Cover letter for public health position (5 samples)

This article will list samples of “cover letters for a public health position.”

How to write a cover letter for a public health position

When applying for a public health position, your cover letter is an opportunity for you to tell your story, without being stuck in the formatting constraints of the resume. The best format for writing a cover letter is:

  • Address the employer with a formal salutation. For example, “Dear/Hello (name of the recipient).” If you do not know the recipient’s name, you can refer to them as the hiring manager.
  • The next step is to state the position you are applying for and how you found the opening. 
  • Make a brief statement about why you’re interested in the position. Write a paragraph about why you are the perfect candidate for the job.
  • State your skills and work experience. Ensure your skills and experiences are similar to the job position. When highlighting skills, provide the accomplishment you have achieved. 
  • Conclude your letter with a forward-looking statement. For example, “I look forward to discussing the position with you further.”

Sample 1: “Cover letter for a public health position”

“Dear Mr. Brown,

I am writing to express my interest in the Public Health Officer position with your organization. I believe that my background and experience make me an excellent candidate for this position.

I have been working as a public health nurse for the past five years, and have gained extensive experience in the field of public health. I have worked on several projects that focused on improving the health of communities, including programs aimed at reducing childhood obesity and promoting healthy eating habits. I have also worked on projects that focused on preventing disease outbreaks, such as food poisoning and infectious diseases.

I have gained extensive experience in managing teams of nurses and other medical professionals, which has helped me develop strong leadership skills. I have also gained valuable experience in dealing with people from different backgrounds and cultures, which has helped me become a better communicator.

I believe that my background and experience make me an ideal candidate for this position. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my skills can be put to good use by your organization.”

Sample 2: “Cover letter for a public health position”

“Gregory Gomez

Public Health Management Corporation

746 Clifford Street

Berkeley, CA 94704

Subject: Application for position of Public Health Professional

Dear Mr. Gomez,

I read your advertisement for an experienced Public Health professional, and I am a great choice for this position, as I have the qualifications you are seeking; and have worked in a municipal setting before. Please find the details of my career in the attached resume to this cover letter.

Over the last six years that I have worked as a Public Health Inspector at State of Wyoming, for various municipalities in the state of CA; I have learned a lot about the common actions, protocol, and violations that many commercial and private structures commit. I am up to date on all the latest health codes, regulations, and campaigns; and keep current through various courses, government seminars, and the like. I have a degree from Case Western Reserve University in Health Administration. I am highly responsible, intelligent, investigative, and communicate well with supervisors, the public, and employees.

I wish to bring my years of experience, training, and my dedication to my career as a Public Health professional to your open position at Public Health Management Corporation. I believe this to be your company. Thanks for reviewing this cover letter and resume, and I look forward to speaking with you about this Public Health professional position.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature hand written in blue pen ink)

James Mcintosh

Encl: Resume”

Sample 3: “Cover letter for a public health position”

“Dear Ms. Moore:

When I learned of your opening for a Public Health Nurse, I was anxious to submit my resume for your review. My nursing experience with various public-facing health programs and clinics—along with my current enrollment in the doctoral program in Public Health at Indiana State University—gives me confidence in my ability to significantly benefit your organization in this role.

My 14+ years of experience providing comprehensive nursing care through public health programs while communicating with a variety of community groups and leading nursing support teams has prepared me to excel in this role. My ability to educate the general community about health-related issues and concerns, as well as my outstanding communication and prioritization talents—are certain to render me an immediate asset to your nursing team.

Consider the following highlights of my qualifications:

Providing contraceptive, STD, diagnostic, and general nursing care as a Public Health Nurse with the Clinton Women’s Health Clinic in Fort Wayne.

Overseeing 15 nursing and support staff members affiliated with the Fort Wayne Community Immunization Services program for the past 11 years; assessing immunization statuses, administering vaccines, and performing annual immunization audits for schools in Fort Wayne County.

Planning, implementing and evaluating projects and programs to drive participant involvement in health and disease-prevention initiatives; analyzing results to identify areas for improvement and ensure goal achievement.

Preparing to achieve a Ph.D. in Public Health with an emphasis on Community Health Promotion and Education from Indiana State University; licensed RN in the state of Indiana.

With my previous experience and education in public/community health and program management, complemented by my dedication to providing insightful guidance and support to optimize community members’ overall health, I believe I could exceed your expectations for this role. The opportunity to discuss the position in further detail would be most welcome.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tona P. Diaz”

Sample 4: “Cover letter for a public health position”

“Dear Mr. Andrew,

I am writing to apply for the open Public Health Officer position at your company. I am confident that I have the skills, experience, and qualifications that you are looking for, and I am eager to put my skills to work in order to help your company achieve its goals.

I have over three years of experience working in the public health industry. In that time, I have gained extensive experience in managing and directing public health programs and initiatives. I have a deep understanding of the principles of public health, and I am well-versed in the latest trends and developments in the field. I am also familiar with the relevant federal and state laws and regulations.

I am a highly effective leader and manager. I have a proven track record of successfully directing and managing teams of professionals. I am also an excellent communicator, and I have the ability to effectively communicate with individuals at all levels. I am confident that I have the skills and experience to be a valuable asset to your company.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you in further detail. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your name”

Sample 5: “Cover letter for a public health position”

“Dear [Hiring manager name],

I am excited to be applying for the Public Health Officer position at the Department of Health. I have more than 10 years of experience in the public health sector and I am passionate about using my skills to improve the health of my community. I believe that the Department of Health is an excellent place for me to continue my professional development and contribute my knowledge and skills to improve the health of the community.

I have a Master of Public Health from the University of California, San Francisco and I am a certified MPH. I have experience in a variety of public health settings, including working as a research associate, managing a clinic, and conducting public health research. I am also proficient in Spanish and have worked extensively with the Latino community.

I am excited to bring my skills and experience to the Department of Health and I am committed to continuing to grow as a public health professional. I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing with you my teaching philosophy while learning more about this job opportunity. I am a committed lifelong learner and I will continue to grow as a teacher and in my knowledge of subject matter throughout my time at your school.”

Frequently Asked Questions: How to write a cover letter for a public health position

Can a cover letter hurt your chances?

Yes, a bad cover letter can hurt your chances just as much as a good one can help. That’s why three words can stop you cold while you’re searching for jobs: “Cover letter optional.”

What are the elements of a cover letter?

The Four Parts of a Cover Letter

  • Address the Recruiter by Name.
  • Address the Company’s Needs.
  • Tell the Recruiter Why You Want to Work Here.
  • Include your contacts.

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