Christian mindfulness (A complete guide)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about Christian mindfulness, the techniques to reach Christian mindfulness, the purpose of Christian mindfulness, and more information about Christian mindfulness.

What is Christian mindfulness?

Christian mindfulness is when the practice of Christian faith is combined with mindfulness.

This kind of mindfulness has elicited different perspectives among Christians.

Although some followers have used this kind of mindfulness to re-assess their faith.

The following are information that Christians think when they hear about mindfulness:

  • Is based on an unhealthy degree of self-focus in people.
  • Promotes a one-with-the-cosmos perspective in people.
  • Supports emptying the mind which can leave people exposed to demonic influences in affected Christians.
  • Encourages escape from reality in people.

These concerns arise from the fact that mindfulness can make people focus only on themselves.

This is very conflicting to Christians since they know that the Scriptures do not allow this selfish activity.

However, therapists have been able to integrate Christian faith to mindfulness to help clients with their psychological complications that they believe may have been triggered due to their sinful ways.

Also, there are descriptions in the Bible that have exclaimed that followers should engage in this kind of mindfulness.

These Scriptures are the following:

  • The apostle Paul reminds Christians that they’re called to be mindful and live with an awareness of the present (Philippians 2:1-5) as a Scripture for this kind of mindfulness
  • Prayer is one very practical way Christians apply mindfulness to daily life (1 Thessalonians 5:17) as a Scripture for this kind of mindfulness
  • Meditation appears in the Bible in the context of spending time studying the Word of God (Psalm 48:9; Psalm 63:6) as a Scripture for this kind of mindfulness
  • We should look to Jesus and think about true, admirable things (Hebrews 12:2; Philippians 4:8) as a Scripture for this kind of mindfulness
  • Christians shouldn’t let themselves to be distracted by worry about the future (Matthew 6:25-34) as a Scripture for this kind of mindfulness
  • Scripture teaches us to (take every thought captive) (2 Corinthians 10:5) as a Scripture for this kind of mindfulness
  • Paul tells us to (be transformed) by renewing our minds (Romans 12:2) and to practice God-honoring thoughts (Philippians 4:9) as a Scripture for this mindfulness

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Techniques to practice Christian mindfulness

As you have seen, mindfulness is not only practised by Buddhists but Christians also practice this kind of activity.

The following are some techniques to practice this kind of mindfulness:

Mindfulness in daily life

This is where you can apply this mindfulness when you are going through your daily activities such as brushing your teeth and eating your breakfast.

These activities can make you self-aware about the day beyond you and help yourself

You can do these activities and still get the benefits of this activity.

The Jesus prayer as a practice to Christian mindfulness

This prayer is where you praise Lord Jesus Christ on who He is as a Son of God who has saved us all. You have to say this prayer from the bottom of your heart.

You can say the prayer repeatedly while you breathe. You will then focus on your breath. 

When you concentrate on your breathing, you are able to distract yourself from the lingering thoughts in your mind.

You will also be able to keep yourself present and grounded to keep yourself mentally healthy with God.

You should also set spiritual goals for yourself.

Lectio divina

This is a slow reading of a scripture. You can feel this once you are able to read the Scriptures in your phone or any other portable gadget.

This can help you know that God is talking ot you through the Scriptures which can make you mindful.

Centring prayer

This prayer is about openness to God. This is where you will surrender yourself to His Word.

You will do this prayer in silence as you open your heart to God. You will practice self-denial by becoming mindful to God’s Word.

The examen

This is about your consciousness during the day.

This can help you remember what you have done throughout the day and make it a task to be fully present to remember what you have done.

You will try to question yourself if you have done what was required of you. You will do this to help you be more productive in the eyes of God.

Benefits of Christian mindfulness

A lot of people are questioning the use of mindfulness in Christianity. This is because most people don’t really see Christianity and mindfulness eye-to-eye.

This doesn’t mean that this kind of activity should be minimized by Christian followers.

This kind of activity has shown wonderful benefits among people who have used this practice.

In this case, this kind of activity is a form of healing which Christian followers are hoping from God and the religious practices that have helped people regain their mental wellbeing.

This kind of activity should be seen as a form of miracle where God is offering some form of help to help out an affected person.

You might have some ideas to what constitutes mindfulness.

You might think of this activity as some stuff that you are going to be involved in focusing on your breathing and all that stuff.

You might have also seen people doing this kind of activity where they have to do a position to reach this kind of state which you might believe is the purpose of this activity.

You might even have involved yourself in this kind of activity to see its famous advantages.

You might have been a patient of a mental disorder that was recommended to partake in this kind of activity which has been denoted as good for you.

You could be right about that when you believe in the beneficial power of this activity.

You might have been a person who unfortunately is impatient to see the effects of this activity so soon but the truth is that this kind of activity will tend to wait out and forcing yourself to do this kind of activity can make you not feel its effects at all.

This kind of activity is relevant to the Christian faith since there are times that we need to think about nothing at all where we have to be more concentrated on ourselves or find some peace within ourselves.

This kind of activity can bring us to a state of awareness where the affected Christian can realize his or her humility which is what the Christian faith would recommend in its followers.

This kind of activity is also associated with prayer as mentioned before since this is where you spend a moment to yourself and let no one distract you from what you are concentrating on.

This kind of activity can bring you into some perspective of what it means to be a Christian.

This is because you will feel like that the universe is your canvas and you can pick something that could bring to light what your true mission is.

Christian belief also states that you can listen to God in silence. This kind of activity can elicit this silence which can help you concentrate on talking to God.

As mentioned before, you can talk to God through this kind of mindfulness and with the silence, you can focus on the moment while you speak to God.

Other committed followers of God that were written in the Scriptures have also engaged in this kind of mindfulness as mentioned before as well.

This can be seen when Jesus was praying in isolated places and His apostles were left to keep watch while their friend was indulged in prayer.

This kind of action can also be seen in other people who have engaged in this kind of relaxing activity where they have to seek the silence in a place and be involved in this kind of activity.

This kind of activity has been beneficial for people with psychological disorders such as anxiety disorders, panic disorder, dissociative disorders, mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, delirium, and other distressing symptoms of most psychological disorders.

From this point, it can be seen that this kind of activity can be good for mind, body, and soul in terms of spiritual faith.

There are even courses of this mindfulness that Christians have done to help them feel enlightened, especially in this trying time.

This kind of mindfulness get through these tough times and think before you act rashly or you might hurt yourself. 

This is why, as a Christian, you could try getting involved with this kind of mindfulness and work through this madness in our world by engaging in this kind of activity. 

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In this brief blog, we have talked about christian mindfulness, the techniques to reach christian mindfulness, the purpose of christian mindfulness, and more information about christian mindfulness.

If you have any questions about christian mindfulness, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: christian mindfulness

Can Christians meditate?

Yes, Christians meditate.

This is manifested when they go in the process of deliberate concentration on specific thoughts such as a bible passage and reflecting on the meaning in the context of the love of God.

This kind of process has a goal to increase the personal relationship based on the love of God that marks Christian communication. 

Is mindfulness a spiritual practice?

Yes, mindfulness is a spiritual practice. This is because this kind of activity can induce spiritual growth and cultivation.

In this case, this kind of activity is similar to other activities such as walking, dancing, talking, writing, and reading.

This kind of activity is a universal human experience shared by everyone regardless of religion and can benefit anyone who practices this activity. 

How do you meditate on God for beginners?

You can meditate on God for beginners by opening the Bible and read the verse or verses you plan to meditate over and over again.

You need to spend a lot of time as you need to gain a fundamental comprehension of the words then bookmark the verse for later ao that you can refer to it when you are continuing your meditation. When you are done reading through the passage, try reading through it again. 

Can Christians be cremated?

Yes, Christians can be cremated. This is because the Church is allowing this kind of form of dealing with the deceased since it does not refuse the belief that there is the resurrection of the body.

Although the Church prefers the traditional way of burying the deceased. 

Can Christians get tattoos?

No, Christians can’t get tattoos.

This is based from the prohibition made in the book of Leviticus where followers of God should not put cuttings or print any marks on each follower and there is even a prohibition against makeup.


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