Classpect (A Comprehensive Guide)

Classpect is a phenomenon made known to by a popular comic writer Homestuck which means an individual’s personal growth and his total control on reality is called classpect.

It has two mechanisms. “An aspect” refers to realism in which all our energy and attention are focused and “the class” which regulates how these characteristics act together.

Classpect has numerous advantages such as it helps the individual to know about themselves and others, how to enhance their problem-solving skills so that they can easily handle and sort out their daily problems, our success and failures and how to move on in life after a defeat, and most importantly it helps to understand emotions of others to maintain a relationship.  

In this article, we will discuss the classpect test.

Determining Your Classpect

          In order to determine an individual’s role, you have to give some attention to specific components of the classpect test such as a focus on the thing that grabs your attention more and you frequently remain more focused to achieve it. Your focus is the only thing that signifies your role.

Although there are numerous tests to determine your classpect role if faced difficulty to determine which role fits you more.

While deciding your role, always remember that there may be billions of roles in just one class and still they are different from each other.

So if you think you don’t share a similar characteristic with a specific role it doesn’t mean that it’s not for you.    

Classpect Aspects

              Aspects based on the twelve basic ethics and six facts that provide the framework for reality.

All the facts are opposite from each other because the two facts are grounded in the physical world such as space and time.

The remaining four aspects emphasize the way an individual interacts with reality.

Everyone has more or less these aspects that help an individual to increase the predisposition of an event in order to control it.

Classpect Space

Space refers to the spatial difference (speed, magnitude, and place) in the physical world.

Such as Jade’s search through skills (create the bunny), Calliope’s ability of fiction and drawing as well as Kanaya’s SGRUB skills.

Both use the space and turn old components into totally new and amazing ideas.

Time is the opposite of space because both have various extents and symbolize the mirror image of formation as well as devastation.

Classpect (A Comprehensive Guide)

Classpect Life

Life is about liveliness to power. Realism also provides strength to sort out different problems.

People who have high life energy have a habit to be more delighted and enthusiastic and dislike social norms, traditions, and restrictions.

These people prefer to be independent and successful and make their way in any situation.

Such as the frequent flight of the survivors with their tough conditions and people who reject those laws that limit their ability of freedom.

Doom works as the opposite of life.

When life works as breaking the rules to feel the freedom and the courage to solve any problem Doom plays the role of following the rules and regulation of the world and giving up their abilities to influence reality. 

Classpect Breath

Breath refers to the ability to set a goal and achieve it by going through tough times.

It usually indicates liberty, search for knowledge, inspiration, and a path. Breath players seem to be cheerful and meaningless.

Though they turn out to be more ambitious, strong-minded, and influential without losing their previous personality characteristics.

They deal with problems emotionally and have the ability to ignore the extreme pain to maintain their attention.

Breath players avoid responsibility or have a silly nature whereas, blood players are more loyal.   

Classpect Mind

              The mind is a symbol of how people perceive themselves as who they are, their strength and weakness work on its own rather than depending on luck.

Mind helps to understand the intention of others. It also speaks of a defense system of the human body in the physical world and tries to hide the true nature of a person as well.

Mind work the opposite of heart because it ignores the emotional component in decision making to make a good decision.    

Classpect Rage

  All negative emotions (fear and anger) of human beings fall under the rage. Although anger is not a bad thing it is just like any other emotion of humans but anger sometimes causes damage such as it limits your ability to see the possible solution of a problem rather than acting abruptly in a situation.

At the same time rage helps a person to show their dominance on others and beat them for their wrong deeds.

Rage can be considered as the opposite of positive emotion i.e., hope that helps people to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

Classpect   Void

            Void might be considered as nothing but that is something that makes it everything.

It is related to damage of information, confusion, hiding secrets, avoiding others’ emotions, working in darkness, bad luck, and eventually death.

It works as a very silent, annoying, confusing indirect way and at the end depends on luck to clear the mess that was already created.

Void players also have the ability to achieve their purpose without having any fear.

Light is considered as an opposite of void because void usually works in darkness.   

Classpect   Time

             Time is considered as the negative aspect that human beings hate the most but at the same time, it is the utmost significant one too.

Time is the only physical energy that exists when anything takes place due to its continuous flow of passing the seconds.

Time players understand the value of every passing second and use it to achieve the goals that help them to increase their ability of patience.

Time is considered as the opposite of space because both have different meanings of their reality and both share similar characteristics such as having the ability of creation and devastation.

Classpect  Doom

         Doom symbolizes an organization that has a boundary too.

It can tell us what is going to happen next such as death and also how it is going to happen.

It is related to giving up your skills in order to result in a change. Such as pushing yourself to an unbreakable point or beyond the limits to achieve your goal.

Doom players are a little depressed due to their limitations but also have great abilities.

Doom actually limits the abilities to create a change that is considered the opposite of life which allows freedom.   

Classpect Blood

 Blood is considered synonymous with loyalty.

People who have that ability give more attention to their relations, help their friends and family to overcome their difficulties and also sacrifice their freedom so that they stay loyal with others.

It is opposite of breath because breath doesn’t believe in making bonds with others and work as a free will.   

Classpect Heart

The heart symbolizes the true internal self or soul of an individual.

Your real emotions, desires, and the way you achieve it is considered as who you really are.

Heart players are not affected by others’ opinion but prefer to do things in a way they feel is right.

Heart and mind often have contradictions related to the ability of motivation such as what you feel and how you believe that other people will see you are the conflicting things.

Heart believes that people know about their actions for others.

Classpect Hope

Hope is an optimistic feeling in every situation and attempts to look at every single likelihood of the problem rather than losing control of the mind.

Hope is one of the positive emotions that believe in miracles rather than limit your views like the aspect of rage.  

Classpect Light

Light can be referred to as windfall while void is a misfortune. It’s a quest of truth, reliability, and an attempt to gain knowledge.

Light players are full of hope and joyful in nature that helps them to survive.                

Classpect  Classes

Homestuck mentions 14 modules in which 12 classes belong to normal classes while 2 are master classes.

Master modules are not explained in detail as compared to normal classes which are extremely well explained.

Classpect Mage

         Mage symbolizes a full of energetic, dominating, and thoughtful class.

They fulfill their responsibilities at any cost whether or not people apprehend the reason behind it.

Mage class first understands the situation and then acts according to the requirements.          

Classpect Seer

Seer symbolizes an inactive thoughtful class as compared to the mage.

They use their aspect in helping others without showing dominance to change the world.

Although they don’t know what is going to happen in the future, they prefer to be ready for any kind of situation.                              

Classpect Witch

     Which belongs to the active module. They use their aspect to work according to their useful desire so that change can be brought to the world.

The heir is considered as an inactive colleague of a witch who is unable to control their aspect directly.          

Classpect Heir

       Heir symbolizes as promoting change in different ways such as by using their aspect and enhancing the ability to control it.

Heir prefers to lead and guide others in tangible form. The shape and control their aspect rather than changing it.        

Classpect Maid

The maid is an active character of the main class. Its main focus is to deal with the characters and innovative things.

Classpect Sylph               

Sylph symbolizes having the habit of healing and fixing problems.

Hey, ac as an intelligent woman who held others while they faced problems.  

Classpect Prince

           It is the destructive character of the class. He always dreamed of any situation and then destroyed them.

The prince is inherently destructive and it became the cause of a lot of problems.

Classpect Bard

The bard is passive destruction and having more appropriate and following the syllable rule.

Bard keeps the aspect in surroundings and remains in a light mode.

It also believes in miracles and hopes for the best for the betterment of things.     

Classpect  Thief

                The thief is an active character of the play. It dominates and keeps placement of all aspects.

It keeps the things in an imaginary way and follows some myths about things.

The lord and the king possibly know about his control, allocation, and thievery.

Classpect Rogue

The rogue has the ability to move the things around and it allocates the things according to the needs and the importance of the character.

She is not afraid to hurt others and even able to listen and have the motivation and ability to deal with the problems.


The mistreatment second name is called the knight. It often uses things which use better according to the situation.

They put the best and with the close friends spend or use the time with better resources.

The main factors are attack, defense, and information gathering.

  It is the full story including all the characters and the aspects not only with their strengths and the flaws.

There are many followers who like the drama and follow it.