Cover letter for an auditor with no experience(4 samples)

This blog post will show samples of cover letters for an auditor with no experience.

Samples of cover letters for an auditor with no experience

If you have zero experience and you’re looking to start a job in your specific industry, you can get the attention of job recruiters and hiring managers by including a well-written cover letter for a fresher level with your resume even with limited experience. When writing a cover letter with zero experience, these are some of the important things to include in your letter:

  • Mention your fresh knowledge. Use your recent learning experiences to your advantage; an employer might be more willing to hire you if they know you can help their business acclimate to new technologies or practices.
  • Express your energy and enthusiasm. It shows the potential motivation you will bring to a job as a fresh college graduate.
  • Check your grammar and proofread your letter. It is a way of showing employers your ability to write comprehensive, error-free messages.
  • The first step is addressing the employer with a formal salutation. For example, “Dear/Hello (name of the recipient).” If you do not know the name of the recipient, you can refer to them as the hiring manager.
  • The next step is to state the position you are applying for and how you found the opening. 
  • Make a brief statement about why you’re interested in the position.
  • Since you are a recent graduate, it would help to emphasize your college coursework, internships, and other experiences that show your employability.
  • Ensure your qualifications are similar to the job position. 
  • Conclude your letter with a forward-looking statement. For example, “I look forward to 

discussing the position with you further.”

Sample 1:


I was excited to see your job opening for a junior audit position at your company, and I hope to be invited for an interview.

Over the course of my education, I have proven to have excellent numerical and analytical skills which are necessary when handling financial information. I focus on being result-oriented and am able to handle the pressure of a deadline.

The prospect of working in varying teams at different locations is something that appeals to me to provide an interesting and challenging working environment. I look forward to closely working together and learning from my colleagues on the job but also to have my own responsibilities to account for.

I’m highly motivated to start my economic career as an auditor with you as I believe this will develop my financial and accounting skills on a professional level. After studying the academic side of finance and accountancy, I am ready to start learning how it is applied in practice. Starting as a junior auditor will expand my knowledge and learn about the organization and annual accounts of various companies in practice. Auditing different firms across diverse industries will allow me to understand the numbers behind a company and the way it is organized internally.

Kind regards”

Sample 2:

“123 Main Street, Stateland, ST, 99999

Home: (555) 123-9876 – Cell: (555) 123-9876 –

RE: Auditors

Dear John Johnson

If you are seeking a highly analytical and self-motivated emerging accounting professional to successfully participate in all facets of accounting processes, I trust you will agree that I have the qualifications suitable for a position with your company. My resume is enclosed for your review in consideration for the (Name of Position) with (Name of Company).

My academic and professional experience in general accounting, coupled with my adaptability and determination, will make me a valuable asset to your team. I am eager to demonstrate my ability to perform and coordinate accounting functions in an efficient and productive manner, while maintaining exemplary standards of efficiency, accuracy and attention to detail.

My resume is enclosed for your review. Some of my recent achievements include:

In-depth knowledge of a diverse array of core accounting functions, with a demonstrated capacity to successfully fulfill responsibilities to further corporate / client objectives.

Productive contributor to team projects and self-managed tasks, with the ability to successfully deliver multiple concurrent projects under the tightest deadlines.

Gifted communicator, able to form and maintain strong relationships with management, colleagues and clients at all professional levels.

I am confident in my ability to make an immediate and long-term contribution to (Company Name). I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications and candidacy in further detail.


James Sm”

Sample 3:

“Dear Ms. Gaither:

Upon review of your posting for a junior auditor, I hastened to submit my resume. With my strong understanding of auditing and general accounting principles gained throughout my educational and internship background, as well as my superior organizational and analytical skills, I feel confident that I would significantly benefit your company.

From achieving a strong knowledge of auditing strategies and financial planning operations to conducting research and analyzing reports, my background has prepared me to excel in this role. With a solid foundation in risk management and corporate governance, my communication and team leadership abilities position me to thrive in this capacity and make a significant and positive impact on your finance team.

Highlights of my background include:

Graduating with a master’s degree in accounting (2017) and a bachelor of arts degree in finance (2015) from the University of Texas, Austin; attaining comprehensive knowledge of strategic financial planning, tax preparation, audit coordination, and general accounting principles

Excelling in internship roles with McMahon Financial Associates and Copernicus Accounting; working with senior auditors to gather data, analyze documents, prepare audit findings, and evaluate risk while simultaneously supporting a range of general accounting and financial tasks

Successfully saved a small business client of Copernicus ~$79,500 through skillful auditing and substantiation of expenditures

Preparing financial and accounting-related reports and facilitating special projects while excelling within detail-oriented, deadline-driven environments

Utilizing organizational, interpersonal, and motivational skills to generate peak results

With my solid entry-level experience in auditing, accounting, and finance – coupled with my enthusiasm and dedication to achieving success – I believe I could swiftly surpass your expectations for this role. I look forward to discussing the position in further detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Edward D. Martinez”

Sample 4:

“Dear Mr./Ms.,

Please accept my enclosed letter for the position of Junior Auditor at [XXX Auditing Company]. With a background in the accounting field and my methodological approach in reviewing financial transactions coupled with my commitment to work, I believe I am an apt candidate for this role.

[XXX Auditing Company] has earned a special name for itself in the field of auditing by implementing systematic methods to review the financial records and suggest cost-cutting strategies. It would be a great learning experience for me to be a part of your company.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in accounts which has helped me to develop a piece of strong subject knowledge. 

  • Coordinating with the clients and getting their financial records for validation.
  • Assisting senior auditors in reviewing and validating the financial transactions.
  • Identify unaccounted transactions and document them.
  • Prepare audit reports and submit them to senior auditors for approval.
  • Suggest methods and best practices to reduce costs involved in business procedures.
  • Perform administrative duties such as answering phone calls and scheduling appointments.

I am adept at reviewing transactions and identifying payments that are not accounted for. My suggestions have helped one of my company’s top clients to reduce their cost by 7% during the fiscal year 2020. With my skill set and experience, I can be an invaluable addition to your team.

Thank you for your time and patience.


[Your Name]”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a junior auditor need a cover letter?

Yes. If you’re an auditor looking to start a job in your specific industry, a well-written cover letter helps grab the attention of job recruiters and hiring managers.

How do you begin a cover letter?

The Most Effective Strategies to Start a Cover Letter

  • Start With an Accomplishment. 
  • Inform the Company of What You Can Offer Them. 
  • Show That You Love the Company. 
  • Name-Drop by Saying You Know Someone Relevant.

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