“Change is the Only Constant” – What does it mean? (+21 Ways to Change)

The current blogpost will be explaining in detail the meaning of the quote, “Change is the only constant.” We will also be discussing how you can use this quote in your daily life through which you can create space for change.

“Change is the Only Constant” – What does it mean?

Change is the only constant” means that the only thing that is constantly present in our lives is change. This quote by Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, explains that life cannot go on without change.

From the beginning of our lives, we experience change in every step of the way. For example, during birth, our whole environment changes from a fluid-filled space to an environment filled with air.

However, humans are created to embrace change and grow in its presence. But, people often grow very comfortable in their spaces, which can weaken themselves and their mindsets. At the same time, without change, humans cannot move forward.

How to use “Change is the Only Constant” in your daily life?

“Change is the only constant” as a quote can be used in a number of ways for anyone’s daily life. Some ways through which you can use this quote to move forward in life have been discussed in the following section.

Create change through baby steps

The easiest way to create change is through baby steps. When you look at change as a humongous step, this can seem very overwhelming. But when you look at the process as a series of small steps, the change becomes a whole lot easier.

Learn something new constantly

Learning is essentially changing for something positive. By constantly learning new skills and advancing your territories, you will be embracing change easily since it is constantly present in your life.

Involve yourself in art

Another positive way to embrace change is to get involved in art. Art, like painting, music, dance and many more activities can help in embracing change since they are mindful and can help in learning.

Use affirmations

Change is not easily welcomed since it can shape up the comfort zone. When you are embracing change of any sort, you can try to cope by using strong affirmations. You can write these affirmations in a journal or a piece of paper which you can put up on your fridge.

Create a vision board

Some people have also sworn by vision boards as a great way to cope with change. You can create a vision board by writing your actual aim, and then putting up pictures and quotes that inspire and motivate you to do better.

Understand the value of change

Before you embrace change, you need to understand the actual value of change. By taking some time to understand what positive things the change can bring to your life, you will be in a much better position to embrace it fully and move ahead.

Write down your strengths

For your change to be permanent and positive in meaning, you will need to use your strengths to the fullest. Before you go ahead with taking on the challenge, you need to realize what your strengths are and write them down so that you are clearly aware of your positives.

Read more about change

If you are finding it difficult to understand the actual need for change, you can even read about how other people went through change and came out stronger in the end. If you have a role model or an inspirational person, you can read their biographies to motivate you.

Push yourself consistently

Change doesn’t happen overnight and there will be times when you might not be inspired to go on. However, when the odds are against you, you need to still move forward. You need to be consistent in your efforts to create change through regular undertakings.

Take risks voluntarily

Another way to embrace change is to directly take risks voluntarily. When you take risks, you will be automatically pushed to a ‘change’ way of life. Risks do not necessarily mean to say you need to put your life in danger, but simply take up things that are very new to you.

Understand your weaknesses

While it is important that you use your strengths to embrace the change and move ahead in life, it is also important that you know your weaknesses. Admitting your weaknesses is not a bad thing since it can show you the boundaries and limits that you need to maintain while growing.

Try therapy

You can also try going to therapy to embrace change in your life. In therapy sessions, you can learn more about your strengths and also understand the emotional traumas that might be holding you back from going ahead with change.

Get a new set of friends

Another thing that you can try if you want to rock the boat a little and embrace change is to simply get a new set of friends. When you meet new people, your experiences multiply and you will also be able to expose yourself to new perspectives and new ideologies.

Get spiritual

You can also try getting more in touch with spirituality as a means of coping with change in a better manner. Spirituality is different from religion and can be practiced even if you don’t belong to any particular faith.

Stop bad habits

One thing that can keep you away from embracing change is bad habits such as consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Sometimes the mental trauma of these bad habits can keep us from healthily embracing change and moving forward in your life.

Take a step toward commitment

If you have always been a commitment-phobic person, you can embrace commitment as a way of having change in your life. Commitment can show up in many ways, such as getting committed to a relationship, to a job or even to a town/city.

Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness everyday can also help you in embracing change. Mindfulness activities can get you grounded and bring you to the present. Through mindfulness, you will be able to mentally visualize the change happening around you and embrace it fully.

Use self-care routines religiously

Regular self-care is another way to cope with change. When you are embracing change, your behaviors and your routines may swap and this can sometimes make things difficult. For the sake of your mental health, you need to practice your self-care routines religiously.

Celebrate your change

Change is not actually a torturous process and brings you healthy achievements throughout the day. In order to embrace change healthily, you can celebrate the small steps that you have undertaken to grow and develop yourself.

Make use of community

You can also make use of community and groups to help in embracing change in a healthy manner. You can seek community by joining online forums and groups which cover the same area and can be superb resources for new coping strategies.

Help others change

If you have gone through some change or are going through some new situations, you can also try helping others in their journeys of change. This means that you are not only giving back but can also reinforce yourself to go through with the change no matter how uncomfortable it is.


The current blogpost has explained in detail the meaning of the quote, “Change is the only constant.” We have also discussed how you can use this quote in your daily life through which you can create space for change.

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