Cover letter for mail carrier (5 samples)

This blog post will show samples of “cover letters for a mail carrier.”

Examples of mail carrier cover letters

To get a mail carrier position, you need a well-written cover letter that showcases your passion for and dedication to the industry. When writing a mail carrier cover letter, these are some of the essential things to include in your letter:

  • Address the employer with a formal salutation. For example, “Dear/Hello (name of the recipient or hiring manager).”
  • The next step is to state the position you are applying for and how you found the opening. 
  • Write a short sentence about why you’re interested in the position.
  • State your skills and work experience; ensure they are similar to the job position. When stating your skills, provide the accomplishment you have achieved. 
  • Conclude your letter with a forward-looking statement. For example, “I look forward to discussing the position further.”

Sample 1: “Mail carrier cover letter” 

“Mallory Pineda

City, State, Zip Code

Home : 000-000-0000 Cell: 000-000-0000

Dear Mr. French,

I would like to take this opportunity to apply for the Mail Carrier position with the Stanton Post Office. I have been in the delivery business for the past seven years and feel my experience would transition well to the postal service.

As a delivery driver with Buena Vista Corporation I make deliveries keep records and interact with customers on my route. I have an excellent driving record and am familiar with the surrounding area. My organizational skills are top-notch and I am very schedule-driven. My experience with providing on-time deliveries and excellent customer service position me as an ideal candidate for your Mail Carrier position. I have a clean driving record and have been commended for my interactions with customers. In addition, my attention to detail will ensure that I am able to perform the various responsibilities of Mail Carrier.

I am confident that you’ll find my qualities and experience to be an excellent fit for your needs. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with me by phone or email at your earliest convenience. I look forward to speaking with you and thank you for your time.


Mallory Pineda”

Sample 2: “Mail carrier cover letter” 

“Dear Ms. North,

I would like to apply for the Mail Carrier position with ICI Services Corporation and my credentials meet the qualifications in your posting.

I have the ability to sort and bundle mail to prepare it for deliveries and to collect the mail as I make my rounds. I know the area very well so delivering the mail to the right address will not be a problem, even if I have to switch routes occasionally. I am physically able to handle the deliveries and to work the hours it requires. I am also able to work under extreme weather conditions and I have experience driving in heavy rain and snow.

I learn very quickly and I am sure that I can handle all of the responsibilities of this position such as changing addresses, handling special packages and getting signatures when necessary. I have excellent writing skills with the ability to keep accurate records of the deliveries.

I meet all of the requirements needed to hold this position and I can follow all of the laws, rules and regulations associated with being a mail carrier. I have outstanding interpersonal skills, so I can answer questions and socialize casually with customers when necessary.

I have outlined my education and work history in the attached resume. I am sure that I have the skills and abilities needed to fill this position and I am confident that you will see me as a top candidate for this job.

Please call (555)-555-5555 to set up an interview where we can discuss this position in more detail.


Latasha Saladino”

Sample 3: “Mail carrier cover letter” 

“Jensen Pope

(111) 789-3456


Dear Hiring Manager,

As a clerk in the mail room at St. Helena University, I have acquired a large number of skills that are sure to be invaluable in the position of Mail Carrier for the Clearwater Postal Service team. For one, I am honest and communicate well while keeping confidentiality in mind. I understand how to operate machinery in a mail office as well as the labeling system and internal communications systems.

With my eight years of experience as a customer service representative, three of which were in the mail room, I am confident that I can provide excellent service as a Mail Carrier. I can follow directions and also work independently when it is necessary.

Though I have not been employed in a Mail Carrier role, I have a solid understanding of the strategic planning and perseverance that are involved in such a position. I helped implement a system within the school’s mail office that directly made tasks run more smoothly: My system helped quality errors drop by 5% compared to the previous year. In my previous position in a department store, I learned the skills of working on a team and using techniques to keep customers calm and happy.

As a patient self-starter who has a proven track record for customer satisfaction, I would do well in the role of Mail Carrier on your team. I welcome the chance to speak with you about my qualifications and the specifics of the job. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to ask any questions about my resume.


Jensen Pope”

Sample 4: “Mail carrier cover letter” 

“Dear [insert hiring manager’s name]

As a transportation professional with delivery experience, strong time management skills, and a knack for being detail-oriented and self-driven, I am confident that I would make a successful addition to the United States Postal Service team as a Mail Carrier.My fifteen years of experience in transportation has given me an in-depth insight into the need for maintaining schedules, adhering to protocols, and ensuring the accuracy of information. I have a successful track record of delivering products quickly while following regulations and working in an efficient manner.

As a resourceful problem solver able to tackle surprising challenges while maintaining my calm and composure, I am confident I can ensure route customers are satisfied with high-quality service. My strong career history is built on well-developed communication, organizational, and decision-making abilities as well as my hardworking and driven nature.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications more fully with you in the near future. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need additional information.”

Sample 5: “Mail carrier cover letter” 

“Peter Wall


Edinburgh, United Kingdom

02 February 2021

Application for Mail Carrier

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the Mail Carrier opportunity currently advertised on your website.

For the past year I have worked as a Mail Carrier in Scarborough County. My daily tasks involve sorting mail in delivery sequence for 312 active boxes, loading mail and parcels into my delivery vehicle, and delivering mail along my assigned 23-mile route.

Mirroring your requirements, I have demonstrated experience performing high-volume, detailed oriented work with a great deal of accuracy, as well as proven ability to work independently with minimal supervision. I am familiar with operating a right-hand-drive vehicle.

As there were cut-backs in my existing department due to the global pandemic, I am now seeking an equally-stimulating opportunity on another route.

I have a valid driver’s licence and a safe driving record. I confirm that I can pass a background test and a drug test.

Please find attached my résumé for your consideration. Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you regarding next steps.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Wall”

Frequently Asked Questions: Examples of mail carrier cover letters

How do you write an impressive cover letter?

Tips on how to write a cover letter:

  • Clearly state the purpose of your letter. 
  • Don’t rehash your entire resume.
  • Use action words and don’t overuse the pronoun “I” 
  • Reiterate your enthusiasm and thank the reader. 

How do you end a supporting statement for a job example?

“In summary, I feel the above demonstrates that my professional skills, knowledge, and personal attributes make me a strong candidate for the role of …. at …… My blend of administrative experience, … and ….”

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