching directly on the cover. 

Photographed by the famous Terry Richards, the actor wore women’s clothes, to which he accessorized opulent jewellery and bright makeup, blue eyeshadow, false eyelashes and red lipstick.

Justin Bieber was not afraid to admit that he wears girls’ jeans.

The singer even said: “I’ve worn women’s jeans before because they fit me. It’s not a trend, but with anything I feel comfortable, I feel good.

Rapper Lil Wayne wore a pair of leopard-style women’s low-cut pants at the MTV Video Music Awards. The pants, from Tripp NYC, worth $ 44, he accessorized with a white Louis Vuitton belt.

Pharrell Williams managed to make it work.

The American rapper bought a Birkin bag, one of the most luxurious and famous women’s bags that the stars are always proud of.

The singer has a few in his collection, but one of the most important is the purple Birkin bag made of crocodile skin.

A member of the jury in the “Britain’s Got Talent” competition, Simon Cowell, wears flared pants so as not to see his heels.

Is it better to admit or hide? He is not too proud of his height and wears shoes with heels of a few centimetres to increase his “masculinity” and ego.

Many others have not done it before him: Prince, Bono, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, etc.

What about skirts? Is one of the most emblematic female symbols ignored by men? 

Well, not by the American artist, Kid Cudi, who wore a skirt at a New Year’s Eve party in Miami in 2009, which he matched with a simple black T-shirt, a pair of black glasses, a black basque and a pair of “Rare Air” Air Jordan IV sneakers.

Crossdressing husband – Him, me and Her

If you want to better understand your crossdressing husband, or you are trying to make a decision about your relationship, or you are simply curious and want to know more about this topic, I wholeheartedly recommend you read this blog.

I discovered it by chance while researching this article, and I can say that I was impressed by the story of this couple.

Although she didn’t post much about her crossdressing husband, that first article seemed very insightful. 

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A short summary

In this blog post, I talked about a new typology of men, after metrosexuals, lumbersexuals and hipsters, more exactly about the tendency of men to wear women’s clothes and to borrow women’s gestures and vocabulary. 

We named them gynosexuals, the term coming from the ancient Greek language, in which the word Gyne meant woman.

But this type of men is known as cross-dressing. 

There are men who explore their feminine side and do so through clothing. They can be both heterosexual and homosexual.

That’s why the big fashion designers have launched collections of women’s clothes for men. 

If you have any questions or comments on the content please feel free to share them!

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