5 common signs that he is hurting after the breakup?

This article will show what are the most common signs guys will give when they are hurting after they have gone through a breakup.

What are the common signs that he is hurting after the breakup? 

Ending a relationship is never easy. And although sometimes they may not want to let it show, men will also be in pain after a breakup. It is just that they will often deal with it differently.

If you and your ex-boyfriend have ended the relationship, they may not have told you how they feel about it. But some clear signs will let you know that he is hurting after this breakup. Here they are.

He has a hard time stopping talking to you 

When a guy is hurting because of a break up he may try to keep his ex as a part of his life as much as he can. He may do that by talking to you, interacting with the things you post online, or even pretending to run into you by accident.

This will often show that he is still in denial over the end of the relationship. And that he misses you, which he may even tell you at some point. This is often a sign that he would be open to getting back together, and he is clearly in pain.

He cuts you off completely 

Other guys will do the complete opposite when they are hurting after a breakup. They will completely cut you off from their lives. This means you won’t hear anything from him, even if you ask his friends. He may also take you, your family members, and even your friends off of all of his social media.

And although sometimes people will do that to heal from the breakup, if your ex is going to the extreme, and it is taking away all the memory of you ever existing in his life, it may be a clear sign that he is hurting after the breakup.

He gets the urge to start a completely new life 

Women will often change their hair after a breakup. For guys, when they are hurting from the ending of a relationship, they can feel the urge to start their lives anew. They may want to move to a new city, get a new job, and live a new life that they were not a part of.

He may be doing that as a way to deal with the hurt the break has caused. Since men have a lot more difficulty in dealing with emotions, when they are faced with this hut, they may begin to think of how they can improve their life. And it is in this moment that they will do a complete change that can leave you wondering what is happening.

Or he goes back to being his former self

But if they feel they are not able to invest their energy towards being someone new, they may jump back on being who they were before the relationship. And it is at this moment that they can go back to doing things that they know you hated.

For example, your ex-boyfriend may have smoked once the two of you met, but as the relationship went on, they decided to quit. But now, almost as a way to hurt you, he may go back to smoking.

Or he can start dating a person that he knows you don’t like or have always been jealous about. All of this may be a way of showing how his life is now better with you, but in reality, it is your reaction that is causing him to move, showing clearly that he is still hurting from the breakup.

He may begin to act mean towards you

Similarly, as a way to process his pain, he may begin to act mean towards you. If the two of you work in the same environment, for example, he can begin to find ways to sabotage your work relationship.

But it is not only that. They may be hurting so much that they begin to bad mouth you to friends, to their family, or even to your friends. They can begin to act like the victim of the breakup and make you seem heartless for not caring for them during this process.

He jumps into a new relationship 

It may not even be a serious relationship. But when he is hurting from the breakup, you will see that he seems to be chasing every woman around. They are having a series of flings, and make sure you know about it.

When he is doing that, he is trying to show you what you have lost, and how desirable he is. This is a clear attempt to show he is doing well, but also to make you jealous. But it is not only that when he is acting like that as a way to force himself to be over you. 

He can’t express how he feels

Men have a harder time expressing how they feel than women. And sometimes a guy may be hurting so much from a breakup that he finds it impossible to say how he feels. He won’t be able to act in any of the ways said above.

Some men, when they are hurting from a breakup, will shut themselves down. They won’t talk to their friends and family. And sometimes you may be surprised that they haven’t told other people about the breakup yet. 

Unable to deal with their emotions, they also feel unable to share them. So they stay quiet, and often hidden while they are processing what has just happened. And even though you may not know they are going through this, because they will seem so private, likely, they are surely hurting after the breakup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the common signs that he is hurting after the breakup?

Do guys ever realize they have lost something great?

Yes, guys will often come to terms with what they have lost after a while when they calm down. Right after the breakup men will often be filled with the sense of liberty that the breakup causes them. They will be eager to experiment with all they can in their single life.

But after a while, especially as they realize that the single life is not as perfect as they had envisioned it to be, they will begin to think about their relationship. Sometimes, they can begin to feel like they had a great thing and end it, and this can lead them to try to get in touch with their former partner.

They can begin to do so in hopes of getting back together, so if by then their former partners are still open to that, it may be the time to let the guy in once again.

What are signs that the guy is regretting the breakup, and wants me back?

When a guy is regretting the breakup and wants you back, they will show it in some ways. First of all, they will keep getting in touch with you, because the idea of not talking to you is unbearable to them.

He will also show some interest in your love life to make sure that you are still single, and learn whatever may be going on in that area of your life. He will also behave nostalgic, and bring to the conversation many happy moments the two of you have shared.

Aside from that, you can feel like you are running into them everywhere you go. That is because they are making a point of meeting you. And his social media will show no signs of other girls. 

Aside from that, he will act extremely protective over you and is constantly trying to show you that he has changed in all the little things you have always complained about.

He can begin to openly flirt with you and is often apologizing for what he may have done wrong during the time the two of you were together. They may also be asking your friends about you or sending you messages when they are drunk. And finally, they will compliment you.

Will guys come back if I use the no contact rule?

It can be that a guy will come back if you use the no contact rule with them. After some time in silence, if they are living single life to its fullest, but at some point, they can get frustrated by it, they can go through a negative experience, or realize that it is not as good as they imagined it to be.

At that point, they may begin to ask themselves if their life wasn’t better when they were in the relationship. Because you have kept silent, they can begin to wonder what is happening in your life, and it is at that point that they might begin to get in touch with you.

But you should keep in mind that the no contact can’t only be focused on getting the guy back. In that, you should also focus on caring for yourself and make it a point of making your life as great as you can. 

This will often show the guy that you weren’t just sitting around waiting for them to come back, but that you know how to live a great life by yourself.

What are some signs my ex has moved on?

When your ex has moved on, you may realize it through some signs. One of them is that the communication between the two of you will slowly decrease, and when you do interact, it may not be as fun as it was before. 

Aside from that, the interactions between the two of you will have less of that awkward tension. It is also a clear sign that they have moved on when they begin to have a serious, and committed relationship with someone else.

What is the 3-month rule in a relationship?

The 3-month rule in a relationship context implies that both the parties in the relationship should not be dating for 3 months after they have broken up. Because during this time both of them will need to breathe and regroup from what they have been through.


This article showed what are the most common signs that a guy is hurting after he has gone through a breakup.

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