Codependency Worksheets (7)

This page provides you with codependency worksheets. Codependency worksheets help individuals identify if they are codependent on others.

These worksheets help individuals learn ways to eliminate codependency in their relationships to prevent adverse effects on them and their lives. 

Some of these codependency worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated fro reputable third-party websites after reviewing relevant content in bulk. 

Codependency Worksheet- Am I Codependent? 

Codependency is referred to as a behavioral condition in a relationship in which an individual allows the other individual’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility or under-achievement.

Codependency is a term used for a relationship in which one individual depends on the other individual for approval or sens of identity.

The individual who depends on the other thinks he can not survive or succeed without the help of the person whom he depends upon.

Some common signs of codependency include facing difficulty in making decisions in a relationship, facing problem while communicating in a relationship, having issues in recognizing one’s own feelings, needing other’s approval before doing or saying anything, valuing other person’s opinion more than one’s own opinion and lacking self-confidence, trust, and confidence in oneself etcetera. 

Codependency is not a good thing.

Thus, it is essential to identify if you are codependent on others or not, to overcome codependency for leading a healthy, happy and confident life.

Codependency Worksheet- Identifying Causes of Codependency

There could be various reasons behind codependency.

Some of the common causes of codependency include living in an abusive relationship, being harassed, feeling of worthlessness due to emotional abuse, neglect, poor self-esteem, poor confidence and so forth. 

Codependency is usually originated in childhood.

When children are neglected by their parents or they experience a traumatic event such as abuse or they have strict parents who do not let their children be themselves or the children’s emotions are ignored, the children lose their self-confidence, feel worthless, develop feelings os hame and guilt and become codependent on others.

This codependency then continues in their later years of life too.  

Codependency Worksheet- Breaking Codependency

Codependency is harmful to an individual’s well-being. Thus it is essential to identify codependency and work on it.

There are various ways one can adopt to break codependency.

Some of these ways include practicing self-care, focusing on one’s own needs, wishes, and desires, learning to be independent, learning to avoid asking for assurances before doing or saying anything, trusting on one’s own actions and words, setting realistic expectations, setting realistic goals, defining and practicing boundaries, dealing with the past and focusing on the present moment without worrying about the future. 

Codependency can not be broken down by the individual himself.

The dependent and the individual whom the other individual is depending upon, both must work mutually to break codependency.

The goal of both the partners must be to get rid of codependency and form an interdependent relationship in a way that both partners contribute something in a relationship

Codependency Worksheet- Codependency

‘Codependency’ worksheet is a great resource for increasing knowledge about codependency.

This worksheet consists of six pages and gives a detailed note on codependency.

The worksheet gives an extensive definition of codependency and mentions the relationships that are affected by codependency.

It explains in detail how a dysfunctional family leads to codependency.

It highlights the behaviors of codependent people and their characteristics to aid an individual to identify codependency in his relationship or in relationships around him. 

The worksheet mentions some questions that can help identify if an individual is in a codependent relationship.

It mentions the aftermaths of codependency and suggests some of the most effective ways in which codependency can be broken down.

This worksheet is a great guide for learning facts about codependency, its symptoms, characteristics, and ways to overcome codependency.

You can get access to this worksheet from here. 

Codependency Worksheet- 7 Ways to Avoid Codependency in Your Relationships- Worksheet 

7 ways to avoid codependency in your relationships worksheet helps clarify the concepts of individuals about codependency.

This worksheet enables individuals to identify codependency in their relationships by analyzing the symptoms of codependency. 

The worksheet help individuals to break codependency in various ways including meditating, exercising regularly, socializing, reflecting their feelings and so forth.

It allows individuals to identify their needs and the ways in which they can attain those needs.

It helps individuals develop self-care and help others deal with their issues by themselves.

It enables individuals to gain trust in themselves and lessen the habit of asking for other people’s approval before daying or doing anything. It teaches individuals how they can develop self-compassion, positive self-concept, assertive communication and set boundaries.

This worksheet is highly recommended for breaking codependency.

You can get this great and at the same time effective, worksheet from here.

You can also download it for your convenience.

Codependency Worksheet- Codependency and Distorted Thinking

One’s feelings and thoughts affect one’s behavior. In the same way, thoughts influence codependency in relationships.

The thoughts that an individual can not do anything good without someone’s help, the thoughts an individual can not survive without someone, the thought that one will be not accepted by people in his society if he does a mistake, all strengthen codependency.

Codependency and distorted thinking enable individuals to identify their thoughts associated with their codependency and replace those thoughts with rational, positive and logical thoughts to help break down codependency. 

This worksheet is really helpful for getting rid of codependency in a relationship and developing positive thinking pattern.

You can download this worksheet from this page. 

Codependency Worksheet- Affirmations for Overcoming Codependency 

Affirmations are the sentences or phrases that provide support to individuals.

Affirmations are the positive dialogues that help individuals develop self-confidence and gain trust in themselves.

It helps individuals learn self-empowerment and believe in themselves.

Affirmations can be a powerful tool for overcoming codependency.

Affirmations for overcoming codependency worksheet is a very helpful self-help worksheet that allows individuals to restructure their codependent thought patterns with the help of positive affirmations.

The worksheet mentions various scenarios to individuals and directs them to think of s positive affirmations for each of those situations that would help them gain trust in themselves and prevent codependency.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet and can be downloaded in the form of pdf from here.

This page displayed various codependency worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites.

These worksheets are a helpful source for identifying and overcoming codependency.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know in the comments section.

We will be glad to assist you. 

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