Compatibility Test (A Comprehensive Guide)

Everyone must have heard a phrase opposite attracts at one point or another in their lives.

But what it means to be compatible in a relationship. Compatibility is much larger than just getting along with a significant other.

It’s more about knowing that your significant other has the same worldview as you have.

Many compatibility tests have been designed to assess if two persons are compatible for each other or not.

In this article we will discuss compatibility tests. 

Compatibility in a Relationship: 

When you meet a person for the first time, you start to get to know him or her by knowing their world views and sharing experiences with each other.

You might also take a compatibility test to know about your relationship. With the passage of time, you might find out that either the other person is very much like you or is nothing like you at all.

If a person is like you, it means that you both are compatible with each other.

If the other person is much different from you, you both may or may not be compatible. 


Compatibility means genuinely accepting your significant other.

In this acceptance comes the acceptance of their life goals, philosophies and personality.

Despite being different a person enjoys another person’s company without having a need to change another person.

In a compatible relation, each of them struggles to meet the relational needs of others.

They might be drastically different from each other, but they do agree on a few core values on which they both want to build their lives. 

Difference between compatibility and chemistry:

It is not necessary that both compatibility and chemistry are present in the relationship.

It is quite common that in the initial sexual tension and attractiveness people miss the incompatible traits and when the honeymoon period is over they tend to break up because of lack of compatibility.

On the other hand, it is not necessary that compatible relationships have chemistry in the initial phase.

It may or may not be present in the initial phase but it definitely fade off with the passage of time while compatibility lasts forever. 

Importance of compatibility:

Most of the time people select an individual for wrong reasons.

We often develop such psychological defenses based on their environment we grow up in. But these psychological defenses can limit us in our adult relationship leading towards incompatible relationships.

Unconsciously we select a person who treats us like we have been treated in our childhood.

In the start, those traits might seem alluring as they let us opt for the position that we have been in during our childhood but later on, those traits can become annoying.

If a person is connected with another individual on the basis of those unhealthy traits, then the traits which were appealing first can become repelling later on making the relationship toxic.

To avoid choosing the wrong partner compatibility should be considered first.

Search for compatibility should never be a search for a missing piece of an individual but should rather be a search for someone who challenges him and helps in growing in their lives. 

Factors which Impacts compatibility:

There are several factors that impact compatibility in a relationship.

Each person accepts the personality of a significant other giving him or her enough space to work and grow personally while simultaneously evolving in their relationship. 

Emotional compatibility:

Emotional compatibility can be understood in terms of the trust. It is the trust that one person has with others that they can lay their guards down in front of them and can be vulnerable.

It is the sense of security one feels while being with their significant other that they will be there for them and hold them always. 

All this trust and sense security while knowing that other person feels the same way towards them. 

Physical compatibility:

Physical compatibility is related to the sexual connection between two individuals. They click sexually.

Physical compatibility is likely to be there if a couple is compatible on other aspects.

Physical compatibility can be increased by being true to one’s own needs and by encouraging significant others to share their needs truthfully. 

Monetary compatibility:

It should give specific importance as a relationship can dissolve if there is a disagreement between the ideologies of two individuals on how to spend their money.

The partner should stick to one ideology on how they plan to spend their assets as when they merge their assets, it can turn out to be a big issue.

Thus it is important to know to which economic philosophy their significant other subscribes, to have a healthy compatible relationship

Future Goal compatibility:

Future goals often shape how much a couple is likely to spend together thus they should be discussed at length.

A person should know their partner’s preferences about career choices, travel goals, housing wants, and children.

If they disagree on these future goals they would most likely break up in the future. 

Life Philosophy compatibility:

A life philosophy is a perspective in which a person steps into the world. It is related to how a person makes sense of the world and how they interpret their meaning.

It encompasses major aspects of an individual’s life such as his religion, his thought about gratitude and love, and their meaning of being.

When a person connects with others on this level they are likely to have a very intimate relationship.

Rather than having similar life philosophies, it is important that you accept and appreciate significant other’s life philosophies to have a compatible relationship. 

Compatibility test:

The importance of compatibility has been discussed above.

If you get along with a person who is not compatible with you, you might end up breaking up with him or her.

It has been established that besides trust and communication, compatibility is the most important factor in making a relationship successful.

When you get along with a person it is better to find out that either you two are compatible with each other or not.

For this purpose, this article has listed five widely used compatibility tests.

These compatibility tests have been selected on the basis of their quality and scientific support.

One of these compatibility tests can be used to figure out if your significant other is compatible with you or not.

365 Tests love Compatibility test:

This test figures out compatibility based on the personalities of each partner.

365 tests love compatibility test helps an individual in a figure which personality type would be best for him or her.

It is easier to look for a partner when you know what you are looking for. In an already existing couple, it measures compatibility based on personality. 

This compatibility test consists of 25 items. It almost takes a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 minutes to complete this test.

The site will automatically generate results for you. This has an inbuilt algorithm which records answers and generates a result based on those answers.

The result of this compatibility test is not based on scores on each answer rather it tells you what is the personality type of your potential partner which can be the best mate for you.  

Similar Minds Big-Five compatibility test & Relationship Compatibility test: 

This compatibility test is based on two tests to measure people’s compatibility.

The first test is a self-report measure which is based on the Big five model of personality and in another test each of the partners needs to answer a set of 60 questions.

It should be noted here that this test can be used to measure compatibility between intimate partners as well as friends. 

Before the actual self-report measure, it asks individuals a few questions related to their relationships such as the length of the relationship, gender of partner, and personal opinion about the relationship on a scale of 1 to 10.

After this the individual needs to answer 50 questions which usually takes around 7 to 10 minutes.

The results are based on the Big five model of personality (Agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness to experience, extraversion).

The compatibility test of this measure consists of 60 items. It was run over 40,000 couples where the basic theme of like attracts like was observed.

Like in the previous section, this test ask some personal question with more added questions such as satisfaction with relationship and sex life and then person proceed to 60 items of the test.

It usually takes around 5 to 6 minutes to complete this test. 

Truity: Which personality is your love match?

This compatibility is more to tell you which personality type is best suited for you.

That means if you are single and exploring what kind of person would be compatible with then this compatibility test is for you.

At the start of this test, you are just asked about your idea of a perfect match and then your personality type is asked based on Myers-Briggs personality type.

If you do not know your personality type it will still show the result. 

The difference between this test and other that it will not tell you what personality type is better for you but it will also indicate what will be the potential downside of establishing the relationship with this personality type and also where this personality type can be found.

The Anatomy of Love: Self-Expansion Quiz for Love:

This compatibility test was designed by Dr. Gary Lewandowski.

This compatibility test is based on the analysis of self-expansion of the individual as according to Dr. Gary being in love is like the expansion of self. You become a new person while in love. 

Psychology’s Compatibility test:

Psychologia test is based on the personality structure that was given by Hippocrates.

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According to him, there are four temperaments of personality known as sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic, and melancholic.

This test measures the compatibility based on these personality temperaments.

This compatibility test comes with three columns.

Questions are in the first column, you put your answers in the second column while in the third column your partner put in his or her answers.

Results show you and your partner’s personality temperament. 

FAQ about Compatibility Test

How do you know that you are compatible with someone?

Following are signs which can tell you if you are compatible with someone or not:

– Both of the partners in the relationship shares the same core values

– You partner enjoy your quirks

– You want your partner first person to know the good or bad happening to you 

– Even after an argument, the bond remains the same. 

– You enjoy each other’s company 

– You do not want to change the other person at any cost. 

Should you marry for love or compatibility? 

It should be noted that though compatibility can foster love between two individuals, love does not necessarily mean there would be compatibility between them.

Thus the prior reason for marrying someone should be compatible and not love. 

What is compatibility?

Compatibility can be defined as how much two persons enjoy each other’s company without having the desire to change another person.

Two persons are compatible when they have enough space for personal growth while simultaneously evolving as a couple. 

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