Coping Skills Worksheets (5)

This page provides you with coping skills worksheets.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third party websites, after reviewing relevant content from several websites and selecting the best one to display for you.

Coping skills worksheets, as the name implies, aims to teach coping skills to individuals for dealing with problems like anger issues, anxiety issues, problem-solving abilities and so forth.

There are various ways to cope with uncomfortable, distressful situations. Some of these coping skills include:

Distraction coping skills

Watch television

Go out for a walk

Gossiping with friends

Cook something 

Clean your room

Painting or drawing 

Social Interaction coping skills

Call your friend

Talk to your friend

Talk to you parents

Talk to your loved ones

Attend social gatherings 

Attend a get together or arrange on by yourself

Interpersonal Coping skills

Be assertive

Be humorous

Develop positive self-talk

Focus on positives 

Eliminate negatives 

Do not judge 

Challenge your negative thoughts

Justify you automatic thoughts 

Cognitive Coping skills

Restructure your cognitions (thoughts, feeling and emotions)

Look for the bright side of an event

Think positive

Focus on the benefits 

Focus on the positive outcomes

Tension Releaser coping skills


Watch movie 


Physical coping skills

Avoid caffeine

Avoid  comfort eating

Eat healthy food

Avoid junk food

Do exercise

Do meditation

Do yoga 

Spiritual coping skills

Offer your religious prayers

Help the needy ones

 Listen to the problems of people and try to resolve them

Emotional Coping skills

Identify your emotions

Do not suppress emotions but try to manage them

Regulate your emotions 

Think of positive scenarios to replace your faulty emotions with rational ones

Imagery coping skills

Think of a relaxing situation (for example lying on a soft couch)

Think of a peaceful situation (for example a beach or forest)

Resilience coping skills

Develop self awareness 

Let go of bad memories and recall the good ones

Be positive

Be aware of limitations of a certain event but focus primarily on the positives

Develop self acceptance

Develop radical acceptance 

Coping skills worksheets are also useful for managing unpleasant, stressful feelings.

These worksheets allow effective management of emotions to eliminate their adverse, uncomfortable effects on an individual.

Some of these worksheets are mentioned next:

Coping Skills Worksheet- Coping Skills 

There are more than one ways to solve a mathematical equation. Similarly, there are numerous coping skills to resolve  one’s issues.

The selection of coping skills to use depends upon the situation, the individual, the time and other factors.

More than one coping skill can also be applied to deal with an issue. For example if an individual gets angry on something.

He can distract himself by playing games (first coping skill).

Once he cools down, he can think about the past event again and think of other possible reasons behind the happening (second coping skill).

Objectives: to explore coping skills adopted by an individual in different situations.

Instructions: for each of the below mentioned situations, write down which coping strategy do you use to manage your feelings.

Coping Skills Worksheets (5)
Situation Coping skill/s

Coping Skills Worksheet- Analyzing the Situation 

Managing uncomfortable emotions becomes easier when the unpleasant situation is analyzed in detail.

Comprehensive investigation of the event unveils hidden facts behind the happening and allows an individual to act in a positive, rational way.

Objectives: To enable an individual to analyze the situation to deal with it effectively.

Instructions: Some scenarios are mentioned below. Answer the following questions for each of these scenarios.

Scenario Feelings Possible Reasons Behind the EventNew Feeling 
Your friend misbehaved with you for the first time and she is not sorry about it.

Your boss did not allow you to work on the project you wished to.

Your parents didn’t buy you new clothes for the upcoming event

Coping Skills Worksheet- Cognitive Triangle Worksheet

The cognitive triangle worksheet is an effective coping skills worksheet which enables an individual to investigate the trouble causing event or the stressful situation in detail and break it into parts to develop a clear understanding of what happened.

Limited knowledge about an event may result in the emergence of faulty emotions and feelings which are irrational and illogical.

The best way to cope with the feelings developed in such a way is to break the event down into parts, study the situation in detail and find out other possibilities or hidden realities of the event to allow the true feeling to emerge and minimize the unpleasant effects of previous feeling. 

Cognitive triangle worksheet allows the individual to state the details of unpleasant events, thoughts associated with the event, feelings and the behaviors resulting from it.

Then the individuals are directed to answer some questions about the thoughts arising from that event, in order to justify them and think of other possible thoughts on that event.

This worksheet is a good resource for helping individuals deal with uncomfortable emotions and thoughts.

The worksheet is easily accessible on internet and can be downloaded from this link: 

Coping Skills Worksheet- Emotion Regulation (Anger) 

There are various theories based on emotions. Some of them say that emotions result from feelings while some propose that feelings are a result of emotions.

In either way, an association between feelings and emotions is found. 

If one knows what he is feeling, he can take necessary steps to deal with the uncomfortable feelings arising from his emotions.

For example if an individual is feeling his head pounding, he can recognize he is getting angry and do things to distract himself or think of positive things to calm down. 

The emotion regulation (anger) worksheet is based on anger emotion. It allows an individual to explore his condition in anger, the thoughts he encounters in that situation and the uncomfortable feelings he comes experiences.

This worksheet enables an individual to identify his thought patterns so he could work on them and rationalize them to prevent their negative effect.

The emotion regulation worksheet is as presented to you on the next page.

If you wish to download this worksheet in the form of pdf, click this link: 

Emotion Regulation Anger 

Circle any of the following that fits for you Things that can make you feel angry:  

Losing power  

Being insulted  

Not having things turn out the way you wanted them to  

Feeling physical pain  

Feeling emotional pain  

Being threatened  

Not getting something you want that someone else has  

Not being listened to or respected  

Other? __________________________________________ 

Thoughts you can get from upsetting situations: 

Feeling that you are being treated unfairly  

Believing things should be different  

Sticking to “I’m right and everyone else is wrong”  

Constantly thinking about what bothers you  

Other? __________________________________________ 

What your anger might feel like:  

Feeling out of control, like you want to explode  

Feeling really upset  

Feeling tightness in your body and chest  

Feeling your face get hot  

Muscles tightening and teeth clenched  

Crying; not being able to stop the tears  

Wanting to hit something or someone  

Other ____________________________________________ 

Coping Skills Worksheet- Coping Skills

Coping skills worksheet is a detailed guide for adults which gives information about various coping skills they can adopt to prevent distressful, uncomfortable feelings arising from negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, stress and so forth.

This worksheet gives a comprehensive recount on self soothing activities that one can do to deal with unpleasant situations, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Then it allows individuals to think of things he could do to become more positive, such as by being more spiritual, by interacting socially and so on.

This worksheet also enables an individual to identify his faulty thinking pattern, challenge his thoughts by certain questions and rationalize them.

Distraction is another skill which can help cope with the displeasing situations. 

At the end of this worksheet, the individuals are directed to fill a table which inquires about the unpleasant situations they encountered and which coping strategies they used to cope with these negative feelings.

The individual is asked about the outcome of adopting that coping skill as well to determine how effective that coping skills was.

This worksheet is a great resource for training individuals to cope with difficult times by utilizing numerous coping strategies and checking the effectiveness of the coping skill so they can be used again in future.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet and can be downloaded in pdf form through this link: 

Coping Skills Worksheet- Healthy vs Unhealthy Coping Strategies

Healthy vs unhealthy coping strategies worksheet by therapistaid website, is a great resource for enabling individuals to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy strategies for managing unpleasant situations, emotions, feelings and thoughts. 

This worksheet not only mentions different healthy and unhealthy coping strategies but also clarify the outcomes of both types of coping strategies by giving scenarios to individuals, asking them to select a healthy and an unhealthy coping strategy and think of the outcomes of both types of coping strategies.

Comparing the results of both kinds of coping strategies would assist individuals in checking the effectiveness of coping strategies and help them choose the best coping strategy for dealing with uncomfortable situations.

This worksheet can be downloaded through this link: 

Coping Skills Worksheet- My Strengths

My strengths worksheet is an encouraging worksheet which allows  individuals to compare their strengths before trauma and trauma.

Surely, the strengths after experiencing the trauma are more worthy and appreciable for they helped the individual in coping with the stressful situation effectively. 

This worksheet assists an individual in focusing on the positive outcomes rather than the negative results of the trauma.

Ups and downs are a part of life and can not be prevented but the unpleasant situations can be dealt effectively with the adoption of healthy coping skills.

The new strengths developed in the individual, as a result of dealing with the trauma, makes him more confident, strong and brave. 

This worksheet is a good resource for helping individuals explore their strengths and be encouraged by the strengths they have.

The worksheet is presented to you on the next page.

If you wish to download the worksheet, click on this link

My Strengths! 
A: 5 strengths I already had: 

B. Which strengths helped me deal with my trauma experience?

C. New strengths I have because of the trauma experience: 


D. How I feel about these new strengths:

Coping Skills Worksheet- My Personal Coping Skills List

My personal coping skills list is an interesting worksheet that enables an individual to discover solving skills within himself.

This worksheet enables an individual to explore new coping skills such as self love and accessing one’s higher self.

This worksheet allows an individual to cope with his uncomfortable, unpleasant feelings by challenging his thoughts, making them rational and using emotional release techniques to get rid of uncomfortable emotions without letting them take control over the individual.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet and can be downloaded through this link: 

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This page displayed various coping skills worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were made by us while the majority of them were curated from reputable third party websites, after reviewing relevant content from numerous sites.

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