9 tips for chubby girls to embrace their body

In this blog post, we collected some fashion tips for chubby girls. We also talk about the importance of accepting and loving your body as it is. 

Fashion tips for chubby girls

Do you have a few extra pounds and for this reason do you consider it necessary to hide under a bulky layer of clothes?

Style experts consider it the biggest mistake!

On the contrary, when you want to give the impression of a slimmer figure, you need perfectly chosen items to be tailored to you.

Unfortunately, there is a prejudice that plus size women should not stand out, and clothes should hide their shapes as much as possible, but this would mean that for a category of women should be completely forbidden the joys of fashion, which, let’s face it, is a terrifying scenario.

You have no reason to hide your body in loose, shapeless clothes, especially when it is so easy to compose elegant and sexy outfits that look great on chubby girls’ bodies.

Properly chosen clothes can really work wonders!

They not only compose a stylish appearance for you, but they also prove to be effective in terms of the effect of shaping the silhouette, of camouflaging the defects that you can no longer stand.

Below, we address chubby girls or those women who want to “visually” lose a few pounds. For them, we designed a guide with exceptional results!

Fashion tricks for the top of the silhouette 

To make the most of the benefits of a well-tailored plus size dress, you must make sure that you have chosen the right lingerie for your shapes.

 An inappropriate undergarment has, unfortunately, the ability to completely ruin the seductive effect of an evening dress, no matter how impeccable it may be.

Therefore, make sure that the straps are wider if you have a generous chest, for better support.

The undergarment must fit perfectly on the bust, without tightening and without being too wide. 

When choosing an outfit, keep in mind that the V-neckline is optically thin, and an air of subtle sensuality can be obtained thanks to the transparent embroidered lace inserts, for example.

Also, a plus size dress with well-chosen transparent sleeves can immediately turn you into a sexy diva, without having to actually expose too much skin.

Style tips for chubby girls: waist and legs

Always try to choose those models of plus size dresses that accentuate your waist, outlining an hourglass shape.

In terms of hem length, the most suitable models of elegant plus size dresses are knee-length or just above the knee.

 Avoid outfits that stop at the middle of the leg, and if you want to wear a shorter dress, don’t forget the advantage of transparent inserts, whether they are made of veil or embroidered lace.

What colours should you choose for a seductive look

Opt for monochrome clothes, in strong colours, and avoid large prints. In general, pale colours brighten and amplify optically, and strong ones thin.

This means that you should not limit yourself in any case to the eternal black dresses, but you can also enjoy the charm of an intense red, or a cheerful green.

More fashion tips for chubby girls

  • Choose vertical stripes – The vertical stripe print is best for chubby girls from a visual point of view. It gives the impression of a longer and thinner silhouette, thus having a double positive effect. Also, the stripes are fabulous and thanks to their versatility: you can play with this print, choosing horizontal prints on the areas you want to highlight and vertical ones whose volume you want to minimize.
  • Wear an all-black outfit – We know, however, that black is the colour declared victorious for its property of thinning! Refined, classy, sophisticated, black was always the choice of chubby girls when they wanted to look thinner. The effects are wow if you choose to wear black from head to toe: you can break the chromatic monotony in the accessories – if it bothers you.
  • Don’t forget the heels – Without a doubt, the best friends of chubby girls are heels. They give extra inches, lengthen and thin the figure. Wear them with a midi skirt and a black bag, with soft and comfortable clothes, to fully emphasise their effect.
  • Play with contrasts – Few women complain of extra pounds evenly distributed over the entire body surface. In general, we have areas with specific grievances. If you find yourself in this situation, take advantage of the magical aesthetics of contrasts. Wear bulky items in the areas you want to highlight and slim clothing in dark tones in the others (high-waisted straight pants visibly thin). It’s a golden tip for chubby girls!
  • Always accentuate your waist – If you have excess weight in the abdomen, maybe the first impulse would be to hide it under an oversized sweater, for example. Wrong: just add more volume. An hourglass dress or with A-shaped cuts will be the right choice.
  • Be very careful about lengths – Oversized cuts and very long clothes tend to “fatten” you visually. On the other hand, some very well-tailored items of clothing, which fit you perfectly, have exactly the opposite effect. Pants should be slightly above the ankle, their waist should be high and a shirt’s sleeve short or ¾ (avoid sleeveless clothing). 
  • A suitable jacket will make a difference – If it’s a piece that has hidden powers for chubby girls, it’s the jacket! Choose one with a wild print, especially if you want to draw attention to the upper body (or distract it from the legs, waist or hips). The length of this item of clothing should subtly exceed the hips, covering the bottom. The jacket must be well cut on the shoulders and fall lightly.

Whatever you choose to wear, however, have confidence in yourself and do not pay attention to the comments about your body – learn to smile and ignore them.

All of these activities are body image activities, that make you love your body no matter what.

How to love your body exactly as it is

Some people want to be skinny, others want to add weight, have taller shapes or simply make a change in their physical appearance.

However, whether you have a perfect weight or want to lose a few pounds, it is always advisable to love your body.

It may sound cliché, but this is very true. The more you respect your body, the more you will take care of it and you will be inclined to make the right food decisions.

Here are the first steps you will take to begin to appreciate your body as it is:

  1. Focus on your favourite part of your body. It is impossible not to have at least one area that you like, whether it is the arms, legs, waist, back or your breasts. Channel your attention to that part when you look in the mirror and you will feel very beautiful.
  1. Eliminate negative thoughts. Do you talk to yourself like you’re talking to your best friend? If not, you should do so. Pay special attention to the inner dialogue and say something beautiful every day. You can’t expect beautiful things from others if you don’t indulge yourself.
  1. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Admit that, at least once in your life, you have compared yourself with a more skinny woman or someone with more appetizing shapes than yours, telling yourself in your mind that you will never look like that. Isolated cases are inevitable, but be careful not to think like that all the time. Instead of judging another person’s body, focus on keeping fit and healthy.

16 affirmations to love your body

Many of us deeply believe that we are not accepted because of the size of our clothing, body shape, skin colour, height or the number that the scale flashes at the beginning of the week.

What would happen if we practised radical self-acceptance? What if we stood in front of the mirror and looked at ourselves with the same note of reverence as in John Legend’ song? I love all your shapes and edges, all your perfect imperfections.

Each one of us is a unique masterpiece. Some religions even claim that we were made in the image and likeness of God.

So below are some statements you can use every day to start loving your body as it is:

  1. I am perfect exactly as I am.
  2. I really deserve to be seen.
  3. I am honoured to be in this human body.
  1. Today I will take care of my body with _______ (choose a healthy activity).
  2. I love what this powerful and healthy body is capable of.
  3. It’s okay to love my own person.
  1. Legs, thank you for taking me places today!
  2. I honour my body with healthy and nutritious food.
  3. I take care of my body and it takes care of me.
  1. I accept myself completely.
  2.  I trust my own skin.
  3. I appreciate my body – that’s what makes me unique.
  4. Today I give up self-criticism.
  1. I am a strong and radiant being.
  2. I love how I look.
  3. I am the one who determines my value, not society.

We know how to love others. We know how to give them all the attention they need.

We support them, we help them and we work hard to be by their side when they need it. I’m not saying this is a bad thing.

The question is: who takes care of you?

You do, by accepting and taking care of your body as it is.


In this blog post, we collected some fashion tips for chubby girls. We also talked about the importance of accepting and loving your body as it is. 

The most important thing to remember is that self-love is not selfish, if anything, is recommended in order to live a happy life and feel fulfilled.

Besides that, every woman has her charm and natural beauty, and these qualities are not given by the size of your clothes.

Additionally, if you have small chest and feel uncomfortable about it, you should read a blog on the tips every woman should known with little chest.

Please feel free to ask any questions or to leave a comment on the content!

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