Counselling For Toads (Book review)

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What is the Counselling For Toads book?

The Counselling For Toads book is a book about Toad who was found in a depressed state which made his friends such as Mole and Rat get worried about him doing something bad to himself and these kinds of characters were present in another book about the Wind in the Willows which you can buy on this website.

Toad’s friends helped him get nursed to health. 

They decided to encourage him by making him pull himself together.

However, these kinds of efforts were all in vain which led Badger to have lacked the patience for Toad’s behaviour. 

Badger has his admiration as an animal but he can’t stand Toad’s behaviour any longer.

This is when he decided to tell Toad that he should get counselling for himself.

The Counselling For Toads book will give people an understanding of what goes on in counselling.

This kind of book is a sequel from the mentioned book before where these kinds of characters were present.

Heron is the counsellor in the Counselling For Toads book where he used transactional analysis as his counselling method.

Because of this method, Toad was able to learn about his intelligence and emotional intelligence where his sessions were demonstrated as each chapter of this book. 

Toad was able to meet his rebellious self and adult self in his counselling sessions with Heron.

He was able to go through his own psychological development which can inspire readers to seek their own psychological growth and development as well.

Robert de Board is the writer of the Counselling for Toads book which he made as a narrative of his counselling experiences as a client and a counsellor.

This kind of book was made for readers to know how important counselling is for mental health and can bring readers to seek counselling when they truly need it. 

You can buy the Counselling For Toads book which is available on this website.

Book summary of Counselling For Toads

The summary was mentioned before as this is a continuation of the Wind of the Willows book with Toad suffering from depression.

This is where Heron comes in to guide Toad through counselling.

Heron has also used other counselling methods such as person-centred, psychodynamic, and existential and how each are used in counselling with Toad.

He made great use of transactional analysis which is the use of the Child, Parent, and Adult model in us to know how other people work in our lives. 

Heron gave Toad some psychoeducation where he was able to learn about his psychological processes and emotional intelligence.

He was also enlightened by his childhood memories and how he connects with his friends who were Mole, Rat, and Badger.

When the counselling session was over, Heron asks Toad to talk about his progress throughout the counselling sessions they have had.

This led Toad to become a whole new toad where he was more capable of doing what he needs to do and be liberated from his crippling depression.

This is a very inspiring book. Any kind of reader can understand the contents of this book where the simple language is used throughout the book. 

The counselling process in this kind of book was very detailed and explains the feelings of Toad after each step in the counselling process and helps people get familiar with this kind of process.

You can learn more about how psychoeducation is done by buying this book on this website.

Who is Counselling For Toads book for?

The Counselling For Toads book is for people who are considering counselling but are hesitant in going through this kind of plan which this kind of book can help encourage you with.

This kind of book can give you access to knowledge about counselling and how this kind of process can help you be the best version of yourself. 

There is an audible version of this book which is narrated by Charles Hunt who made the characters feel real and the counselling process more authentic.

You can buy the audible version for this kind of book which is available on this website.

How Counselling For Toads is good for depression?

Counselling for Toads is not only a book that can help you find a solution for your depression but there have been studies that are indicating that some part of toads is great in treating depression.

Recently, studies in the John Hopkins Medicine are focused on psilocybin that is referred to as magic mushrooms which can cause hallucinations in patients and this medication has been considered to treat physical conditions but this medication has to go through the process of medical insurance.

The psychoactive effects of this medication can take hours which the personnel will be observing in those hours.

This kind of observation is very prolonged that might need long dedication from medical personnel who are studying this medication.

Studies have recently found that toad venom may be an effective alternative from the mentioned medication.

Actually, this is not yet considered with this title due to several reasons. 

5-MeO-DMT is this psychoactive drug that can be taken through the toad’s venom or using plants to synthesize it to another product.

Studies have even found that this drug is as effective as psilocybin in treating people with anxiety and depression.

You should look at this medication as a psychotherapeutic retreat where everyone gathers for a session.

These people will be taking this medication once it passes to them. 

These people will be taking their time to take this drug while a facilitator watches them if there are side effects that may occur while taking the medication.

Davis explains this metaphor indicating that the medication does have a side effect which is physical immobility for 20 to 30 minutes. 

This means you should have someone monitor while you take this medication to guide you in your troubles with movement. Some people who have taken this drug state that they feel much better and they feel like they have moved in another place of existence. 

In this case, people are stating that this drug makes them feel enlightened.

Some are reporting that they sense distortion in sound and vision when taking this medication. 

After less than an hour, patients will get off from the drug’s effects and find themselves feeling normal again.

This is why some patients would say that this medication is the God molecule. 

When this drug is properly taken, there is less room for people to use this medication for recreational use which can lead to drug abuse.

Davis is a personnel in the John Hopkins Medicine that is still working on this medication but no one knowing how long the study will take. 

Not many people have studied this medication for people with depression.

This led to Davis to research on this medication with people from the Western provinces in the United States. 

Participants of the study where guided in taking this medication and they were monitored by a facilitator.

After taking this medication, they will state how they are feeling after the medication to let the researcher know about its effects. 

People who were suffering from anxiety and depression were mostly able to improve from their mental health complications from this medication.

This study didn’t indicate how long the improvements lasted in these people.

Psychology is still minimal in explaining why psychoactive drugs can treat these psychological disorders.

Davis stated that it might from the psychedelic experiences that people have in their mental states after taking this medication. 

When people took this medication, they have experienced psychedelic phenomenon which led them to believe that they were gaining a new perspective.

This led to the thought that these experiences were perceived as encounters with God which made people with these psychological disorders enlightened and were able to get away from their conditions.

Davis and his colleagues were able to make 3 study articles on this medication but studies have been slow.

This is because its difficult to get rapid results from these studies and most health communities are not supportive of his studies. 

His goal still remains the same which is to treat people with psychological disorders.

He stated that this medication has piqued his interest on the effects of psychoactive drugs on people with psychological disorders and he was willing to help people, especially those who were traumatized in relation to his experience in the Veterans Affairs Hospital. 

Davis stated that those experiences have shaped his perspective that there are little psychological interventions for people who are suffering from psychological disorders which made him realize that there is a need to make more to help people in need.

You can learn more about the studies of this medication and its effects by buying this book here.


In this brief blog, we have talked about the book titled Counselling For Toads, review about Counselling for Toads, the meaning in Counselling for Toads, and more information about Counselling for Toads.

If you have any questions about Counselling for Toads, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: counselling for toads

What is the drug toad?

The drug toad is a powerful drug of the hallucinogenic class that causes healing from depression in people who have taken this kind of drug.

This kind of drug is available in the venom of the Bufo Alvarius toads which can be found in different kinds of plants and can be produced synthetically if the patient prefers this kind of product. 

Can you die 5MeO DMT?

Yes, you can die when you take 5MeO DMT.

This kind of situation can occur since there are some chemicals that are extremely toxic that can impact the heart which can lead to death. 

What is the difference between 5MeO DMT and DMT?

The difference between 5MeO DMT and DMT is that 5MeO DMT is  a chemical derived from DMT.

5MeO DMT is stronger by 4 to 6 times than DMT. 

What happens if my dog licks a toad?

If your dog licks a toad, your dog will manifest foam at the mouth and vomit.

Affected dogs will show distress like pawing at the mouth and eyes.

These kinds of dogs should be addressed immediately to vets to treat this kind of illness directly. 

Is it illegal to own a Colorado River toad?

No, it isn’t illegal to own a Colorado River toad.

This kind of toad has an active chemical in its venom which is called bufotenine which is a controlled substance.

This kind of chemical is similar to cane toad venom. 


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