Couple Counseling Worksheets (7)

This page displays couple counseling worksheets. These couple counseling worksheets aim to help couples identify and resolve their relationship issues to lead a content, happy, satisfied life and strengthen their relationship.

These worksheets aim to bring couples closer to each other with the help of effective activities that couples can do together.

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites after reviewing relevant content in detail.

Couple Counseling Worksheet- Resolving Conflicts

Counseling helps couples identify their daily life issues and resolve them in healthy, effective ways.

Counseling guides individuals on how to deal with daily issues using several skills and strategies. 

Couple counseling aims to improve the relationships between couples and help them resolve their interpersonal conflicts skillfully.

The strategy used for resolving conflicts and the way it is used determines its effectiveness.

Therefore it is essential to adopt appropriate strategies to settle down different relationship conflicts. Different people use different skills to sort out their issues.

Some use negotiation techniques while some of them compromise.

Some discuss their issue assertively with their partners whereas some of them prefer to ignore the mistakes of their partners and end up forgiving them.

The selection of a specific strategy must be done on the basis of the nature of the problem.

For example, if one partner compromises a lot, the other partners become used to it and start taking things for granted.

In such a case, the other partner must be told it is his turn to compromise when one partner can not do so.

Couple Counseling Worksheets (7)

Couple Counseling Worksheet- Changing Perspectives

A perspective is the point of view of an individual, the way he looks at a thing, the way he thinks about a certain thing and the way he gives meaning to things. 

Every person has a different perspective. It is the way how people perceive things and different people perceive different things in different ways.

The perspective of people influences their thinking patterns, feelings, and actions.

Changing perspective can be helpful in dealing with distressing, challenging, unpleasant situations.

Inability to see a thing from one perspective, inability to see the other side of the picture, inability to understand the other person’s perspective due to one’s own rigid perspective, can have negative impacts on an individual.

It is not wrong to have distinct perspectives but an inability to recognize and respect the other person’s perspective can create chaos and discomfort.

Thus an individual must be able to think in more than one way.

Couple Counseling Worksheets (7)

Couple Counseling Worksheet- Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are the limits that define a relationship. Boundaries are helpful for maintaining healthy relationships.

According to a clinical psychologist, Howes, a boundary is “the line where I end and someone else begins”.

Boundaries vary from person to person. These are the limits that individual sets to prevent himself from being manipulated or used by others.

The boundaries could be physical, emotional or even mental. These boundaries help distinguish one individual from the other.

Since values, perspectives and moto of every individual are different, the boundaries of each individual also vary.

Boundaries play a significant role in maintaining a healthy relationship with family, friends, strangers, teachers, co-workers and hence everyone.

Boundaries make a relationship between couples secure, protected and strong. It increases trust in a relationship, dependence, and reliance.

Couple Counseling Worksheets (7)

Couple Counseling Worksheet- Couples Make Important Decisions Together

  To make important decisions, both partners are involved, as they both are equally important in making any kind of decision, especially important decisions.

Important decisions are important in a way that they are necessary to be made mindfully in order to have better outcomes.

To aid in such circumstances, worksheets are made to make the couples mindful of the fact that both of them are essential for making any decision.

In the following worksheet, the couples are made to write down important decisions and match their thoughts.

The mutual thoughts are discussed by the couple in a wise way and thus the decision is made through the wisdom of both the partners.

  This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet.

If you wish to download this worksheet, visit this site.

Couple Counseling Worksheet- Confessions

Confessions are the statements that an individual uses to share his feelings, guilts and wrongdoings.

Confessions lead to positive acceptance, support, and love from people.

Confessions are a way of strengthening the bond between couples and a way to resolve conflicts efficiently.

The worksheet, confessions, explains the seven major principles of making a good confession.

Good confessions ensure the other person is not hurt, understands the confessor and helps him make a change.

Confessions play a significant role in the relationships between couples. It brings them closer to one another, elicits all misunderstandings and helps solve problems skillfully.

This worksheet mentions the principles that need to be kept in mind while confession things to your partner.

The principles are followed by a confession letter that an individual can use to make his confessions and send the letter to his partner.

The letter focuses on three major points, the offense, the confession and the evidence of repentance. 

This worksheet is great to use. You can download it from here.

Couple Counseling Worksheet- Loving and Caring Behaviors

  Loving and caring behaviors have an important place in relationships. Couples need this kind of behavior to have mental satisfaction and stability.

They are fond of getting cuddles and love from their better halves in order to have positivity in their relationship.

They need such characteristics to lead a healthy life.

Such worksheets aid the individuals in penning down all the loving and caring actions of their partners that they have done in the past, that they are doing in their present, and that they are willing to do in the future.

  The worksheet is presented to you on the next page.

The link to download this worksheet in the form of a pdf is here.

Couple Counseling Worksheet- Fellowship

The worksheet, fellowship, aims to help couples increase their fellowship with each other.

The worksheet focuses on helping couples understand the past of their partners and the effects of those past events on their present.

This would help them understand the present situation for their partners and would strengthen their bond.

The past can not be changed but the future can be made better if the present time is focused rather than continuing the mistakes of the past and keeping hold of the past distressing memories.

Knowing one another’s problems and past situations can help determine the present situation of individuals and understand how they act and say the way they do.

This would help couples improve understanding, communication, empathy between them and strengthen their relationship.  

This worksheet can be accessed from here. You can also download it for your convenience.

This page provided you with some of the most effective couple counseling worksheets.

These worksheets are a source of getting close to your partners, strengthening your relationship and resolve your relationship conflicts effectively.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party website.s if you have any queries or questions regarding these worksheets,  you can reach out to us through your comments, will be glad to assist you. 

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