Cover letter for a photographer (5 samples)

This blog post will show samples of “cover letters for a photographer.”

Samples of photographer cover letters

To get a photographer position, you need a well-written cover letter that showcases your passion for and dedication to the industry. When writing a photographer cover letter, these are some of the essential things to include in your letter:

  • Address the employer with a formal salutation. For example, “Dear/Hello (name of the recipient or hiring manager).”
  • The next step is to state the position you are applying for and how you found the opening. 
  • Write a short sentence about why you’re interested in the position.
  • State your skills and work experience; ensure they are similar to the job position. When stating your skills, provide the accomplishment you have achieved. 
  • Conclude your letter with a forward-looking statement. For example, “I look forward to discussing the position further.”

Sample 1: “Photographer cover letters”

“[Today’s Date]

[Hiring Manager’s Name]

123 Company Address

Company’s City, State, Zip Code

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Dear [Mr./Ms./Mx.] [Hiring Manager’s Last Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I’m applying for the position of [position name] with your company as advertised on [company website/LinkedIn/job board website]. I was delighted to see the job opening as I’ve been following your company for the last few years and admire your direct approach to marketing.

I’ve been a freelance photographer for 7 years, beginning as an event photographer while pursuing my BA in Photography. As my true passion lies in photographing people, I transitioned into portrait photography upon completing my degree. I’ve spent most of the past 3 years shooting weddings, as well as portraits of children, families, and pets. Some of my technical skills include:

Familiarity with a wide array of professional cameras, lighting gear, and lenses

Photo editing software, for which I have taken courses, with expertise in Adobe Photoshop

Developing video shooting and editing skills

On a personal level, I’m a people person with a knack for getting smiles and making clients feel relaxed and comfortable. I’m reliable and capable in fast-paced environments, and I always deliver the finished product on time. When it comes to photo editing, I’m highly organized and pride myself on being extremely attentive to detail, with an eye for presentation.

I would like to invite you to view my online portfolio for a sense of the style and quality of my work at: [website]. Please give me a call at (xxx) xxx-xxxx; I would love to speak with you about how my photography can best suit your needs.


Your Name”

Sample 2: “Photographer cover letters”

“Felicity Weeks

City, State, Zip Code

Cell: 000-000-0000

Dear Mr. Jack,

I was excited to learn of the photographer position available with your magazine and hope you will consider me for the position. I have eight years of experience working as a photographer for the local newspaper and would love to move into magazine work. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and tons of artistic ability.

My love of photography began early on while I was a preteen. In high school I won multiple competitions in photography and my experiences led me to major in it in college. My years of work have allowed me experience with all types of lenses and cameras and I understand how a picture can convey more meaning than words are able to.

I am highly creative and artistic and my excellent eye can be demonstrated with my work. My photographs are often featured on the newspaper’s front page and I have responded to countless story sites to capture the images for the public. I always meet deadlines and am very organized.

I would love to join your magazine as a photographer. In addition to my resume, I have enclosed a portfolio of my work. Please call me soon at 000-000-0000 to schedule an interview.


Felicity Weeks”

Sample 3: “Photographer cover letters”

“Dear Mr. Mahood:

As a highly skilled and detail-driven Photographer with key experience managing photo shoots for high-profile magazines and media companies, I am positioned to make a significant impact on your organization.

My background includes designing and setting up backgrounds, lighting, and props while monitoring supplies and leveraging specialty software equipment to drive photo shoot success. With my ability to collaborate effectively with clients, peers, and senior managers—along with my excellent problem-solving, communication, and time management skills—I am confident that my talents will significantly benefit Zottone in this position.

Highlights of my experience include:

Demonstrating expertise in both traditional film and digital photography processes, equipment, and methods; photo evaluation and editing; and final product delivery.

Recent photography experience for leading titles including Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, Oprah Magazine, Cooking Light, and Self.

Possessing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Photography, as well as proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Light Room, Aperture, and Capture 1.

With my keen ability to support and complete challenging photography projects, combined with my steadfast commitment to top-notch quality and production, I am prepared to excel in providing outstanding photography services to your company. I look forward to discussing the position, and my qualifications, in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.


Cherry D. Lyles”

Sample 4: “Photographer cover letters”

“Dear Hiring Manager,

I capture moments. My photography philosophy is to skip the posed, staged shots and get to the heart of the matter: love. From engagements to graduations to family photos, I work with love. In fact, I think that every truly beautiful moment deserves a photo to back it up. That’s why I do what I do, and I would love to join the Cloud Clearwater team. With my vision and your resources, I’m sure we could make memories that will last lifetimes.

While studying photography at Hawaii Western, I began a small photography business to cater to those special moments we all have at university. I covered a few tropical weddings, capturing the essence of that magical time when man and woman become one, and I stood vigil as babies were brought into the church. Each of these affairs was intimate and full of emotion, and I was proud to be a part of their big moments, but I am ready to lend my talents to a larger firm.

I created a portfolio of the most creative and special moments I caught on camera and have achieved them both at @HaddingtonPhotography and on In addition to my favorite pictures, I asked each of my clients to pick their favorite photo to be featured on social media or the website and why they loved it so much. This, I believe, helped market Haddington Photography to where it is today, and I would love to apply this strategy to a new position with Cloud Clearwater.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon. I can be reached at either or (123) 456-7891.


Ivy Haddington”

Sample 5: “Photographer cover letters”

“March 22, 2018

Mr. Mart Robs

Photo Labs Int

543 Photo Blvd

Cannon, MA, 65789


Dear Mr. Robs,

As a photographer for the last 10 years with widespread photography knowledge in diverse categories and photography technology, I read the Senior Photographer job posting on keenly. My qualifications and experience blend perfectly with what Photo Labs Int is seeking in the new position, especially my role as the Chief Photographer at Caxton Digital Ltd.

I have been able to cover weddings, celebrity parties and red carpet engagements, specialized artistic photography, food photography, fashion photography among others in various cities around the world. In my previous job at Caxton Digital Ltd, I covered 50% of the entire special events section alone. I am also adept at photoshoot management, post-processing of images, customer consultations and photo editing. My extensive experience on the job has perfected my skillset, including communication skills.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Digital Art and Photography from Walton College and have a passion for weddings, nature, fashion, special events and demanding photography. Photo Labs Int’s focus on fashion, nature, food, special events, and wedding photography is a delight and welcome the opportunity to join your photography team to boost your profits considerably.

I am always eager to learn new photography techniques and tools and work well individually and as a team. Do contact me via phone or email to schedule an in-person meeting to discuss your needs and the position.


Jackson Futon

Cell: (555)587-7012


Frequently Asked Questions: Samples of photographer cover letters

What is a good opening sentence for a cover letter?

“Dear [First Name], I was excited to come across the [Job Title] position at [Company Name]. As a [Current Job Title] with [# of Years] years of experience, I have become competent in [Relevant Skills & Job-Related Abilities].”

What are the requirements for a photographer?

Photographer Skills

  • Creativity and artistic flair.
  • Networking abilities.
  • Knowledge of digital photography techniques.
  • Image manipulation software skills.

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