What are the most common cheating signs a narcissist gives?

This article will show what are the most common signs a narcissist will give when they are cheating on you. Aside from that, the article will show why narcissists often cheat.

What are the most common cheating signs a narcissist gives? 

When a narcissist is cheating on you, it is most likely that they will change some of their behaviors, which can clearly show you that they are cheating. Here is what they will often do.

They will assure you that they would never cheat 

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, right from the start they can begin to make big promises that they will never cheat on you. You may find it weird, but will take this gladly, since you may be falling in love with them. 

To make themselves look good they can even go to the extreme of telling you some sad story about how they have been created before. And how this made them value honesty even more. But this is the type of behavior that hides what they have in mind, that they will cheat on you soon enough. That is if they haven’t cheated on you yet. 

They can disappear sometimes 

When a narcissist is cheating on you they can go off the grid sometimes. You may start to realize that they are not answering your calls, or replying to your messages as fast as they did before. At the beginning of the relationship, you may not think too much about this.

But if it goes on throughout the relationship, you may begin to wonder if your loved one has been giving time to someone else, for that, they can even cause a fight between the two of you. 

It can also be that they disappear as a way to give you the silent treatment, to make you keep guessing what they are doing, as they pursue someone else. So they can go back to you and you won’t question them, since the silent treatment made you fear you would lose them.

The use they make of social media can seem off 

Narcissists will use social media as a way to feel good about themselves. They can feel that it is good for them to have people admiring them. They can also begin to use dating apps, even while in a relationship, to flirt with other people, which will make them feel good about themselves.

When they are cheating, they can leave flirty comments on other people’s pictures or will follow many profiles with explicit content. Or, they can be the person that won’t have any social profile, which can often be a way for their partners to never discover what is happening in their lives besides what they decide to share.

People around you may begin to tell you to not trust them 

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, it may be hard for you to pay attention to all these signs. That is because they are great at diverting your attention, and manipulating you to see things differently from what they are.

But they won’t have the same power over your friends and family. This means that at some point they will begin to tell you that they sense that there is something wrong. And although it may be hard to believe that, you should try to look at things from their perspective.

They will lie 

Narcissists have no problem at all with lying. And you may begin to think they are cheating on you if you ever get them on a lie. You can feel like they are lying even when there is no reason to do so. That is because they get so caught on to the lies they are telling, that it leads them to even compulsively lie.

To make themselves look good they can even go to the extreme of telling you some sad story about how they have been created before. And how this made them value honesty even more.

They will project 

If you ever try to talk to your narcissistic partner and ask them if something is happening, it may be that they will project on you. This means that they will often say that you are accusing them of cheating, because you have cheated on your mind, and may have done it already.

Projection is a defense mechanism narcissists will usually use to get their attention away from what you say they are doing, and focus on what you may have done wrong.

Their sex habit will change 

When a narcissist is cheating, you will see that they won’t treat you the same way. They won’t be as attracted as they were to you before, so they won’t want to have as much sex as they used to.

That is because they are feeling this desire and need with someone else, that has been fulfilling them. In some cases, when all of the sudden they want a lot more sex with you than they did before, it can mean that they have just discarded the other person, so they are now counting on you to fill their needs.

Their spending pattern will change 

Narcissists often like doing grand gestures to the person they are with. So it is an indicator that they are cheating if you notice that they have been spending a lot more money on things you don’t know what they are. They may be buying gifts for the other person, and won’t spend any more money on you. 

Why do narcissists cheat? 

Not all narcissists cheat, and not all cheaters are narcissists. But being a narcissist is something that can make it easier for a person to cheat. That can happen to narcissists because, after some time in a relationship with you, they will need a new narcissist supply. 

That is because at some point they can feel that what you are giving them doesn’t interest them anymore. Sometimes they can also do it just because they feel like they can. Narcissists have such a sense of entitlement, that they feel they deserve to have another partner when they want it.

It can also happen because narcissists have difficulty refraining from acting on impulse. This, connected to their sense of entitlement, will make them act as they wish. So if at any moment they find someone that is attractive, and can give them what they are missing, they just go for it.

Narcissists will also cheat as a way to assert their power over you or the other person. They want to see that they can seduce other people, even if they are already in a relationship. 

And finally, they may do it because they don’t have any empathy at all.  And this can lead them to act without any consideration as to how you feel, and how much their actions will harm you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the most common cheating signs a narcissist gives? 

Is there a cure to being a narcissist? 

No, there is no cure to being a narcissist, but at some point, the narcissist can come to terms with the fact that their behavior is leading them into trouble, and because of that, they can look for professional help. 

In that, they may go to therapy. The process will help them look at themselves out of that perfection lens. They will also be able to create more realistic goals for themselves which are not based on that grandiose view they have.

In some cases, the narcissist may be going through other mental health issues, such as depression, or anxiety, and because of that, they may need to go to a psychiatrist who can prescribe them medication.

Will a narcissist regret losing me? 

It can be that a narcissist will regret losing you. But you should understand that they don’t connect to people the same way as others do. So they will regret losing what you could do for them, not necessarily the person you are.

So if at any moment they realize that they are alone, or that the people around them haven’t been doing all they could to make the narcissist feel good about themselves, they can start to regret losing you, and in that, they may even pursue you to try and get you back.

When that is the case, it can be up to you to decide if, once again, you want to start what often is the toxic cycle of a relationship with a narcissist.

How can I make a narcissist miserable? 

Making a narcissist miserable has a lot to do with making them feel like they no longer have control of things, or are not as perfect as they try to show. So if you want to make them miserable, the first thing to do is show them they don’t have control over you anymore.

You can begin to act spontaneously and be more assertive about your opinion. Not bending to what they say, or bringing facts to an argument that won’t allow them to twist the reality is also something that will make them miserable.

Going through matters that remind them they are not perfect, not getting a job promotion, or having a financial crisis can both make the narcissist miserable.

Is everyone that cheats a narcissist? 

No, not everyone that cheats is a narcissist. People can cheat for various reasons, and still not have a narcissistic personality disorder. But what is known is that narcissists will often be more susceptible to cheating.

They can often do it because their lack of empathy doesn’t let them consider how this would feel for their partner. Or they can do it because they feel entitled to it, or as a way to assert their power over their partners. Narcissists will also cheat if they feel their partner is not giving them too much, so they will look for that narcissistic supply elsewhere.

Who are narcissists attracted to?

Narcissists are often attracted to what people can give them, so since they aspire for power, they will often be attracted to powerful people, and are more self-assured. 

But there seems to be a problem in this type of relationship since, at some point, the self-assured person won’t want to make the narcissist the center of their world, and it is then that the narcissist may leave.

When that happens, they may look for a more fragile person, with shaky self-esteem, who will be more than willing to put the narcissist in that position, and attend to their every want, and need.


This article showed what are the signs that a narcissist is cheating on you. Aside from that, it explained why this often happens.

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