5 communication games for couples

In this article, we will aim to explore the kind of games that can be utilized to improve relationships between couples. 

What are the communication games for couples?

There are many activities, exercises, and even games developed to help improve relationships between the couple. Following are some of the games that can be played by couples to develop their relationship. 

  • Copycat.
  • This game is goal-directed, meaning the couple is working towards a common goal, and that goal requires effective communication. 
  • Minefield.
  • Give Me a Hand. 
  • Twenty Questions Times Two.
  • Meeting the Eye. 
  • The best of three
  • Arranging a  Playdate.

1. Copycat

It is a goal-oriented game wherein a couple comes together to achieve a common goal which ultimately requires communication between them. The game is played in the following ways:

  • The couple sits with their backs to each other and they have an identical set of building blocks in front of each of them.
  • One partner is supposed to build some sort of structure, for example, a building with those blocks.
  • Then the partner who created the structure would guide the other partner to build the exact structure by giving them a series of instructions 
  • The partner who is building the structure with the help of instructions has to carefully listen to their partner’s instruction so that they can build the exact same structure as their partner. The listener partner must try to build the same structure based on the speaker partner’s instructions.

2. Minefield

“Minefield” is a physically active game that helps the couple in testing their communication and trust. In this game, one partner is blindfolded and the other partner would guide the blindfolded partner through an obstacle course with just verbal instructions. . For this game to be completed successfully the blindfolded partner must have complete faith in their partner and trust their instructions. Also, the partner who is guiding should be a good communicator and be able to provide proper and accurate directions so that the other partner can follow them easily and complete the task successfully.  

3. Give Me a Hand

This is a silly game where couples have to complete quite simple and daily tasks for their partners like buttoning up a shirt, feeding them, or even tying a shoelace. But there is a catch-they have to do these tasks with one arm tied behind their backs. While these tasks might be simple and everyday occurrences to do them with the help of just one arm can be troublesome. Therefore the other partner would have to guide their tied-up partner by giving helpful suggestions or coordinating their movements with the help of effective communication to achieve their goals.

4. Twenty Questions Times Two

If you remember the game “Twenty Questions”, you’ll recognize this game. It can be used to help couples communicate, share important details, and strengthen their connection.

This game is just like the popular game twenty questions. It can be played in the following way

  1. This game should ideally be played without any distractions so the couple should arrange a date when they could play this game in a relaxed manner.
  2. The partners need to create a list of 20 questions to be asked to the other partner before beginning to play. They can be brave and creative with their questions. These questions would be personal and detailed. 
  3. Each partner can only ask one question at a time and these questions would be asked alternatively between the partners. 
  1. After they have done asking the questions they had complied with at the beginning, they can turn the tables and ask the same questions but in the opposite direction. In simple words, if previously they asked “What is your favorite food?”, now they can reverse the question and ask their partners, “What is my favorite food?’ 

This game is a fun way to understand your partner and learn new and interesting things about them. It also allows you to ask questions which previously you could never ask and always wanted to know the answer of. 

5. Eye-to-Eye

This is a game that can improve communication skills. This game can be uncomfortable or intense for some as it involves constant eye contact. The game is very simple in fact it is more like an activity than a game. The game is played by following the steps given below:

  1. The couple should sit face to face and close enough so that they can hold hands while maintaining eye contact with each other. 
  1. The partners should gaze deeply into each other’s eyes and try to understand their feelings or current emotions
  1. The activity truly starts when one of the partners begins to talk about something simple. It could be anything, an incident that occurred that day, how their day went, who they met that day, etc.
  2. The other partner should respond accordingly and share something about themselves but all this while the couple has t maintain eye contact with each other.   
  1. They should go on sharing about things until each partner has had the turn to share at least three times
  2. In the last step, the couple should discuss their experience regarding the game 

This game is a great way to enhance intimacy between couples and make them more comfortable with each other. 

6. The Top Three

This game aims to develop a sense of gratitude between couples towards each other. This game also allows them to openly express their true feelings of gratitude that were not able to do before. 

This game can be played every day and the couple could set some time apart to play this game as it just takes a few minutes. 

The instructions to play this game are as follows:

  1. Take some time to ponder and reflect on the day you had so far. Be aware and understanding of the things that your partner did for you for the whole day today,

Each partner should take turns to tell the other partner three things that they reflected on during the first step and also express what each of those things meant to them. 

  1. Take turns sharing those three things with your partner and tell them what each thing meant to you.
  2. In the last step express your gratitude for each of those three things by either saying a simple thank you or something profound

This game helps the couple in realizing the good things about their partners and also teaches them to be appreciative and vocal about their gratitude and respect. 

7. Make a Playdate

Playdates are not just a kid’s thing but can be enjoyed by adults as well. Couples can arrange a playdate to have some spontaneous, imaginative, and adventurous fun. 

Playdate can be arranged with the help of the following three ground rules:

This activity should be exclusively for the couple and no one else should be allowed, not even kids. Also, they cannot discuss mundane and boring things like bills or chores or even about their responsibilities. 

It should be something that would require both the partners to actively participate such as boating, sailing, rock climbing, trekking, taking dance lessons or cooking classes together, etc. It could even be something simple and easy on the pocket such as going to movies or dinner together, 

  2. The couple can pleasantly surprise each other by taking turns to pick an activity or place for their playdate. They could try out new, exciting things which they always wished to experience. 

This is one of the best activities or games to bring a couple closer and improve their bond and relationship. Through this game, they can relieve their stress and experience exciting things together which will help them enjoy each other’s company. They also get a much-needed break from their mundane everyday life and responsibilities and can talk with each other openly about things concerning or hurting them.


This blog provided several effective communication games that can be utilized by couples to develop or repair their damaged relationships.  The games are a fun way to improve communication within relationships. 

Frequently asked Questions

What can couples do to improve communication?

Communication is one of the key elements of a good relationship. If the communication between the couple is hampered then it can lead to negative consequences. Therefore following are some helpful tips for better communication

  1. Analyze and process the feelings 
  2. Never let your emotions control your speech. Take some time before speaking.
  3. Use ‘I’ statements to communicate your feelings.
  4. Be an active listener so that the other partner can reciprocate in kind. 
  5. If a suitable resolution can’t be reached, try compromising so that both can be satisfied with the outcome
  6. Establish and reinforce clear Set clear boundaries. 
  7. Make your partner feel loved and cared for by leaving notes and sweet messages
  8. Regularly keep in touch with the partner throughout the day.

Why do couples struggle to communicate?

There could be different reasons for different couples for their lack of communication. Some might struggle due to insufficient time and some might be reticent or introverted in nature. There are innumerable reasons for the struggles faced by couples. Also, the struggles faced in daily lives contribute to creating a distance in even strong and healthy relationships. These lifestyle struggles such as excessive workload, long-distance relationships, or even raising children can make many couples struggle and face challenges. 

Is lack of communication a red flag?

It is known that communication is a two-way street. So if the person at the other end is unresponsive or offensive then it also affects the kind of response you will give to that person. If the other person is disinterested in communication then it is a clear indication of them not being interested in the relationship. Therefore lack of communication can be a huge red flag in relationships and need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Is it normal for couples to not talk for days?

While lack of communication can be a sign of an issue in a relationship sometimes it can even happen due to reasonable causes. For example, people in long-distance relationships may not always find the time to talk with their partners. It could be because of conflicting schedules or different time zones. Sometimes even if the couple lives in the same city or even together they cannot talk to each other because of workload, or being tired and needing space. Just as communication is essential in a relationship, a healthy amount of space is paramount to a relationship. 

How do you deal with a quiet partner?

Partners have different personality traits and characteristics. Some could be extroverted and very expressive and others could be shy, introverted, and reticent. Dealing with a partner who is silent and expresses themselves briefly and concisely can pose difficulty for some people. In such cases following are a few helpful tips that can guide you to deal with a silent partner

Set a time to talk and discuss. Observe their routine and select a time when they are more relaxed and open for communication. 

Be honest and express your feelings to them. Be open about how their silence makes you feel. Do not be harsh while conveying your opinion. Suggest it constructively. 

Do not assume what your partner is thinking.

Do not reiterate yourself. 

Focus on the good and positive things in the relationship. 

Be accepting of your partner’s true personality and don’t force them to conform to your ideal standards. 


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