Child Therapy Worksheets (5+)

This page provides you with child therapy worksheets.

Some of these child therapy worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

Child therapy worksheets help children in dealing with their stressful, anxious, fearful and other uncomfortable feelings.

These worksheets aim to aid children in dealing with difficult times efficiently by using effective coping skills and strategies. 

Child Therapy Worksheet- Managing Discomforting Emotions

Child therapy is a kind of psychotherapy that focuses on promoting the mental well-being of children.

It aims to help kids, children, teenagers, and adolescents who are suffering from any mental illness or have experienced any traumatic event.

Children are too young to identify if they need therapy.

Thus, their parents or guardians have to observe their behavior to check if they need to go for therapy or not.

Some signs that are helpful for the parents or guardians to see if their child needs therapy include, constant feelings of sadness, hopelessness or fear, inability to control their emotions effectively and creating hype under the influence of their emotions, persistent worry, tension, stress or anxiety and appearance of physical illnesses one after the other. 

Child therapy focuses on resolving the issues of children and enabling them to identify and solve their conflicts on their own in the future.

Child therapy uses different approaches for dealing with the child’s issues.

These include psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive therapy, gestalt therapy and so forth. 

These therapies help children deal with distressing events in a healthy way by reshaping their thought patterns and cognitions, restructuring their perceptions or replacing negative thoughts with positive and rational ones.

Child Therapy Worksheet- Healthy Coping Strategies

Child therapy aims to teach various coping skills and strategies to children to enable them to deal with distressing, unpleasant or unfavorable situations in a positive and healthy way. 

There are multiple ways of dealing with uncomfortable, distressing situations.

The type of coping strategy one uses determines its effectiveness. In child therapy, the children are helped to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy coping strategies.

They are taught healthy coping strategies and their benefits so the children can use those strategies to deal with their negative feelings, thoughts, emotions or events.

Some of the healthy coping strategies for dealing with unpleasant situations include cognitive restructuring, distraction techniques, challenging thoughts, developing positive self-talk, calling a friend for help and so on.

Child Therapy Worksheet- Healthy Mind Healthy Body

It is said that a healthy mind ensures a healthy body. This means that the mind and the body, work in association with each other.

If one of these is affected, the other one is automatically influenced by it.

Poor mental health can lead to various physical illnesses such as sleep deprivation (due to excessive worry resulting from an inability to manage emotions), eating disorders (due to cravings and comfort eating resulting from an inability to manage guilt or stress), lack of energy to do work (resulting from sad, depressed or low mood)and so on.

On the other hand, physical illness can affect mental health by causing stress, anxiety, fear, tension, anger or other negative emotions emerging as a result of illness.

 Child therapy aims to help children promote their mental health which directly leads to good physical health.

There are various ways by which one can keep one’s mind healthy, such as by exercising daily, thinking positively, gratitude, being kind, helping others etcetera.

Child Therapy Worksheet- Children’s ADHD Skill Packet

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, abbreviated as ADHD, is a mental illness characterized by an inability to concentrate, hyperactive or impulsive behavior.

There could be various reasons behind ADHD in children including unresponsive parents, watching a lot of television, lack of friends and so forth.

Children’s ADHD skill packet consists of various coping strategies that children can use to calm down or focus on a specific thing.

It is a great resource pack for children with ADHD. This skill packet accompanies the story of a Kangaroo Who Couldn’t Sit Still.

All the coping strategies in the packet are told to children as stories of the kangaroo so they can apply the same coping skills while dealing with their concentration, hyperactive or impulsive issues.

This beautiful, colorful, attractive and at the same time effective worksheet can be accessed from this page.

You can also download it in the form of pdf from the same page for your convenience.

Child Therapy Worksheet- Anger Stop Signs

Anger stop signs worksheet is a helpful source for children to identify the warning signs for anger.

This worksheet helps the children figure out when they are getting angry, to help them work on their anger and stop it from growing further. 

This worksheet consists of two pages.

The first page inquires the children how their anger makes them look with respect to its intensity while on the other page the children are asked about their anger signs so they can take necessary steps to stop their anger and calm themselves using various coping strategies and skills.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet.

To download it in the form of pdf, click here.

Child Therapy Worksheet- Parent Coach Plan

The parent coach plan is an extensive worksheet consisting of fifteen pages.

It aims to help parents teach their children values and other good attributes to help them succeed in their lives.

The parent coach plan consists of a couple of worksheets including those about responsibility, journal questions, honesty, feelings, taking responsibility, how I am most like, conflict resolution, natural consequences, compliments for self, surviving troubling times, journal about anger, complete the blanks, fears chart and if I were a superhero.   

Overall this resource pack is a great package for parents to help their children learn good qualities, learn their responsibilities and how they can fulfill them, identify their fears and how they can cope with stressful or unpleasant situations, discover their positive attributes and strengths and so forth.

This resource pack can be found easily on the internet.

You can download it in the form of pdf for your convenience from here.

Child Therapy Worksheet- Building Self-Esteem in Children

Self-esteem is the overall self-worth of the individual.

It is the ability of an individual to appreciate his strengths, capabilities, and attributes. Self-esteem holds great significance in our lives.

It encourages us to face challenging situations, do new things, confront unpleasant emotions, thoughts or events with bravery and so on.

Thus one should always work on improving his self-esteem.

Building self-esteem in children worksheets is a one-page worksheet that aims to help parents, guardians or teachers to improve the children’s self-esteem in various ways.

This worksheet explains how to describe and not evaluate the work of children to increase their self-esteem.

This worksheet is simple yet effective. You can download it in the form of pdf from here

This page provides you with some of the most effective child therapy worksheets.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know in the comment section.

We will be pleased to help you. 

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