Cover letter for a vocational rehabilitation counselor (5 samples)

This article will list samples of “cover letters for a vocational rehabilitation counselor.”

Examples of vocational rehabilitation counselor cover letters

When applying for a vocational rehabilitation counselor position, your cover letter is an opportunity for you to tell your story, without being stuck in the formatting constraints of the resume. The best format for writing a cover letter is as follows:

  • Address the employer with a formal salutation. For example, “Dear/Hello (name of the recipient).” If you do not know the recipient’s name, you can refer to them as the hiring manager.
  • The next step is to state the position you are applying for and how you found the opening. 
  • Make a brief statement about why you’re interested in the position. Write a paragraph about why you are the perfect candidate for the job.
  • State your skills and work experience. Ensure your skills and experiences are similar to the job position. When highlighting skills, provide the accomplishment you have achieved. 
  • Conclude your letter with a forward-looking statement. For example, “I look forward to discussing the position further.”

Sample 1:

“Dear Mr. Lockett:

Upon learning of your need for a vocational counselor, I hastened to submit my resume for your review. My excellent experience supporting and coaching diverse clients through a variety of personal and career-related challenges – as well as my superior communication skills and my education and training in social work – gives me confidence in my ability to significantly benefit your organization.

From performing client assessments and developing customized strategic vocational plans to working with diverse individuals and effectively supporting and coaching clients, I am well prepared to excel in this role. My ability to connect with clients suffering from various mental illnesses and establish trusting relationships – along with my consistent mindfulness of my personal responses to clients – positions me to thrive in this challenging field.

Consider the following highlights of my qualifications:

Developing and implementing vocational rehabilitation plans in alignment with clients’short- and long-term goals as a vocational counselor with Marysville Healing & Wellness for the past seven years

Assessing individual client needs and skills, identifying and recommending relevant education and training programs to help them meet their career objectives, and securing appropriate places of employment for all clients

Maintaining detailed case records for each client regarding intake information and assessment results for future review

Writing comprehensive vocational evaluation reports, including clients’histories, assessment data, and vocational rehabilitation recommendations

Conducting in-depth research on the local job market and keeping a close eye on upcoming opportunities

Gaining a breadth of experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups facing psychological, physical, lifestyle, career, and substance abuse challenges

Cultivating and managing excellent relationships with clients, identifying individual goals and implementing strategies to drive career goal achievement

With my previous experience and qualifications, complemented by my dedication to providing motivational vocational assistance to clients in need, I could swiftly surpass your expectations for this role. The opportunity to discuss the position in detail would be most welcome. Thank you for your consideration.


Jessie I. Williams”

Sample 2:

“Dear hiring manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor position at your organization. I have been working as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the past three years, and I believe that my experience makes me an ideal candidate for this position.

I have worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds, helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed in their chosen fields. I have also worked with clients who have suffered from a variety of injuries or illnesses, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, strokes and cancer. My experience has taught me how to work with people of all skill levels, and it has also given me the ability to help clients develop new skills even after they’ve recovered from their injuries.

My experience has also taught me how to work with clients who are dealing with mental health issues. Many of my clients have suffered from depression or anxiety, and I have learned how to help them manage these conditions so that they can focus on their careers. I have also learned how to help clients deal with stress and other workplace issues so that they can stay productive.

I would be very interested in discussing this position with you in person. I have attached my resume for your review, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Sample 3:

“Dear Charlie Little,

I am excited to be applying for the position of vocational rehabilitation counselor. Please accept this letter and the attached resume as my interest in this position.

In my previous role, I was responsible for direct instruction of job duties and related skills to support the employee with a significant disability to meet employer standards.

Please consider my qualifications and experience:

  • Demonstrated experience working with adults of all ages who experience blindness and co-occuring, sometimes multiple, barriers to employment
  • Certification in Rehabilitation Counseling (CRC)
  • Experience in applying rehabilitation counseling services to assist with employment
  • Knowledge of the principles, techniques and methods of vocational rehabilitation
  • Knowledge of the psychological, social, educational and health issues facing individuals who are blind
  • Capacity to learn and apply agency policies and procedures including fiscal guidelines for purchasing services for consumers
  • Talent for serving diverse populations and familiarity with secondary disabilities in addition to blindness
  • Knowledge of counseling and job placement of individuals with blindness

I really appreciate you taking the time to review my application for the position of vocational rehabilitation counselor.


Haven Lind”

Sample 4:

“Dear Gray Wyman,

I would like to submit my application for the vocational rehabilitation counselor opening. Please accept this letter and the attached resume.

Previously, I was responsible for independent, professional vocational rehabilitation counseling to individuals with diverse disabilities with the provision and coordination of complex services in order that they may attain or maintain employment.

My experience is an excellent fit for the list of requirements in this job:

  • Demonstrated skill in leading groups of students
  • Knowledge of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance requirements
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of vocational service delivery to persons with disabilities
  • Current CRC credential or eligible to sit for CRC is preferred
  • Experience working with individuals with substance use, serious mental illness, and co-occurring disabilities is preferred
  • Education and Experience as a VRC
  • Experience working with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)
  • Experience working with people living with disabilities

Thank you in advance for reviewing my candidacy for this position.


Morgan Marquardt”

Sample 5:

“Dear hiring manager,

I am writing to apply for the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor position that was recently advertised on your company website. I am confident that I have the skills and experience that you are looking for, and I believe that I would be a valuable asset to your team.

I have been working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the past three years and I have a wealth of experience in this field. I have a deep understanding of the rehabilitation process and I am well-versed in working with a variety of clients. I am also experienced in providing counseling and support to clients and their families.

I am a highly motivated and results-oriented individual, and I always strive to exceed expectations. I am confident that I can deliver on the goals and objectives of the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor position. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this position with you in further detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the qualities of a counselor?

Qualities of a counselor

  • Excellent communication. 
  • Empathy. 
  • Friendliness. 
  • Understanding of diversity.
  • Knowing when to act.

What is the role of a school counselor?

  • Listen to students’ concerns about academic, emotional, or social problems. 
  • Help students process their problems and plan goals and actions. 
  • Mediate conflict between students and teachers.

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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

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