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In this brief article, we will be discussing Christian counselling courses, topics covered in Christian counselling courses, benefits in taking Christian counselling courses, and more information about Christian counselling courses.

What are Christian counselling courses?

Christian counselling courses are kinds of courses which will teach you all about the fundamentals of this kind of counselling such as helping people to use the scriptures to help them through their daily struggles.

These kinds of courses take 1 to 3 years to complete since instructors are inclined to get students immersed in the teachings of this course.

Topics covered in Christian counselling courses

The following are the topics covered in Christian counselling courses:

  • The background and development of people
  • The nature of complications
  • Emotional Baggage and the nature of complications
  • The therapeutic system and change
  • The therapeutic working relationship or alliance
  • Therapeutic interventions and strategies
  • Counselling Methods
  • Clients and multicultural concerns
  • Professional counselling practice

These kinds of topics have been considered essential to the teachings of Christian counselling courses.

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What are you going to expect in Christian counselling courses?

The following are the things that you will be expecting from these kinds of courses:

  • In-depth training – the instructors of these courses are trustworthy and well-informed. This kind of counselling course is taught by experienced university lecturers who are also practising counsellors. These kinds of instructors will teach you advanced subject matter and practical skills in a friendly and supportive manner. This kind of programme meets the University of Roehampton’s rigorous academic standards as the University who will be handling most of these courses.

You will be going through various seminars and workshops that can help increase your learning about this kind of counselling.

You will be able to understand the meanings of the scriptures and use them to help people who are going through mental health complications.

You will be having 100 hours of supervised placement work where you will be monitored in your progress of applying the skills that you have learned from these kinds of courses in real-life.

You should be committed in these kinds of courses to help indicate that you are willing to go through these courses despite their long timeline.

During the counselling course:

• You’ll learn how to use our well-established model of counselling as a model for understanding the possible reasons for a client’s complications. This model depends on a biblical understanding of the background of humankind or biblical anthropology. The instructors of this course believe each person is created in the image of God and as such is made to be in relationship with others.

• the instructors will teach you advanced counselling skills and strategies in relationship building and other areas.

• You’ll gain an in-depth comprehension of a wide variety of proven contemporary counselling theories and practices and learn how to instil them together with a Christian perspective or the integrative approach.

• You’ll learn to comprehend people and the bases of typical complications from a biblical view. Your comprehending will be practised to people of all faiths or none. You’ll also look at the specific concerns that Christian clients share in the counselling room.

• This course centres on the importance of the relationship between the counsellor and the client. The counsellors will help you to look for your own personal style of approach with clients. And the instructors will work with you to build your interpersonal and therapeutic skills.

• You’ll learn professional research skills and methodologies and put this into application in a research project of personal interest to you

  • Personal transformation – To be a successful counsellor, you first need to comprehend yourself. The instructors will help you with this aspect but you will also need to organize 40 hours of personal therapy during the two years of the course.

The instructors will provide a safe haven for you to do this.

These kinds of instructors are willing to help you through your personal and academic development.

The instructors will make this course for you to feel enlightened and fulfilled.

  • Supportive community – You’ll enjoy a rapport with the other students on the course which will be implemented by your instructors. You’ll quickly feel a part of your intimate friends and supportive student group as you meet daily at Pilgrim Hall for residential sessions. These instructors will give you lots of opportunities to practise in small groups which is a good opportunity to build friendships.

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Different kinds of Christian counselling courses

You can take these kinds of courses to make a significant difference in your life.

If your financial situation can afford it, you should take these kinds of courses for your spiritual and mental wellbeing. 

The qualifications of these courses are approved by the Association of Christian Counsellors UK (ACC) and/or CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) and may be counted towards the training element for counsellor accreditation with ACC or the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Although you still have to meet some additional requirements needed in these kinds of organisations if you want to become members of these authorized bodies for counselling.

The following are the different kinds of counselling courses focusing on this approach.

Certificate in integrative counselling skills and theory

This course will give you an integrative approach in counselling where you will be engaged in Christian counselling and pastoral care.

You will be learning about counselling in the biblical model and the counselling theories that are relevant to this counselling. 

You will also be taught about comprehending the concerns of daily complications to help other people.

Who is This Counselling Course For?

–   Those professionals who are working in caring professions, pastoral care or Christian organisations

–   Those wanting to make a first stage towards becoming a professional counsellor

–   Those wishing to be better packed in supporting others

Course Recognition

This course is a Level 3 course after its accreditation.

This course has been recognized by an authorized body for counselling to have sufficient training in becoming a Christian counsellor. 

This course is authorized by the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC).

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Diploma in integrative counselling

This course is a level 5 course as authorized by a governing body in counselling in the UK.

You are said to have undergone rigorous training thanks to this course.

The training hours of this course is worth 406 training hours where you will be guided by an experienced instructor.

You will also engage in 3.5 hours of learning in a day thanks to this course due to the essay writing and other assignments used. 

The student will be engaged in 100 hours of client work where they have to interact with the client in face-to-face interactions.

This will allow them an ample time to practice what they have learned in the course.

Foundations for counselling ministry

There are also credits earned when you took this course.

This can help you realize that this course is credible for you to learn this counselling.

This course has also been accredited by an awarding body.

You will also engage in training hours with the client for you to practise what you have learned from this course. 

This course has also been officiated by the Association of Christian Counselors (ACC).

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MA counselling (2 years part time)

This course will be suitable for people who are working in a caring job such as social work or healthcare work.

You can do this course if you want to increase your competencies as a counsellor who can help any type of client.

Choose this counselling course

• If you want to become a professionally qualified counsellor for this practice

• If you want advanced counselling skills to offer effective therapeutic care to people of all faiths or none

• If you want to study counselling in a manner that integrates a Christian perspective

• If you want to study at post-graduate level part-time while maintaining your full-time or part-time work

• If you already have an undergraduate degree such as a BA or BSc and a Certificate or similar in Counselling

Why should you take Christian counselling courses?

You should take these kinds of courses if you are interested in practising counselling using this kind of approach.

You can also take these kinds of courses if you want to improve your skills as a Christian counsellor. 

The concepts studied in these kinds of courses are those of integrative approaches where pastoral and counselling models come together.

These kinds of courses will tackle daily concerns of people which can help you understand how the scriptures can help these kinds of people. 

These kinds of courses are aiming to help students get the insights they need in order to help others as counsellors do but with a combined aspect which is a biblical perspective.

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What qualifications will you get from Christian counselling courses?

The qualifications you will get from these kinds of courses are an MA in counselling after a two-year period.

You will also be given a postgraduate degree certificate in this kind of counselling if you are able to increase your education of this counselling

You can finish these kinds of courses over a three-year period to make you earn your certificate.

You can leave your research practice in the last year. 

The tuition fees for these kinds of courses are the same for each year.


In this brief article, we have discussed Christian counselling courses, topics covered in Christian counselling courses, benefits in taking Christian counselling courses, and more information about Christian counselling courses.

If you have any questions about Christian counselling courses, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: christian counselling courses

What qualifications do you need to do pastoral care?

The qualifications you need to do pastoral care are experiences in working with children and young people, had undergone 1 or 2 A levels or equivalent, and having GCSEs at the grades 9 to 4 which are A to C in English and maths.

What is pastoral care in church?

Pastoral care in the church is the implementation of helping others and healing and guiding people who are struggling from personal and professional concerns that may have means in the eyes of God that are making the person confused about it and is completely overwhelmed by it.

How do I become a pastor UK?

You can become a pastor in the UK by earning a bachelor’s degree for this kind of career, finish a master’s degree, have yourself ordained by church authorities, get yourself certified, and get a license for this kind of career.

How can I become a pastor online for free?

You can become a pastor online for free by checking out the American Fellowship Church and Universal Life Church in which these kinds of websites will get you ordained as a priest for free.

You need to finish an online application form to get you ordained. You will place your name and address in this kind of form.

You will print your ordination certificate once you have been authorized as ordained in these websites. 

What does a pastoral support worker do?

A pastoral support worker does give information and guide students.

These kinds of workers work in collaboration with teachers, parents or carers, and other specialist agencies where their services are needed in the organisation. 


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