Cover letter for scholarship (4 samples)

This blog post will show samples of “scholarship cover letters.”

Samples of cover letters for scholarship

To get a scholarship, you need a well-written cover letter that showcases your passion for and dedication to your course. When writing a cover letter for a scholarship, these are some of the essential things to include in your letter:

  • Address your sponsor with a formal salutation. For example, “Dear/Hello (name of the recipient or hiring manager).”
  • introduction and a big achievement fitting the scholarship
  • Key information about you and why you fit the scholarship. 
  • Highlight your strengths: Why do your strengths make you a good match for the scholarship? 
  • Express what your plans are for the future: How will this particular scholarship help get you there?
  • Conclude your letter with a forward-looking statement. For example, “I look forward to discussing the position further.”

Sample 1: “Scholarship cover letter”


Adrian Clark

ULN Coordinator

2304 Whitis Ave

Austin, TX, 78712

Dear ABC,

Having been accepted to UT Austin for the 2019 fall term to pursue a Bachelor’s in Architecture, I am writing to express my desire to participate in the University Leadership Scholarship Program. You will see that these speak for themselves. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong passion for architecture, my favorite Texas landmark being the pink granite edifice of the State Capitol. I’m particularly excited by the opportunity to join a network of leaders who help to maintain UT Austin’s reputation as a world-leading public research university.

My parents came to Texas as immigrants and have worked tirelessly in low paid jobs to provide for our family. If I am accepted to the program, I would be the first member of my family to benefit from a college education. My goal is to use my education to give back to the community. I want to specialize in designing affordable and environmentally sustainable housing. My passion for this field was inspired by my winning virtual city design for the National Future City competition, and I am all too aware of the impact of high housing costs and environmental destruction on underprivileged communities. 

Servant leadership is the philosophy I intend to follow as a program participant and alumni. I want society to benefit from my education and UT Austin to gain prestige as an institution providing innovation for the greater good. This scholarship would enable me to achieve these aims. In fact, my high school principal is an alumnus of the program. She has been a huge inspiration to me and many others, and I hope to follow her example should I be accepted.

Can we arrange a meeting, so I can tell the committee how my experience in volunteer mentoring and academic coaching of younger students could contribute to the program’s leadership aims?

Best Regards,

Armando Gutierrez

P.S. I’d also love to discuss how my winning virtual city design for the national Future City Competition inspired my drive to create affordable and sustainable housing.”

Sample 2: “Scholarship cover letter”

“The Scholarship Committee

University of Pennsylvania 

3440 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104 

To Whom It May Concern, 

My name is Alex Smith and I am a high school senior in Bend, Ohio. In the fall of 2019, I will be starting my freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania at the Annenberg School of Communication with an intended major in communications.

Since my freshman year of high school, I have served on my school’s journalism team. During freshman and sophomore year, I worked as a writer. By junior and senior year, I became the senior editor and co-manager of the school paper. Throughout my four years of being part of the club, I have learned so much about journalism; from pitching creative ideas, to carrying out interviews, and writing up an article. I have also learned about editing and publishing. Although these tasks intimidated me in the beginning, I can confidently say that I now feel very skilled and knowledgeable about the field. 

I am particularly passionate about giving the underserved population a voice to be heard. Some of my favorite interviews and articles I have published have been with female refugees from the community here in Ohio. Some of my articles have been published in our local paper in Bend. 

Of course, there is so much that I still have and want to learn. I am eager to start my undergraduate education and learn from experts in the field. I am excited to take journalism, communication, and marketing courses and learn everything there is to know. I am also hoping to work with the Pennsylvania Daily and join the journalism club on campus. I want to take advantage of every opportunity offered to further my career and personal growth.

As you are well aware, the cost of college is very high. As much as I have saved during high school, I will still have to take out loans to fund my college education. I am planning to work part-time during my studies, but I don’t want work to interfere too much with my school work. This scholarship would greatly help me cover some of these fees and give me more time to focus on school.

I am very hardworking and creative, and I can’t wait to contribute my talents to the University of Pennsylvania. I would be so grateful to receive a scholarship. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Alexis Smith”

Sample 3: “Scholarship cover letter”


[Scholarship organization name]

[Organization address]

[Organization phone number]

Dear [Mr./Ms./Mx. Recipient’s name] / [Scholarship Committee],

Start with an opening paragraph that briefly introduces who you are, and your relevant experience, how you learned about the scholarship, and why you are interested in applying. If writing multiple cover letters, take care to customize this paragraph to target a specific scholarship.

Next come your body paragraphs, which highlight your academic accomplishments as well as any related skills and experience. Depending on the scholarship application requirements, you may need just one body paragraph or several (always check the length requirement first). The question you are really addressing in this section is what makes you deserving of this particular scholarship, so make sure that everything you include bolsters your case.

If you have a particularly impressive accomplishment (or two) you’d like to include, you can draw the scholarship committee’s attention to it by formatting it as a bullet point

End with a closing paragraph that restates your interest in the scholarship and why you should be a recipient. Include a call to action to inspire the committee to reach out to you – by saying you’d love the opportunity to schedule a call or a meeting, for instance.

[Sincerely / Best / Best regards],

[Your name]”

Sample 4: “Scholarship cover letter”

“Dear Professor Huddleston,

As I approach the dissertation year of my MA in Arabic at the UCLA Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC), I am writing to inquire about participating in the annual fellowship program. Much of my work has been based at the university, but the demands of my dissertation entail a significant amount of travel and expense.

I have been self-funding my current studies with part-time interpreting and translation work. I do not come from a privileged background and my parents give all that they can, but the costs of a dissertation that involves interpreting and observing at over 40 international conferences in one year are monumental. My dissertation on the “Cultural Considerations in English-Arabic Simultaneous Translation” seeks to provide a new perspective on what lies behind the language, but it cannot be written from inside a library.

I have already contributed much to my UCLA faculty, including curating the Persian section of the Language Materials Project and running events for the Near Eastern business community in Los Angeles. I worked on the Arabic section of a successful translation app and have published a number of well-reviewed academic papers on Arabic linguistics.

My career aim is to become an interpreter at the United Nations in New York. I have a month’s work experience lined up there at the end of this academic year and see it as the perfect start for my dissertation year. I want to bring the 300 million Arabic speakers that bit closer to the rest of the world. That can only happen with a thoughtful interpretation of both their words and their cultural background.

The fellowship would allow me access to the leading experts in the field and I would have an opportunity to practice my specialty at the most important events. I would welcome a meeting to discuss my application in more detail and hope for your assistance in this matter.


Simon Travers.”

Frequently Asked Questions: Samples of cover letters for scholarship

How do you end a cover letter for an award?

Always be polite when signing off from a cover letter. Acceptable closing salutations include “Best regards,” Thank you for your consideration,” “Respectfully” and “Sincerely.”

How do you close a cover letter example?

How to Close a Cover Letter

  • Thank you,
  • Best regards,
  • Kind regards,
  • Sincerely,
  • With best regards,
  • Best,
  • Thank you for your consideration,

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