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Samples of Jetblue cover letters

When applying for a position at Jetblue, your cover letter is an opportunity for you to tell your story, without being stuck in the formatting constraints of the resume. The best format for writing a cover letter is as follows:

  • Address the employer with a formal salutation. For example, “Dear/Hello (name of the recipient).” If you do not know the recipient’s name, you can refer to them as the hiring manager.
  • The next step is to state the position you are applying for and how you found the opening. 
  • Make a brief statement about why you’re interested in the position. Write a paragraph about why you are the perfect candidate for the job.
  • State your skills and work experience. Ensure your skills and experiences are similar to the job position. When highlighting skills, provide the accomplishment you have achieved. 
  • Conclude your letter with a forward-looking statement. For example, “I look forward to discussing the position further.”

Sample 1:

“June 15, 2019

Chantelle Williams

Human Resources

jetBlue Airways

27-01 Queens Plaza North

Long Island City, NY 11101

Dear Chantelle,

As a current flight attendant with Delta Air Lines, I was excited to find jetBlue’s call for experienced flight attendants. Not only is jetBlue my hometown airline, being from NYC myself, but I’ve always respected the airline’s policies and service.

During my Delta flight attendant career, I’ve developed and nurtured many skills and abilities, from starting with short-haul domestic flights to my current preference of long-haul international flights. I’m also quite proud of several accomplishments I’ve had over at Delta, including:

Obtained highest regional passenger satisfaction scores (98.37%) in Northeast United States.

Identified and helped to implement an alternate boarding system which led to a 17% reduction of tarmac delay.

I’m always trying to improve myself as a flight attendant, and I hope my successes prove that. Whether I’m calming down an anxious traveler during turbulence or simply saying goodbye at the end of a flight, I take pride in the work I do. And, I would bring that same enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to my work as a jetBlue flight attendant.

If given the chance, I’d love to chat with you by call, email, or face-to-face, about how my particular brand of flight attendant is in line with jetBlue’s goals and company culture.


Sample 2:

“Dear Hiring Manager,

I am thrilled to be applying to become an Airline Pilot at Jetblue Airlines. From the very first time that I ever flew on a plane as a child and looked out the window, I’ve been fascinated by being in the air and decided then and there that I would become a pilot one day. Many years have gone by since that day, and I am now an experienced pilot that’s flown millions of miles. I believe that my experience, my friendly demeanor, and my commitment to providing customers with relaxing, safe and enjoyable flights would make me a great addition to your airline.

I earned my pilot’s license from St. Helena Flight School, which has one of the most rigorous pilot training programs in the entire country. After earning my license, I began working as an Airline Pilot for Flagship Airlines, where I earned a reputation for thoroughness in making sure that every plane that I flew was properly fueled and that all of its equipment — particularly its safety and communications equipment — functioned properly. I am particularly experienced at flying Boeing 747s and 757s. I always bring a friendly and sunny attitude with me when speaking to passengers before, during or after a flight and am committed to making them feel comfortable and safe.

I am intimately familiar with all safety procedures in the event of any kind of equipment malfunction, bad weather or serious turbulence. Thankfully, in my 12 years as a commercial pilot, I have never encountered such serious issues, but I can be relied on to respond accordingly and prioritize passenger safety should they ever arise. I always make sure to communicate regularly and effectively with air traffic controller to stay abreast of all upcoming conditions on each of my flight paths.

I earnestly thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to continuing with the hiring processes and earning the chance to devote my talents to the service of your airline.


Annalise Sinclair”

Sample 3:

“Jameson Gould

City, State, Zip Code

Home : 000-000-0000 Cell: 000-000-0000

Tia Petersen,

I am writing to apply for the Airline Customer Service position with Company Name. I am a customer service professional with 12 years in the service industry over seven of those years in a busy airport setting. In my current position as an Airline Customer Service professional with Springfield International Airport I take on a number of duties daily including checking in customers answering questions and taking ticket reservations by phone.

I am familiar with common computer software used in the airline industry and am adept at learning new skills quickly. My customer service is beyond compare; I handle stress well and am able to think on my feet. I have a friendly disposition am detail oriented and highly organized. In my current airline customer service position I was awarded Employee of the Year for two consecutive years. I would enjoy the opportunity to bring that same level of dedication to the team at Company Name.

I know you will find my qualifications to be exemplary and look forward to speaking with you in more detail about how I can benefit your airline customer service staff. Please contact me by phone or email at your earliest convenience to set up an interview. Thank you so very much for your consideration.


Jameson Gould”

Sample 4:

“Dear Mrs. Carpenter,

I am writing in response to your advertisement on your website, seeking an Airline Reservation Agent at Pickle Lake Airport for your airline. I would fill this position with success, and I ask that you please review the enclosed resume at your convenience.

To be brief, I have been an Airline Reservation Agent for one of your competitors, JetBlue, for the past six years. In this position, I commanded excellent adaptability to busy situations, offered outstanding customer service skills, and helped maintain the utmost in airline security for passenger welfare. This required a thorough knowledge of airline protocol, computer programs specific to the airline, and a dedication to working shifts whenever needed. I can be called a moment’s notice, and I can perform at top speed and with friendliness for many hours on end-should there be airline delays.

Please find my enclosed resume. You will see that I am more than qualified for this great position. Thanks so much for your time.



Joyce Grandberry

Encl: Resume”

Sample 5:

“Dear Heather,

As a short-distance flight attendant with jetBlue, I was excited to find the recruitment had opened for international flight attendants at flyBy. I have 2+ years of experience and over 1000 flights under my belt, and I’d be overjoyed to progress further with flyBy.

Since starting with jetBlue, I’ve adapted extremely quickly, learned invaluable customer service and conflict resolution skills, and have managed a 100% client satisfaction rate so far with no complaints. I take not only the customer service, but also the security side of flight attending very seriously. I have scored 100% for technical and safety knowledge of every aircraft I am certified by my airline to attend. I am CPR and BLS certified by the American Heart Association, and have unfortunately had the necessity to use those skills 2times in a choking accident and a heart attack, in both cases the clients were sustained until emergency landing and transported to the nearest hospital, where they both fully recovered.

I’m constantly developing, gaining more supporting and auxiliary skills, while expanding my existing problem solving, customer service, and empathy skills. I see myself as representing the airline as long as the uniform is on, so I treat it as if I were at work from the moment I enter the airport to the moment I leave, offering help to anyone that asks if needed. I would be excited to bring the same diligence to flyBy. 

When would be a good time to catch up with you about this opportunity? I am eager to tell you about the time I talked down a customer hell-bent on making a complaint when we land, all the way to them sending a letter of commendation to the HQ.

Best Regards,

Virginia A. Sease


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I write an application letter?

“All my experience and skills would make me a great new addition to your establishment. I have attached my resume, which contains a more in-depth look at my experiences and skills. I look forward to hearing from you and would love to visit your restaurant for an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

How do you say you have no experience but are willing to learn in a cover letter?

Example: “I believe that my enthusiasm and willingness to learn to make me a strong candidate.”

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