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citalopram forum

In this brief blog, we will be talking about citalopram forum , the contents of a citalopram forum, the benefits of a citalopram forum, and more information about citalopram forum.

Different kinds of forum questions in citalopram forums

The following are different forum questions that were asked in several forum websites that were talking about citalopram:

Starting citalopram

A user talked about the experience of taking citalopram in the dosage of 20 mg and the cause for this intake.

The user has been suffering constant worrying that has gotten over the user’s head. 

The user finds this condition annoying that the user tried stuff that could treat this condition.

The user even went through counselling but the user was afraid that too many secrets of the past might be dug up.

The user believes that fortune is prominent in the user’s worry which means there is nothing to worry about.

That’s what the rational mind of the user states but the user finds that there are a lot of things to worry about. 

The user has been reading CBT books that could try stopping this unnecessary worrying.

Although the therapist has insisted that the user takes this medication and the therapist told the user that it is possible to feel worse from the medication.

 The user was very reluctant about taking this medication since there is a possibility for failure in the intake of this medication.

The user didn’t tell the husband due to the lack of understanding in the husband’s eyes.

The user was asking if someone who has taken this medication has some increased anxieties after taking this medication.

The user has suffered extra worries at the first try of this medication during the holidays.

The user states that she has a type A personality which may be another reason for her extra worries.

The user decided to ask for help from other users in this citalopram forum.


A Response From BlueBelle

This user has responded to the fact that she hasn’t tried any antidepressants for anxiety.

She states that she would recommend taking CBT over medication since medications have some kicks when one takes them as treatment.


This user would recommend that the questioning user should take this medication.

This user states that there were also experiences of having extra anxieties when she first stated this medication.

In the later days, the user was able to see the benefits of this medication and the extra anxieties where only side effects to this medication.


This user has tried this medication and has shown that this medication is very effective.

The user was very happy about the fact that there was treatment from the anxiety and this medication really helped.

This is why the user suggested that the questioning user should take this medication for her anxieties.

Citalopram forum (Hot topics)

Has someone tried citalopram for anxiety or depression?

This user was asking if someone has used this medication for depression.

The user also asked for the side effects of this medication to let the user be aware of the possible experiences that could happen after taking this medication. 



This user has stated that there was the use of this medication. The user did not remember any side effects that are bad for the user.

This medication may have later effects where 3 weeks was the awaited time before the benefits set in. 


This user has taken this medication for a month now. This medication has caused headaches and sleeplessness but these side effects were already gone.


The side effects that this user has experienced were dry mouth and weight gain. This medication was still helpful to the user’s panic attacks.

To learn more about Citalopram as a drug for treating anxiety and or depression, you can read reviews of the people who’ve consumed it.

Good experiences with citalopram

This user has been prescribed with this medication to treat depression, anxiety, and panic disorder.

This user has been reading bad experiences about this medication which is making the user feel worse about taking this medication even though it might be good for the user.

This is why the user asks if there are good experiences associated with this medication.

It will be highly appreciated by this user if the user knows the good experiences that also come with this medication. 



This user didn’t experience too much side effects except for headaches and nausea but this medication hasn’t really been good for the user’s psychological disorder.

Although you will never know which antidepressant medication will work and this would entail cooperation between you and your doctor.


This user has tried this medication with the dosage of 10 mg and there weren’t too much bad experiences in this user’s view.

This user has also tried 20 mg and the user felt like there was no end of being too high but you won’t need this when you are doing tasks that require full concentration.


This user has faced the side effects of the 10 mg dosage of this medication.

This user has experienced headaches, nausea, and some form of sickness that this user has found annoying and the user blamed the proneness to the side effects of this medication to the user’s sensitivity to the effects of any kind of medication.

This user has accepted that most medications would entail side effects even if the medication you are prescribed to might be too good to be true.

The user thinks that it is better to experience the side effects since there will be time for you to feel the benefits of this medication in a later time.

This user has stated that the medication has helped the user’s constant overthinking which has made the user distressed but thanks to this medication, the user was able to live a normal life again.

Citalopram for stress

Several users have been asking if this medication can be used to treat people who are severely stressed.

This forum is not meant to advertise this medication for this condition in any way and know that research is also vital to clarify this effect.


Lee Lee
This user has taken this medication since 2009 with the dosage of 20 mg. This dosage was then decreased to 10 mg. 

This user has faced panic attacks which is why the user was prescribed with this medication.

The user was having trouble with coping with the panic attacks and anxiety attacks that felt like the user was having a heart attack and was close to dying.

This user was prescribed with this medication when the user was forced to take medical care due to an incident with one of the panic attacks experienced and calling 911 in the progress.

This user has taken this medication for 7 weeks and was able to see the benefits of this medication after these long weeks.

This is why this medication is worth it to minimize the symptoms of the psychological disorder you have experienced.


This user was very reluctant about taking this medication and spent 6 months thinking about taking this medication.

This is because the user has seen forums about psychotropic medications and the side effects associated with these medications.

After those rigorous decision-making experiences, the user was able to comply with the fact that the user really needs to take this medication.

The user has concluded that there was happiness associated with taking this medication.

Of course, the user didn’t stray away from the side effects of this medication such as feeling confused and hazy and getting too much sleep.

This user has suffered anxiety and chronic stress which was necessary to get psychological intervention immediately.

The user was able to get rid of this anxious and stressful feelings thanks to this medication.

However, it will take time to see the benefits of this medication but you are going to have to prepare yourself for these rigorous weeks once you are prescribed with this medication.

This user was also thankful about the chance this medication has given the user.

The user has suffered from chronic anxiety which turned into depression which only worsen the mental situation.

This is why the user was prescribed with 20 mg of this medication which has shown some benefits in the user’s mental health.

The user was then prescribed with the 10 mg dosage of this medication which allowed the user to function better than before. 

This medication has got the user out from the flunk of the depression and anxiety.

The user has suffered through countless scenarios where the user was prone to overthinking.

The user was also very susceptible to the fact that there was no limit to the preoccupation of the mind due to the chronic anxiety.

This is why the user decided to take this medication to minimize the distress associated with this medication.

The user was very grateful that this medication was able to help.

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In this brief blog, we have talked about citalopram forum, the contents of a citalopram forum, the benefits of a citalopram forum, and more information about citalopram forum.

If you have any questions about citalopram forum, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

What we recommend for Depression

Professional counselling

If you are suffering from depression then ongoing professional counselling could be your ideal first point of call. Counselling will utilize theories such as Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

FAQs: citalopram forum

Is 10 mg of citalopram effective?

No, 10 mg of citalopram is not effective. This was concluded in a study where this kind of dosage doesn’t have too much effect.

Although this kind of dosage can be effective when paired with 6 weeks of therapy. 40 mg and 60 mg of this medication is more effective than this kind of dosage.

Is it better to take citalopram in the morning or at night?

It is better to take citalopram in the morning when you are having troubles with sleeping.

You only need to take this kind of medication once a day. You can take this kind of medication with or without food.  

Can you drink alcohol while taking citalopram?

Yes, you can drink alcohol while taking citalopram. Although this kind of accompaniment can make you sleepy.

Some doctors would suggest that you should stop drinking alcohol until you see how this kind of medication can make you feel.

There are no food or drinks that you need to avoid while taking this kind of medication. 

How do I know citalopram is working?

You will know if citalopram is working when your depressive symptoms are less chronic and happens infrequently.

You may not observe a change in your complication for the first several weeks that you take this kind of medication.

You might even take up to 2 months to see the effects of this medication.

What does 20 mg of citalopram do?

20 mg of citalopram does treatment for depression.

This is because this kind of medication can improve your energy level and feelings of wellbeing which can minimize depression.

This kind of medication is recognized as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).

This kind of medication works by helping to restore the balance of a natural substance which is called serotonin in the brain. 


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